Finn at Two Years Old

My baby boy is turning two on Saturday! I swear, it seems just like yesterday. I thought life was flying by before, but once I had a kid, it’s like two years go by in a blink. It’s unbelievable to think about everything that has happened in his short lifetime. He is the sweetest little boy with quite the personality. He is very independent, but is a total Mama’s Boy. He and his Daddy laugh like I’ve never seen David laugh before. And Juneau has finally accepted him as a pack member. I am so blessed to be Finn’s mom.


Being a parent is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and the job is never over. I second guess most every decision I make, I feel enormous guilt every day, I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, and I have no idea what I’m doing. The good part of all of that? I’m totally at peace with it.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t have bad days, because I certainly do. I lose my temper, I pray for bedtime, and I feed him too many fruit snacks to be considered a balanced diet. However, I decided to stop seeing myself so negatively and reminding myself daily that I’m a great mom. Finn is so loved!

David and I have had a lot of conversations about parenting a toddler, which is much more proactive than parenting a baby. We’ve started implementing a ‘time out’ policy, which has been successful this far. We also make sure to spend the weekends together as a family since the work week can be quite hectic with all of us in different places. We’ve also talked a lot about making sure that Finn spends time with family and travels often, both things that we value highly!

Physical Growth

Finn hasn’t been weighed in a while, but he is well over 30 pounds. He’s a solid kid, just like his dad. He is wearing 24 month/2T clothing and size 7 shoes. He loves to run and jump and climb on everything.

Mental Growth

Finn is quite chatty these days, and we can make out approximately 10 percent of what he’s actually saying! HA! But it’s still amazing to watch him tell his stories and catch onto words and phrases. He loves to read, which I’m thankful for, and has recently started reading to us rather than the other way around. He still love Moana and playing outside. The kid loves water!


Gosh, I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t thank my lucky stars for the great sleeper that Finn is. His bedtime is between 7 and 8pm, depending on how long he napped that day. I go in with some milk and read to him for a little while, then give him a kiss, David comes in and reads a book, tucks him in and gives him a kiss. Finn says “night night” and rolls over. He sleeps from 7-8pm to 7am and naps from around 12:30-1pm until about 3pm.


Finn’s been a good eater up until about a week ago. He just doesn’t seem interested in anything. It’s been tough on David and I, but I don’t want food to become a thing. I know this is just a phase and he will get over it.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget

  • The way he drags out “mm-hmm” when we ask him a question
  • The way he puckers his lips for a good kiss
  • The way he loves to help us clean. Finn loves to vacuum 🙂
  • The way he wrestles with David

Happy Birthday Finn Ryan! We love you!

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My First Trimester Experience – Round 2

13 weeks pregnant

I had so much fun documenting my pregnancy with Finn the first time around, I thought I’d do the same for this one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back and re-read the weekly bump-dates from my first pregnancy. I’ve never regretted sharing that information. It’s like an online journal that I get to revisit whenever I want.

As I said in our announcement, this pregnancy has felt a lot different – both physically and mentally. For starters, this baby was planned. We made the decision around Christmas to start trying, and it didn’t take long to see a plus sign on the pregnancy test.

How We Found Out

I had been tracking my cycle with several pregnancy apps since about Thanksgiving. I learned a ton about the time period between when you’re fertile and when you may have a positive pregnancy test, only because I was reading everything I could online! The “two week wait” as they call it is full of anxiety and watching for every little symptom. When we went to the Bahamas, I was due to take a pregnancy test the day we got back. I was so sure I was pregnant. We were even talking about it at dinner the last night we were there. I barely drank anything just to be safe. However, the day we were traveling home I got my period and I was so bummed. I only experienced that feeling once and it was heartbreaking. My heart goes out to those who feel that month after month.

In March I started buying pregnancy tests the day my app told me that there was a slight chance at a positive. Of course it was too early and the first few turned up negative. Finally, two days before my period was supposed to start, I took two pregnancy tests, both with pretty faint lines on them. David wasn’t convinced, so I waited another two days and took the last one. It was a Monday before work. I got up early, took the test and showed it to him. We were both thrilled!

Stress & Symptoms

Pretty much from the moment I found I was pregnant our lives became completely crazy. We had to start packing up our apartment, finalizing paperwork for our house, figure out a living situation since our closing date had been pushed back, and on top of all that, still be parents to Finn.

My symptoms started at about 6 weeks. (Fun fact: Pregnancy starts from the first day of your last period. Therefore, when you take a pregnancy test, you are already about 4 weeks along. Obviously, you haven’t been pregnant that whole time since you have your period, then you ovulate and all that fun stuff. This is also the reason why pregnancy is 40 weeks long, but they say you are pregnant for 9 months. The math doesn’t add up, but when you add those first four weeks, it makes sense!)  Nausea, sore boobs, bloating, all the fun stuff. I started showing at 8 weeks! I had so many food aversions, I can’t even list them all, and was throwing up roughly 3-4 times a week in the morning. It hasn’t been fun, but now that I’m turning the corner out of the first trimester, things are feeling better.

Does Finn Know?

Finn knows that there is a baby in Mommy’s belly, but there’s no way the kid understands what is about to happen. He is so sweet with babies wherever we go, so I can’t wait to see him with his brother or sister. Right now, it’s easy to get distracted from being pregnant because of him. He is my best little buddy, so I love just spending time with him!

All The Feelings

Regardless of how excited we were to find out we were expecting another baby, my emotions have been all over the place. I’m pretty terrified, to be honest. There’s so much more to being a mom than just making sure baby is fed, and knowing everything I know now about the newborn stage, I can’t help but get a little anxious thinking about those first few months. I’m stressing about Finn’s role, about money, about potentially sending two kids to daycare, about David and I finding time for one another. I know these are all very normal things since I felt them with my first pregnancy as well, but it’s hard to push them aside.

The Most Popular Questions I Get Asked

Yes, we are planning to find out the gender, but since we opted out of the 12 week screening for Down’s Syndrome, we will have to wait until 20 weeks. We made the same decision with Finn and we never regretted it. Our mindset is that no matter the baby we bring into this world we will love him or her unconditionally. Plus, I think it’s kind of fun to have to wait a little while to find out the gender! It gives us lots of time to speculate. While we will be telling the gender of the baby once we find out, I’m not sure if I’ll be sharing it on the blog. My Dad likes to be surprised and since he’s a reader, I can’t share all the details here!

Yes, we have several names picked out already. Picking out baby names is just a fun conversation to have, so we’ve been talking about this for as long as I can remember. We had several boys names locked down quite early on, but finding a girl’s name has been much tougher! I think we may have settled on one though! And just like with Finn, we won’t be announcing the name until he or she is born.

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Our Family Photos


Since Finn is turning 2 on Saturday (omg where has the time gone!) and we hadn’t had family photos done since he was four months old, I figured now was a great time to update our archives 🙂 Especially since we are adding a new addition to the family this fall. Anyone who has done it knows that getting an almost 2-year-old to sit still for posed photos is an impossible feat. Fortunately, I’ve been working with a photographer at work, Dominique Attaway, and her style fits Finn’s personality perfectly! I’m so thrilled with how these turned out!

Here is all of our outfit information:

On me: Dress, shoes

On David: Pants, Shirt, Shoes

On Finn: Shorts, Shirt, Shoes


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Our Family Is Growing!

Finn is going to be a big brother! Okay, no more secrets! I promise.  We’ve had a lot of life happen the last few months with buying a house, moving, and mixed somewhere in between, finding out we are expecting baby number two! With all this going on, it’s been hard to find the creativity to blog. I’ve been bursting at the seams to finally announce our big news, but there’s always that little voice in the back of my mind that says to wait.

We found out I was pregnant back in March. From the very beginning, everything about this pregnancy has been different than my pregnancy with Finn. For starters, this baby was planned. We always knew we wanted to have our kids close in age, and once we were under contract on our house, the timing was right. The first two weeks were pretty normal, but as soon as six weeks hit, the nausea became unbearable. I was waking up in the middle of the night feeling sick, and the feeling would stick around all day. There have been more than one day I’ve left work because it’s been unbearable.

Food has also been a struggle this time around. I ate everything in sight with Finn, and though I do have days like that, there have been far more aversions this pregnancy – and never consistent. From day to day, I was having aversions to new things.

At around 9 weeks, I finally went into the doctor’s office to get some relief. I had tried everything I could think of – ginger pills, sour candies, carb loading, B6 vitamins, you name it. The doctor told me to take a half of a B6 vitamin and half of a Unisom (yes, the sleeping pill). Apparently, this is the exact formula in a current anti-nausea prescription, but I could buy it over the counter. It was an immediate relief. Any mamas struggling with nausea in their first trimester, ask your doctor about this! It was a game-changer.

I’ve had some rough days, but they are fewer and farther between. I also had a pretty bad scare a week or so ago that landed me in the Emergency Room, but everything is fine with the baby and I have thanked God every day since. It’s been a tough first trimester, but things are starting to look much better.

Today I’m 13 weeks. I remember when I was pregnant with Finn that I couldn’t believe people did this with kids at home! This time, that is my reality! I’m so grateful that tough days of the first trimester are over. My stomach starting popping at around 7 weeks, and I couldn’t believe how pregnant I looked so quickly! I was a little insecure about it, but now I’m feeling grateful to be able to experience this a second time around. We have a long ways to go until Baby G#2 arrives in November, but I’m going to do my best to appreciate all the little things about pregnancy in the meantime.

Have any questions? I can’t wait to blog more about this pregnancy, so let me know what you want to know. I’m pretty much an open book so just let me know!

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Life Lately – April 27, 2018

Well, hello, final days of April. Not sure where you came from, but boy, you came quick! This year has been quite the whirlwind for the Gregory family, and well I look back to our trip to the Bahamas in February, it both seems like yesterday and also seems like forever ago. A ton has happened between now and then, and I’ve been too busy holding my breath, hoping that everything with the house goes well that I’ve neglected this blog completely.

Here’s the deal: the last few months I’ve felt like I had this big secret that I wasn’t ready to share, and because I was bursting at the seams to tell the world, I was also terrified that if I put it down in writing that something bad would happen (only because this is what happened last fall.) So, instead I put my head down and powered through. I kept myself busy in other ways, and now that we are on the other side of things, I’m SO excited to share all the details of our home, our life and everything else that goes down on this site.

Moving, And All Of The Fun Things That Go With It

We have to go all the way back to January to when our “moving” story begins. We put an offer in and went under contract in mid-January. We knew the house would take time to build, and expected a mid-to-late March closing date. We told our apartment complex we would be out on March 31st.

I appreciated the lag time, to be honest. I didn’t want to move in the middle of winter and I know David and I need a little time to digest big changes. It was nice to dream about our home while living in the comforts of our apartment for a few months. I started shopping for furniture and designing the space in my head. We got all of the loan paperwork out of the way by early February, so it was just a waiting game.

Sometime in mid March we realized that closing wasn’t going to happen until late March. And as days went by, and weather slowed the builder’s timeline, we were notified that closing would happen until sometime in April. Fortunately, our parents stepped up in a big way. David’s mom and step-father welcomed us with open arms into their home for three weeks. My mom drove all the way down to Virginia to take Juneau back to New York with her for a month so we wouldn’t have to worry about him. We moved out of our apartment on March 31st. The builder’s were so wonderful and let us store our stuff in the basement of our new house for the few weeks in April prior to closing. Everyone was so wonderful, and in a time where I felt completely stressed out, I was constantly reminded of how lucky we were to have such supportive family and to be working with such an understanding builder.

We officially became homeowners on April 20, and since most of our stuff had already been brought to the new house, we moved right in and spent the first night in our house that same night.

Family Weekend

My parents were planning to come down to visit on the same weekend we closed on the house. Initially we figured we’d have about a month to settle in before we had visitors, but my parents didn’t care. They slept on an air mattress in our basement all weekend, and brought our Juneau back home, too!

The entire weekend was spent with extended family celebrating my Grandpa’s birthday. It’s become a tradition to gather in Central Virginia for his birthday, and I feel pretty lucky about that. It was wonderful seeing everyone and the weather was perfect.

Easter, Date Nights, and Other Fun Stuff

We celebrated Easter with David’s family and put together an egg hunt for Finn. David and I were able to escape for a couple date nights while we were staying with his parents. We saw Black Panther (so good!) and spent an evening buying way too much stuff at Target for the new house. Finn got his first school photos taken, we visited with our friends who helped us move, and work is crazy as always. Phew!

Here’s Our Life In iPhone Photos:

we signed our lives away! but we are homeowners!
such a big boy!
little miss nat enjoying a treat! miss this girl
sunny day at blue toad hard cider
snaps from my mom from juneau’s stay in upstate new york

happy weekend!

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