10 Springtime Staples You Need In Your Closet

10 spring staples

Sunshine! And warmth! Something that’s been missing so far this March. Looking at throwbacks on Facebook, it seems that this time of year in 2017 we were enjoying a heat wave. Alas, it’s still technically winter, so I should be patient, but I’m downright tired of my wardrobe and looking forward to wearing brighter colors, dresses, and *gasp* open-toed shoes!

This spring is going to be a busy one for the Gregory clan. We’ve got a few trips scheduled, a bunch of visitors heading our way, and some other big events that should make April and May fly by! – like, a certain boy’s second birthday! Spring is my favorite season to dress for. I love flow-y dresses paired with a denim jacket. I love light sweaters with denim shorts. I love it all!

I’ve put together a list of some closet staples to upgrade your spring wardrobe. These are all items that can be worn several different ways – layered, solo, mix n’ match. That’s the best thing about spring! Everything is new again and getting dressed should be fun!

universal thread wedges

A Good Pair of Wedges

Target launched the Universal Thread line over the winter and everything is so good. These wedges are dupes to a much more expensive pair, but are only $33! Such a great basic color for spring and summer. I bet you’ll wear these with everything – denim, skirts, dresses, even shorts.


leith ruched dress

A Versatile Dress

I finally purchased this dress and it did NOT disappoint. It’s so good and so flattering. I cannot wait to wear this on repeat all spring and summer long. It’s a great length for work, or chasing around a toddler, and the ruching is perfectly placed. It also comes in a long-sleeve version for colder weather, and comes in a million colors. I could’ve gone with a small, but sized up since I wanted it a little less body-con-esque. But it fits pretty true to size.

floral dress nordstrom

A Great Floral Dress

Nothing screams spring more than a pastel, floral dress. This one comes in a bunch of color options and the wrap feature is so flattering.

old navy swing dress

A Basic Swing Dress

I fell in love with swing dresses the summer I had Finn, and I haven’t stopped yet. Old Navy makes it so easy, because these basic swing dresses are so affordable and come in a variety of colors and styles – some have sleeves, others are sleeveless. They fit true to size.

denim jacket

A Denim Jacket

My denim jacket is my most-worn item during the spring. I went with a medium wash since I find that to be the most versatile. I wear it with everything – dresses, skirts, canvas shorts, etc!

footbed sandals

Footbed sandals

If you’re a mom, then buy these sandals. There is nothing more comfortable than these bad boys. The best part, they are only $22! Target to the rescue again. Yes, they may be knockoff Birkenstocks, but I actually find these to be a bit more feminine than regular ole Birks, plus at only $22, you can buy a new pair every summer and not feel bad about it!

aeo cropped denim

Cropped Denim

American Eagle continues to be my go-to place for great denim, either because I’m still in high school, or just because I have yet to find a better fit on my body type. Plus, they always have great deals. These cropped denim are the perfect fit and color for spring! Cropped denim is one of my favorite things about spring! I mean, what other season can you make them work?

aeo white denim

White Denim

I know that there is no longer a rule about white after Labor Day, but I play it old school still. I think white pants should be saved for the sunnier months! This pair is also from American Eagle and I find them pretty true to size and they aren’t see through, even for those of us with hips!

lightweight sweater

Lightweight Sweater

There are chunky sweaters meant for the freezing January weather, and there are lightweight sweaters that are perfect for spring. March and April may still have days that require something heavier than a sundress, so having a lightweight sweater in your wardrobe is essential. Target does it again with this one!

madewell basic tee

Basic Tee

This could be a staple in any season’s wardrobe, but a basic tee is essential for spring. It’s the perfect item for layering! These Madewell ones are so soft and are under $20. Stock up!


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One Second Every Day

Finn at 11 Months


Like any mom, I take way too many photos of my kid! I started a Dropbox folder for Finn right around the time he turned six months old and my phone wouldn’t take any more pictures. I even save the bad photos, and every one from the series of 14 it took to get the best picture. I can’t erase them!

Right around the time Finn was born I discovered the app called “1 Second Every Day”. The premise was simple – capture one second of your life every day for a year. I downloaded it and quickly started adding photos and videos. Like any project that lasts an entire year, my focus turned elsewhere and my “1 Second Every Day” became a few seconds a week. After a while, I forgot about it completely.

However, the best part of the app is that you can go back and fill in the gaps when you have them! I decided better late than never and spent the last few days doing just that. The final video isn’t a complete year, but it’s pretty close. And I couldn’t have started it at a better time. Finn grew so much in his first year and to be transported back to when he was a few months old and watch our journey over the first year is so fun! Maybe I’ll do it for his second year as well – and at this rate I’ll post it on the blog right around his fourth birthday. HA!




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Abaco Island, Bahamas – Our Photo Diary


For my thirtieth birthday, David surprised me with a trip to Abaco Island Bahamas. We went for an extended weekend – since it was our first real trip away from Finn, we were both feeling anxious about leaving for too long. David chose Abaco because it’s right up our alley – a little off the beaten path, lots of local things to check out, plus the bonefishing is spectacular.

We did a whole lotta nothing and it was everything we needed. We were able to reconnect and relax, something we don’t get to do very often with a toddler running around. Our idea of vacation is to wake up without a plan and see where the day takes us. Sometimes we get lost on a random island in the Bahamas, sometimes we end up finding the most wonderful local spot to eat. I love the way we vacation!

One day, we rented a car (mind you, they drive on the other side of the road with the driver on the other side of the car!) and drove the length of Abaco Island to Cherokee Sound. Cherokee Sound has less than a 200 person population, the longest dock in the Bahamas, and world famous bonefishing flats. We spent the entire day wading the flats looking for bonefish. We did not see a single fish the entire morning, and David started getting frustrated. I convinced him to break for lunch and we could return when the tide was rising. When we came back, we saw dozens of HUGE bonefish! The water is so clear and spectacular that you can see the fish from so far away. It was absolutely amazing! We waded over 800 feet from shore (we could tell because the dock is 700 feet long) and were the only people in sight. David hooked a fish almost immediately.

People may think that David’s fishing habit gets in the way of our vacation. But the reality is, his hobby has taken us to places I never would have imagined! I think the most important thing a wife can do is be a partner to her husband – take interest in his interests. I truly love watching David fish, I love watching his eyes light up when he hooks one, I love the passion he has when he talks about it, I love watching him teach me all the ins and outs of it. His hobby creates our vacations! Now if only I can get my back cast better so I can fish too!

I would recommend Abaco Island to those who like an adventure. It’s not exactly easy to get to – we took three flights from DC, and had to go through Nassau. It’s not a resort town, in fact our hotel was essentially living amongst the locals. It was absolutely gorgeous, though, and boasts one of the world’s top ten beaches. You can see from the photos that the sand really are white!

Overall, it was a great trip and before we even left, we started planning our next adventure. David votes for Cuba, or New Zealand! Ha! But I’m trying to convince him he needs to go chase the trout out in Idaho and Montana.

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10 Must-Haves From The Nordstrom Winter Sale – All Under $50

nordstrom winter sale

There are some really great sales happening today for President’s Day, but I keep going back to the Nordstrom Winter Sale. It’s just easier to shop at Nordstrom, since shipping and returns are ALWAYS free. I sometimes wonder how we can put a man on the moon, but we still have to pay ridiculous fees for shipping?! Anyone else? It just makes me gravitate towards online retailers who make it easy – like Nordstrom!

Anyways, many of these items I own myself, or have recently purchased through this sale. I have done a lot of research (aka read a lot of reviews) and these items are not only great options, but a lot of them are basics that are great for every season, and it’s just a bonus that they are under $50! Many are under $30! So Happy Shopping!

Circle Cardigan


Leith Easy Circle Cardigan

I own this and it’s one of my favorite sweaters of all time. It’s cozy, but easy to wear to work. Plus it’s longer, so wearing with leggings is totally doable. It comes in gray and this tan color. Currently on sale for $45.






Roll Tab Tunic


Perfect Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic

I also own this in black and white and it’s my favorite work blouse. I would size down (if that’s an option). However, I ordered my normal size and it’s long enough to wear with leggings. Currently on sale for $28.






BP Stripe Peplum Tee


BP Stripe Peplum Tee Tee

I own this and it’s the perfect peplum top. It comes in a bunch of color combinations and it a great transition piece for spring. Currently on sale for $21.







Free People Laguna Thermal


Free People Laguna Thermal

I don’t own this, but I’m considering it since it’s easily one of the most popular tops on Intsagram right now and everyone raves about it. It has thumbholes! Which my husband will hate LOL, but it’s oversized and looks super cozy. Currently on sale for $30.






BP Mock Neck Tunic Sweater


BP Mock Neck Tunic Sweater

Such a great sweater for such a great price! It also comes in 5 colors, but this pink one has stolen my heart. It’s technically a tunic, so order your size or one up to wear with leggings. Currently on sale for only $24!






Leith Cozy Ribbed Pullover


Leith Cozy Ribbed Pullover

Another great basic sweater option that comes in a zillion color options. This one is more cropped, but it will be easy to layer. I love this red color to mix it up as we head into spring. Currently on sale for $35.






Hailey Crepe Dress


Hailey Crepe Dress

A basic dress for heading into spring. I love that it has short sleeves. Currently on sale for $28.






BP Twist Hem Tee


BP Twist Hem Tee

A great basic that comes in four colors. Currently on sale for $19.






Zella High Waist Crop Leggings


Zella High Waisted Crop Leggings

I doubt I’ll buy another pair of leggings that aren’t made by Zella. These are the best brand I’ve found by far. These high-waisted cropped leggings are perfect for working out or hanging out. Currently on sale for $40.






Zella En Route Hoodie


Zella En Route Hoodie

And Zella everything, please. This basic hoodie is super cozy and great for early spring runs. Currently on sale for $48.






Happy Shopping!




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Life Lately – February 5, 2018

Happy Monday! Coming at you today trying to battle a little cold that snuck up on me this weekend. Thinking I might pop out and grab a Medicine Ball from Starbucks. I’ve heard good things! Apparently it helps fight the sniffles and sore throat, which is exactly what I’m feeling today. Yikes! I better fight this quick, cause that’s no way to ring in my 30th year.

Turning 30

Yep, my 30th birthday is right around the corner. I’m already feeling pretty spoiled after this weekend. My girlfriends took me out to C&O Restaurant in Downtown Charlottesville. We had way too much wine, the best scallops in the world and just awesome, hilarious conversation. They certainly surprised me and I’m so grateful for their friendship!

In addition, David surprised me with an exciting trip! More on that coming this week, but let’s just say I am counting down the days until sunshine and warm weather.


I can’t accurately put into words my love for that little boy. Every week, I countdown until the weekend when I get to spend quality time with him, and then the weekend goes by too fast. I’m pretty anxious about leaving him for an extended period of time, but he will get some spoiling of his own with his grandparents.

Finn is learning more words by the day. This weekend we taught him the colors, and he does pretty well with them. I’m so impressed at how much little kids know! Despite his tantrums, I could spend every minute with that kid and never get sick of him.

We took Finn to get his first haircut a few weeks back and he did so good! He didn’t want to sit in the big chair by himself, so I sat with him, but once we figured that out, he was an old pro. Once he was all cleaned up he looked like such a little boy. All of his baby curls were gone! Being the sentimental type, I saved one curl for his baby book. I cannot believe he will be two in just a few short months.

Other Big News

In other news, David is doing fine. He hasn’t had to travel much lately, although once we get back from our trip, he will have to leave again for work. He is training for another jiu jitsu competition, and was recently promoted with two stripes on his belt!

Juneau is still my favorite fur baby. He doesn’t get as much attention on the blog as his brother does, but he is still the best friend I could ever ask for.

We’ve made some progress in the house hunting journey, but more on that to come. It’s been a long journey, but things are looking up. I can’t wait to be able to share all of the ins and outs from our house hunt, some tips I’ve learned as a first time home buyer, and just more decor posts. All in good time… patience is everything right now!

Our Life In iPhone Photos

a snap from my husband who is determined not to get sick before vacation
david’s white belt, now with two stripes
bath time!
snuggling with my main man
brave little boy getting his hair cut for the first time
these two <3
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