We Bought A House!

Hello! Back to regularly scheduled programming over here. The last three weeks or so have been so crazy. I wanted so badly to blog alllll about it, but something kept holding me back. There’s a long back story to all of this, but before I jump into that, the good news is WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

The House

Everything became official on Friday morning. David and I took the day off and signed away our lives at closing. We bought a new build about ten minutes outside of town. The house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and sits on about four acres of land.

We found the house as the builder was still building it back in January. When we first took a look at it, it was just framed. Our house hunting journey was a long one, and never in a million years did we think that we would find a brand new house with that much land in our price point. It certainly makes us believe the old saying that the hard times make the good times better. All those months of waiting and praying to find our family’s home led us to something better than we could have ever imagined!

The best part about buying the house as it was still being built was that we were able to customize it! We picked the kitchen counter tops, added a fourth bedroom, added some ceiling fans and lights throughout, and even the paint color. So cool!

We moved all of our stuff in the previous weekend, so after closing, we were able to go home and organize everything. We spent our first weekend there and we are feeling truly blessed. Finn and Juneau have settled in much better than David and I, but that’s totally okay with me!

Our House Hunting Journey

We have been looking for a house since last May. Our price point in Charlottesville is extremely competitive. Houses would be on and off the market within a day. We had put in five other offers before we bought this house. We were heartbroken over and over again. It got to a point, about a week before we found this house, that we felt like maybe we should stop looking altogether. The entire process took a much bigger emotional toll on me than I ever would have imagined.

At one point last fall, we had put an offer into a house in town and it was accepted! We were so happy, but from the moment the papers were signed, David and I were hesitant to get truly excited. We just had a gut feeling that something was going to happen and that this house wouldn’t be our house. We were right. After the inspection, we went back to the seller to ask them to fix a few major things. He refused, and our contract was broken.

It was experiences like this that made me hesitant to make any sort of announcement until it was official. In fact, I didn’t even tell my best friend until last week!

But all of that is in the past, and I’m excited to share more about home decor, about the nitty gritty in the house buying process, and all about home ownership moving forward!

Also, just a reminder to anyone who may be giving up hope on something that you’ve been praying for – don’t give up! If you want it bad enough, it will happen when it is meant to. And when it does, it could just be better than you ever imagined!

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Do You Have A Song That Tells Your Story?

song tells our story

Are you a lyric person? I have and always will be one. I listen intently to the words of songs and see how they relate to my life. I think this is why I enjoy country music so much – the storytelling is so relatable and heartfelt. I can trace my lyric-obsession back to the days of AIM when you needed that perfect quote to describe how you were feeling in your profile and away messages. I used to look up song lyrics, print them out, study them, and make sure I had backups for the full spectrum of feelings.

I still do this, much to David’s dismay. He thinks it’s endearing, but I can admit that I may send him one too many songs each week asking him to “listen to the words.” Sometimes words just hit you, though.

I remember listening to “We Weren’t Crazy” by Josh Gracin back in 2010 when I met David. The song was released right around the time we started dating. The words were wonderful, but I couldn’t quite relate to them at that point in my life or our relationship. A year later, when we spontaneously moved across the country, the first verse started to make sense:

“We headed out to California.
Everybody tried to warn us –
said we wouldn’t make it any further
than that worn out Chevy would.
We broke down a time or two
Thought maybe we didn’t think it through
We were all we had to turn to
When it wasn’t lookin’ good
We’re looking back laughing
Cause they called us crazy
We were young, we were wild
We were restless
Had to go, had to fly
Had to get away
Took a chance on that feeling
We were loving blind
Borderline reckless
We were living for the minute
We were spinning in
Maybe we were a lot of things
But we weren’t crazy.”

Sure, we were headed to New Mexico in a Pontiac, but the sentiment stuck. We were met with a lot of questions about if that was the right move for us. We didn’t think much about finances or our future – we wanted an adventure, so we took it! Sure, it could’ve ended horribly wrong but instead, it made us stronger as a couple. I often think that if Finn tried to move across the country with a girlfriend of less than a year at that age, I would freakBut I’m glad David and I were able to be young, wild and a little reckless.

The next verse became relevant just recently:

“Just a couple kids
a couple years ago
Now we’ve got a couple
kids of our own.
We turned out right
and proved them wrong.
Look at us going strong.”

It feels as if, in a instant, our relationship matured and – look at us now! It’s been quite a journey, not without hard times. Which makes the bridge so good:

“We could’ve set it down
When things got tough
we could’ve walked away from this love
but that’d been crazy.”

I’m so grateful for music for being a constant reminder of how our stories and relationships change over time, but give us something to bring us back to remember all the moments along the way. I wonder – do you have a song that makes you reminisce on your own life?

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Things I’m Loving, Vol. 13

things i'm loving

Happy Spring! I write that as snow falls outside my window. I don’t think in the four years I’ve lived in Virginia that we’ve had snow this late in the season. Fortunately, I’ve got the place to myself for a few hours and can hunker down and get some stuff done. Regardless of the snow, this week’s Things I’m Loving features all things spring! I can’t wait for white jeans, flow-y tops, and open-toed shoes.

Things I’m Loving:

leith ruched dress


Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress

I know, I know. I’ve featured this dress countless times, BUT I just bought it in this color and I can’t say enough good things. It comes in a bunch of colors and is perfect for work, or even for a casual weekend. The ruching is so flattering on every body type.






american eagle striped jumpsuit


American Eagle Striped Jumpsuit

This photo does this jumpsuit zero justice. This may be the most flattering thing I’ve ever seen. Several bloggers I follow have featured this jumpsuit, all different shapes and sizes, and it looks incredible on them all. The legs are slightly cropped and the the tie in the middle cinches in just the right area. I promise this is a good one. And it’s on major sale right now, too!






Fit & Flare Cami Midi Dress


Fit & Flare Cami Midi Dress

Ever since becoming a mom, midi dresses are my thing. The length is









Gibson x Living in Yellow Erin shirt


Crossover Tunic

Nothing says spring like this color blue. This tunic is perfect for work, but also great with a pair of shorts! Plus the color is just all the heart eye emojis!







Linen shorts


Linen Shorts

Linen shorts are perfect for spring and summer! They are loose fitting, lightweight, and look great with everything. This pair from Old Navy is under $25 and comes in four colors.







Happy Shopping!

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10 Easy Ways To Be Kind Today

spread kindness

This post is completely reactionary. I’ve been a witness to too many unkind things recently and I’ve had enough. I always walk away from these situations thinking, “geez, would it really kill them to just be nice?”. Being miserable, rude, or unfriendly takes way more energy than being kind – isn’t there a study out there that says that frowning uses more muscles than smiling?

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only one who is feeling fed up. Social media is the culprit, in my humble opinion. Nowadays, everyone uses their platforms to stand up for what they believe in – sure, a noble cause – but it’s usually at the cost of another person. Complete strangers attacking each other personally because they come from different backgrounds and have different foundational beliefs. These differences are what makes the world go round, people!

As a mother, my beliefs are stronger than ever. It was as if Finn was born, and my roots grew deeper into the soil in order to create a strong foundation for my family. What also grew is my need for understanding and educating myself on other people’s beliefs. I want to learn why so that I can have the answers to Finn’s questions one day. I want to know other people from the inside out. I want to understand what they’ve gone through. I want to ask all the questions and soak it all in. The worst thing I could do for Finn is to be unkind to other people. 

Perhaps people are scared to learn or even frightened to ask questions. However, everything worth doing happens outside of your comfort zone. I’ve created a list of ten things that you can do today to spread kindness. Little things go a long way, and by starting small, we all have the potential to change the world in really big ways.

  1. Pay It Forward. Plan on going through the drive thru to grab a coffee or lunch today? Give an extra five to the attendant and have it go towards the person’s order in line behind you. I love the anonymity of this! They will never know who paid for their meal, but there’s no way they won’t be grateful. And hopefully it inspires them to pay it forward, too!
  2. Leave a tip! As a former waitress, I love being able to tip way more than 20% on meals nowadays! David and I will debate the tip after a meal, and he will always add a few bucks to the number. We love to do it even more when we have a waiter who seems frazzled or upset. Hopefully we can turn his night around! You can add a little extra to anyone you tip today – your hairdresser, the barista, the dogwalker! Throw in a little extra and know you’ve made someone’s day.
  3. Compliment a mom or dad on their parenting. Mom-shaming is the worst kind of bullying. As a first-time mom, I’m the first one to admit that I have no idea what I’m doing. I question every decision I make and I’m usually exhausted by the constant decision-making. Today, instead of being critical of someone’s parenting, try complimenting them. Or even commiserating with them. Nothing means more to me these days than someone telling me I’m doing a good job with Finn.
  4. Reach out to a friend and just say hi! The best days are when I get a random text from someone I haven’t heard from in a while. It let’s me know they are thinking about me and it’s such a easy way to make someone smile.
  5. Compliment someone’s look. I was in line at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and I saw the girl in front of me wearing a pair of shoes that I had been eyeing for months. They looked adorable on her and I kept staring! I stood there for minute contemplating if I should say something or not and finally I blurted out “I love your shoes!” She was so excited to tell me that she had just bought them and was so happy with her purchase. We chatted a bit about fashion for a minute while waiting in line and I left feeling like I had made her day. I don’t know what compelled me to finally say something, but it was worth fighting through the awkwardness.
  6. Write a card for no reason. I’m a huge fan of quote cards. An easy way to make someone’s day is to write them a nice note on a quote card for no reason other than to let them know you were thinking of them. Plus, they make for great reminders on days where they may be feeling a little down.
  7. Offer your help. Whether it’s helping someone with a heavy bag, or taking on an extra task at work, for those of us whose Love Language is Acts of Service, this one will go a long way.
  8. Share a happy song. Nothing can change someone’s mood better than a happy, upbeat song. I challenge you to post your favorite happy song on your social media today in hopes that someone will hear it and it will change their mood.
  9. Give a shout out for an every day expecation. I love the idea of giving credit to folks for doing well at what they are supposed to do. Isn’t it so easy to just have expectations and then criticize when those expectations aren’t met? Well, what if they are always met? What do we do to recognize that? Is it too much to say ‘thank you’ for being consistent and dependable? Today, give someone credit for doing something that you expect from them. It will show them you appreciate them and don’t take them for granted.
  10. Smile. Nothing, and I mean nothing, spreads kindness more than a happy face.


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10 Springtime Staples You Need In Your Closet

10 spring staples

Sunshine! And warmth! Something that’s been missing so far this March. Looking at throwbacks on Facebook, it seems that this time of year in 2017 we were enjoying a heat wave. Alas, it’s still technically winter, so I should be patient, but I’m downright tired of my wardrobe and looking forward to wearing brighter colors, dresses, and *gasp* open-toed shoes!

This spring is going to be a busy one for the Gregory clan. We’ve got a few trips scheduled, a bunch of visitors heading our way, and some other big events that should make April and May fly by! – like, a certain boy’s second birthday! Spring is my favorite season to dress for. I love flow-y dresses paired with a denim jacket. I love light sweaters with denim shorts. I love it all!

I’ve put together a list of some closet staples to upgrade your spring wardrobe. These are all items that can be worn several different ways – layered, solo, mix n’ match. That’s the best thing about spring! Everything is new again and getting dressed should be fun!

universal thread wedges

A Good Pair of Wedges

Target launched the Universal Thread line over the winter and everything is so good. These wedges are dupes to a much more expensive pair, but are only $33! Such a great basic color for spring and summer. I bet you’ll wear these with everything – denim, skirts, dresses, even shorts.


leith ruched dress

A Versatile Dress

I finally purchased this dress and it did NOT disappoint. It’s so good and so flattering. I cannot wait to wear this on repeat all spring and summer long. It’s a great length for work, or chasing around a toddler, and the ruching is perfectly placed. It also comes in a long-sleeve version for colder weather, and comes in a million colors. I could’ve gone with a small, but sized up since I wanted it a little less body-con-esque. But it fits pretty true to size.

floral dress nordstrom

A Great Floral Dress

Nothing screams spring more than a pastel, floral dress. This one comes in a bunch of color options and the wrap feature is so flattering.

old navy swing dress

A Basic Swing Dress

I fell in love with swing dresses the summer I had Finn, and I haven’t stopped yet. Old Navy makes it so easy, because these basic swing dresses are so affordable and come in a variety of colors and styles – some have sleeves, others are sleeveless. They fit true to size.

denim jacket

A Denim Jacket

My denim jacket is my most-worn item during the spring. I went with a medium wash since I find that to be the most versatile. I wear it with everything – dresses, skirts, canvas shorts, etc!

footbed sandals

Footbed sandals

If you’re a mom, then buy these sandals. There is nothing more comfortable than these bad boys. The best part, they are only $22! Target to the rescue again. Yes, they may be knockoff Birkenstocks, but I actually find these to be a bit more feminine than regular ole Birks, plus at only $22, you can buy a new pair every summer and not feel bad about it!

aeo cropped denim

Cropped Denim

American Eagle continues to be my go-to place for great denim, either because I’m still in high school, or just because I have yet to find a better fit on my body type. Plus, they always have great deals. These cropped denim are the perfect fit and color for spring! Cropped denim is one of my favorite things about spring! I mean, what other season can you make them work?

aeo white denim

White Denim

I know that there is no longer a rule about white after Labor Day, but I play it old school still. I think white pants should be saved for the sunnier months! This pair is also from American Eagle and I find them pretty true to size and they aren’t see through, even for those of us with hips!

lightweight sweater

Lightweight Sweater

There are chunky sweaters meant for the freezing January weather, and there are lightweight sweaters that are perfect for spring. March and April may still have days that require something heavier than a sundress, so having a lightweight sweater in your wardrobe is essential. Target does it again with this one!

madewell basic tee

Basic Tee

This could be a staple in any season’s wardrobe, but a basic tee is essential for spring. It’s the perfect item for layering! These Madewell ones are so soft and are under $20. Stock up!


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