Dear Pregnancy

maternity photos

Dear Pregnancy-

You seemed to have stuck around forever, and yet, I can’t believe how fast you have flown by. This is the second time we’ve met, and so much has changed this time around. You have changed my body forever, to a point where I don’t even recognize myself – swollen ankles and hands, puffy face, my hips are wider than they’ve ever been. After you go, my body will still be changing, attempting to get back to how I was before, while still trying to nourish a baby. The physical changes are what everyone sees, but it’s the rest of it that only you and I can feel.

I appreciate you, pregnancy. You have given me two beautiful gifts, and I’m still amazed at the miracle you produce. From essentially nothing, you create a human life. That’s incredible. I have been feeling every kick, every punch, every little movement with awe. I’m being a little dramatic, but it’s truly an experience.

You’ve caused a lot of pain, too. My joints hurt. My back is always throbbing. My pelvis, welp, it’s taking on most of the load. I can barely walk without getting winded and I can’t pick up my two-year-old without letting out endless grunts. I know as soon as you’re over, other pain and discomforts will take over, which is nothing to look forward to. I almost prefer your pain to what comes next…

The hidden side of pregnancy, the hormones, those really got to me this time around. You made me irritable and snappy. You made me worried and anxious. You brought out the ugly sides of me.

But in the end, more than everything you’ve given me and caused me, you’ve taught me so much. You’ve taught me that life is a miracle. You’ve taught me that my body is stronger than I had

ever imagined. You taught me empathy for other mothers. You taught me unconditional love. You taught me patience. You have taught me to be in tune with my body. You have taught me grace.

Thank you for letting me experience you again. I cannot wait to sleep on my stomach and wear normal clothes again. I cannot wait to meet our baby and make our family complete. However, just like last time, I know I will miss you. I know I will see other woman sporting your notorious bump and feel nostalgic. So I’m trying to embrace these last few days and weeks and welcome all the discomfort and appreciate all the changes.



maternity photos

maternity photos

maternity photos

maternity photos

maternity photos

maternity photos

maternity photos

maternity photos

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The Best Products We Bought In September



Best Products We Bought In September

Anyone feel like September absolutely flew by?! For us, most of the month was spent trying to get the house finished – and by finished, I mean furnished completely. Going from an apartment to a house has been a little overwhelming, but we are starting to settle in. Most of the best products we bought in September were meant to finalize some rooms that had been put on the back burner – namely, David’s “man cave.” Since I took over the decorating in the main level of the house, he gets the basement to do with what he wants. Sooo, we finally got around to giving the man of the house what he wants ☺️.

Apple TV 4K – This is actually our second Apple TV purchase, and I would buy 100 of them to avoid paying for cable. We cut the cord about two years ago and have never looked back. We have an Apple TV in our bedroom (so I can watch Bravo while David watches football) and now one downstairs. It’s the greatest invention in the world, and if you’re interested in hearing more, maybe I’ll write an entire blog post on why and how you can cut the cord, too.

Samsung TV – After endless trips to Best Buy, this is the TV David landed on for the basement. I have to admit that it’s a great picture, but when I first saw the size of the box, I was speechless. I don’t really think anyone needs a TV this big, but I’m glad my husband is happy and that’s all that matters!

Blackout Curtains – We’ve had blackout shades in Finn’s room and in the nursery since we’ve moved into the house. However, I wanted something a little cozier to complete their rooms. These blackout curtains are also noise reducing, and they are a great quality. I went with solid colors for both rooms since their walls are white, I wanted a pop!

Play-doh – While cleaning out the basement we found some of Finn’s old Play-doh from when we moved. It had gone completely dry, so we ran to the store and bought plenty more. He loves playing with it and it’s a simple, cheap toy I don’t mind buying over and over again.

Exfoliating Brush – I’m the most unknowledgeable person when it comes to skincare/make-up, but I decided to purchase an exfoliating brush since I’m “getting older” and I am impressed with the results. This one came highly recommended and was reasonably priced.

Nutrogena Hydrating Boost – Similarly, I bought this hydrating serum to help my skin transition into winter. I use it a couple times a week and my skin is so soft!

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33 Week Bumpdate

33 week bumpdate

dress: asos maternity // cardigan: leith


How far along? 33 weeks!

What is Baby G up to? Baby G is getting big and still loves to move! Baby is the size of a bushel of celery (?) and weighs around 4 pounds. It’s crazy that Baby’s brother was double that weight at birth, so we are looking at another big baby.

How am I feeling? Definitely feeling the normal aches and pains, but contractions have kicked up a bit which is so bizarre. They tend to happen while sitting and my belly gets rock hard for about a minute or two. It’s not painful like a labor contraction, but it’s certainly uncomfortable. Sometimes it brings a side of indigestion or other fun discomforts. My energy is low, but I’m still feeling really good. My hormones have seemed to level off a bit which is a huge help.

What am I wearing? Why do I even include this category? I’m trying to make it to November 19 without buying any more maternity clothes!

What am I craving/eating? Anything that won’t give me heartburn, which is everything.

What’s on my mind lately? The baby’s nursery! I have all the elements picked out to buy, but I want to get Finn’s room finished before I start on Baby’s. And I just can’t decide on his! I literally need a rug and curtains, but I keep second guessing myself! I’m going to challenge myself and try to put together a mood board for his room on the blog this week which will hopefully inspire something.

What am I looking forward to? Completing my fall bucket list!

Best moment of the week? It happened this morning – poor Juneau cut his foot open, so we’ve been bandaging it every day. While I was doing that this morning, Finn brought Juneau his teddy bear and blanket and sat there and pet him so gently, making sure “Juneau okay!”. It was the sweetest thing in the world and made me look forward to seeing him as an older brother!

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Loft Try On

I had a lot of fun trying on the new fall clothes at Loft yesterday! I haven’t been shopping much because with this big belly, I can get easily frustrated with normal clothes not fitting right, and buying something that I would wear for only a few months is pretty hard for me to do. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how many great options there were for maternity, even in my normal size! Maybe it’s because oversized sweaters are in style! Check out these great pieces from my Loft try on session.

Lou & Grey Stitchy Blouson Sleeve Cardigan

Lou & Grey Stitchy Blouson Cardigan // White Tee // Skinny Jeans

This sweater was so cozy, and perfectly oversized. I love, love, love the color! I’m wearing a medium only because the store didn’t have a small in stock, but I think I’d go with my normal size. I picked up the basic white tee for purposes of the try-on, but it’s a great basic. This denim is also really great. I picked up my normal size 6, of course they didn’t button (LOL) but they were super soft and stretchy, with just the right amount of distressing.

Lou & Grey Seamed Poncho

Lou & Grey Seemed Poncho // Wool Hat // kinny Jeans

I had seen this poncho on several people and was so excited to try it on. I am wearing the XS/S and the length is sooo good, even with the bump! You don’t even need a top underneath it. I fell in love with this wool hat, too! It’s the M/L and fits my noggin just right.

Loft Ribbed Fringe Wrap

Loft Ribbed Fringe Wrap // White Tee // Wool Hat // Skinny Jeans

Maybe my favorite piece from the mini-try on, this wrap is so cozy and so versatile. It also comes in white! I styled it below with a dress that would be great for the office or on a date night. It’s also a great item to have when nursing!

Lou & Grey Zen Bounce Upstate Sweatpants

Lou & Grey Zen Bounce Upstate Sweatpants // White Tee

OMG these pants! They are technically jogger sweatpants, but I styled it with my denim jacket to prove that you could totally wear these out of the house. And they are soooo soooo sooo soft. I even made David feel them! LOL. They come in a cream color, too, but these navy ones are coming home with me!

Lou & Grey Striped Layering Tee

Lou & Grey Striped Layering Tee // Lou & Grey Zen Bounce Upstate Sweatpants

I also styled the sweatpants with this striped layering tee which is also so good. The length is great for leggings, or under cardigans, and a size small fit my 33 week bump just right. It’s stretchy, soft and a great basic. It’s a navy/white stripe.

Lou & Grey Houndstooth Sweatshirt Dress

Lou & Grey Houndstooth Sweatshirt Dress // Loft Ribbed Fringe Wrap // Wool Hat

I grabbed this sweater dress totally not expecting to like it with the bump, but the stretchy material was perfect! I sized up to a medium to account for length and it was perfect. It’s very stretchy and soft, and paired with the fringe wrap and maybe some OTK boots would be a great fall look.

Happy Shopping!

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Fall Bucket List

fall bucket list


Hello October! Everyone’s favorite month. I love this time of year for so many reasons – the nostalgia and all the memories of soccer seasons past, the chilly weather, all the pumpkin spice flavors, the decoration, and of course, all the sweaters! This year will be so much more fun having a toddler to entertain. I’ve been thinking of my fall bucket list and have finally had the chance to put it all down on “paper”. Let’s see how many we can get to before Baby arrives!

1. Go to a pumpkin patch.

2. Decorate our front porch.

3. Complete a corn maze.

4. Find a new pumpkin recipe.

5. Make s’mores on a bonfire.

6. Find a super creative family Halloween costume.

7. Take a hayride.

8. Bake pumpkin seeds.

9. Carve pumpkins and play with all the “guts”. 

10. Rake and jump into a pile of leaves.

11. Go trick or treating.

12. Watch a Halloween movie.

13. Pick apples off of the tree.

14. Go to a petting zoo.

15. Go to the farmer’s market.

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