The Top Ten Items You Should Buy From the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s here! Finally, after all the hype, the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us. Today marks the first day of early access shopping – meaning you must be in possession of a Nordstrom credit card to be able to shop. (Remember though – you do not need to use your Nordstrom credit card to purchase the items, you can use any form of payment you want. So if you are anti-credit card, just apply here and then cut it up when you get it in the mail! PS if you apply today, you get a $40 Nordstrom note to spend at the sale!)

I spent some time looking through the sale, and as overwhelming as it can be, I managed to narrow it down to my top ten picks from the sale. I think it’s really easy to buy all the things during this sale, and really, I don’t need all the things. (Plus all the things don’t fit this belly right now so let’s be realistic!) Anyway, many of these items are updated or similar versions from last year’s sale, others are items I’ve been stalking for a while now, others stuck out because of the quality of the brand, and still others are just things I need or think are super cute. I hope this is helpful in narrowing down the sale into a digestible amount. In the coming days, I’ll do my best to narrow it down by department – the best cardigans, the best kids clothes, the best shoes. For now, here are my top ten items from the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

top ten items from 2018 nordstrom anniversary sale


  1. Zella Live In High Waist Leggings – if you only buy one thing from this sale, these leggings should be it. They never go on sale besides during this sale. I bought a pair last year, and fully intend on buying another this year. They are the best leggings I have ever worn. They are thick, hold up well, can be worn to work out in, or even wear to the office as pants (I’ve done it!). These are the most versatile item on this list and you should absolutely scoop them up! They will go fast!
  2. BP Oversized Waffle Stitch Cardigan – BP always has the best cardigans during this sale. This one caught my eye because of the oversized fit and cute buttons down the front. Such a perfect cardigan for the fall and into winter. Plus it’s only $45 and comes in a plus size version!
  3. Free People January Tee – this is not a new item, but Free People is pricey, so buying during the sale is not only smart, but usually the only way I buy this brand. This tee is just a basic, but so great for layering, and can be worn with a baby bump. It comes in seven color options and is only $31!
  4. BP Raw Edge Scoop Neck Tee – BP always has the best basics as well. This tee is under $20 and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Another great option for layering. I have the striped tee version from the past two years, so I’m thinking I’ll scoop up a solid color or two this year.
  5. Blondo Lanka Waterproof Bootie – I got these booties in my Trunk Club a few months ago, but I had a tough time justifying the full price of them. However, they are now under $100 and I’ll definitely be grabbing them during the sale. Blondo makes the best waterproof boots and booties, plus these things are downright comfortable. You won’t regret this buy!
  6. BP Brice Notched Bootie – Probably the bootie of the sale right now, probably because the price is so good, but between the heel height and the color, I doubt there is a more classic fall bootie out there.
  7. Thread & Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover – GRAB THIS NOW! Don’t think twice about buying this Wubby Fleece pullover. This guy went so fast last fall and winter and was probably the most popular item from the season. The pullover and the zip up version are both under $60 and these will go quickly!
  8. TopShop Long Open Front Cardigan – I had my eye on this cardigan when I saw it in the catalog and I can’t wait to wear it all winter long! The color is literally my favorite shade of pink! It also comes in other color options if this one isn’t for you.
  9. Halogen Seamed Ponte Knit Leggings – I’m a ponte leggings girl. I wear them year round in the office. You really can’t beat the price of these ones and this brand is known for it’s quality. Grab two pairs if you are working girl!
  10. Herschel Supply Co Satin Duffel Bag– I had my eye on this form the catalog as well. I will be using this for my hospital bag, and for whatever else I can think of. I love the color and the size of the duffle – it’s so feminine yet so functional!


I hope this helps you narrow down the overwhelming sale. Be sure to check back for my top picks from each department over the next few days. In the meantime, be sure to shop the entire sale here!


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8 Things You Don’t Know About Us

two year wedding anniversary

It’s been three years since my favorite day ever and since then, there have been many more memorable days, and plenty of non-memorable ones, too. Year three of marriage for David and I was probably the easiest (maybe) so far. Our life with Finn has been in a good little groove. We bought a house, we traveled to Colorado and to the Bahamas, we spent another holiday with family, and we decided to grow our family. I’ve learned a lot about marriage, about myself and about David these past three years, and one thing keeps sticking – we were meant to be together. Meeting David Gregory was never a coincidence. He and I were meant to meet, meant to travel, meant to fall in love, meant to have beautiful children and meant to keep each other laughing along the way!

Instead of a sappy post for today, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things you may not know about us as a couple. David and I had fun coming up with these things, so I hope you enjoy!

1. We met while working at a pizza place. Yep, the beginning of our love story starts with food.

2. Finn was named long before we were even married. Yet we have literally, and I mean literally, no idea what we will be naming Baby G #2.

3. We’ve only been on two vacations together, but have lived in seven different places. When we go somewhere, we commit to it – as in pack up our car and just go!

4. Our first two children were unplanned. That goes for Juneau and Finn. We adopted Juneau after a casual stop at the ASPCA. We both had to work later that day so we just dropped our brand new puppy off with David’s mom and said ‘thanks!’. Finn was a welcome accident.

5. We shared one car until the summer Finn was born. It just never made sense before that to have two cars. Between college, graduate school and all the moving around, we made one car work. When we bought David’s truck two years ago, it was like it opened a door to a whole new world of possibilities. I kid… but seriously, it was amazing.

6. We are actually pretty much the opposites of one another. I’m very introverted, David is very extroverted. I love reading and writing, David loves the outdoors. I love team sports, David likes solo sports. I love a good drama, while David prefers comedy. I like mellow country music, David enjoys rap. David is a strict carnivore, only eating veggies when I force him. I was a vegetarian when we met and still prefer a veggie option over meat.

Despite all of these differences, we still fit quite well together. We take interest in the things the other enjoys, we compromise on movies and shows that we watch, I eat a lot of meat and he tries to force veggies. He gives me my alone time and I muster up the energy to get up and do stuff. We balance each other quite well if I do say so myself. And when it comes to the things that matter most in marriage – our beliefs and values, the way we want to raise our children, the way we manage our finances – we couldn’t be more on the same page.

7. We looked at upwards of forty houses in our house hunt. Partly because we have different tastes, but mostly because David is overly practical where I’m overly idealistic. Between his reality checks and my vision, the house we ended up in was well worth the wait.

8. Our first dance was to ‘Free’ by Zac Brown Band. Because it’s perfectly us. 

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Decor Ideas For the Modern Farmhouse

decor ideas for the modern farmhouse


I’ve done a poor job at blogging about our new house and how we’ve decorated so far. The truth is, we have the basics, but I’ve been taking my time with all the finishing touches. In all of our apartments, I threw together some decor and never thought twice about it. Since we intend on being in our home permanently, I want to be thoughtful about how we decorate. I’ve chosen a rug for our formal living room, and David is actually building our dining table. Those are really the two big items we have to grab. Everything else I’m looking at like finishing touches.

By design, our house is a modern farmhouse. (It has upgraded appliances and the kitchen is as white as it can get. I want to add some character to it in the future (think backsplash and fun tile), but unnecessary projects like that must wait until after baby arrives.) So today, I decided to put together some decor inspiration for our modern farmhouse. I think it goes without saying that Chip and Jo made this style so popular, but I’m not one to shy away from trends, especially ones that truly feel like me!

wicker basket – always a good idea to have these baskets around. They can be used for laundry, blankets, even toys!

wood beaded chandelier – I love how elegant this chandelier looks, but still rustic and charming.

eucalyptus wreath – you can never go wrong with greenery! Especially the kind that doesn’t die!

wooden rectangular tray – so many uses for this tray, but also just pretty to look at.

galvanized wall clock – I love oversized clocks and this one screams farmhouse!

faux fiddle leaf fig – Own this, love this! Brings in the greenery piece without the stress of keeping it alive. Plus it’s super reasonably priced unlike other fiddle leaf figs.

3 piece kitchen canister set – Love the distressed look for these. Unlike most folks, I’d probably use these for dog treats and cookies 🙂

3 piece pillar candlesticks – Have something similar to these and absolutely love the look of these.

watering jug table vase – any type of galvanized metal is okay with me! This would look beautiful with any kind of flower arrangement in it.





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Life Lately – July 6, 2018

Somehow, we are already a week into July. I’m not complaining! We have a lot to look forward to this month. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Life Lately post, so I thought I’d take the time to update y’all on what’s been going on with the Gregorys the last few months.

Work is Crazy!

For those of you who don’t know, I work full-time in healthcare marketing. In the last few months, we- as in my team of 7- have been working hard to launch a brand new website. My role in all of this is to schedule, produce, art direct and choose photos for all 200+ pages of the new site. It’s been quite overwhelming, but very satisfying work. Fortunately, we are just a few weeks away from launch, but that just means crunch time is here. I haven’t really had a second to breath, let alone focus on this blog! Really, this has been the most prominent thing going on in my life for the last few months and I’m so excited to launch and get back to a normal work routine!

We Find Out The Gender Next Week!

David and I scheduled our “20 week” anatomy scan on our third wedding anniversary. This means we will actually be finding out the gender at 21 weeks, but the sentiment of finding out on our anniversary was worth the wait.

We aren’t doing anything fancy – in fact we decided to do the same thing we did when we found out Finn was a boy. We have our doctor’s appointment at 1pm. We will have the nurse write the gender on a piece of paper and put it into a sealed envelope. We plan to go out to dinner that night and open the envelope together, just the two of us! Then we will start making calls to tell everyone. Once again, I will probably not put any gender on this blog since my dad reads it and he doesn’t want to know!

Finn Turned 2… and We Are All Exhausted!

I can’t say I wasn’t warned, but as soon as Finn turned two, he embraced all the stereotypes of being two. Testing limits, climbing on everything, refusing food, throwing fits, fake crying. It’s been an adventure! He’s also been quite chatty and telling us stories that are quite difficult to decipher.

All that aside, I think this is my favorite age yet. It’s so fun to plan things that we know he will enjoy and to watch him learn new things on a daily basis. He’s truly a little boy at this point and I think this is the age that I had in mind when I was pregnant with him and picturing being a mom. I love that he sleeps well and enjoys brushing his teeth! I love how excited he gets when he sees cows on the side of the road. I can’t wait to take him on vacation and experience even more new things with him.

Our Life in iPhone Photos

these two are always laughing together. don’t mind the yogurt on finn’s belly 🙂
when mama wants muffins… 🙂
every time i leave my phone out, i open my camera roll to countless photos like this!
nope, this isn’t finn! i had to snap this photo of david at age 2. it’s crazy how much they look alike!
a side-by-side at 20 weeks. on the left with finn, and on the right with baby g #2!


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Everything You Need To Know About the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

2018 Nordstrom anniversary sale

We are officially one week away from the best sale of the year, the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I gotta say, it wasn’t until three years ago that I even knew what Nordstrom was. I didn’t grow up near a Nordstrom, and in reality, department stores kind of scare me. When I started blogging and thus following other bloggers, Nordstrom started popping up everywhere, and always had the cutest clothes!

I started shopping the anniversary sale three years ago and still wear some of the pieces that I purchased during that sale. If you have never shopped it before, or are wondering why I’m devoting an entire blog post to one silly sale, you’ll soon understand the greatness. I promise, if you shop one sale this year, this has got to be it.

What’s so special about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

For those of you wondering, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale offers huge markdowns on brand new clothes for the upcoming season. In other words, you are getting sale prices on items that have never been available before. Most of the time, sales happen at the end of a season so retailers can get rid of older merchandise and make room for the new stuff. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the opposite – essentially you can buy your entire fall wardrobe in July, and for 40% off!

Important dates for the sale

The sale officially runs from July 20th through August 5th… BUT if you are a Nordstrom Card Holder, you get early access starting July 12th. I suggest getting the credit card simply for the early access, because everything sells out quickly! The best part is, you don’t need to use your credit card for payment to get the early access. You simply have to have the credit card, so if you don’t like debt, no worries there!

Another perk about signing up for the card, if you use the card the day you sign up, you get a $40 note to use at Nordstrom. So here’s a little trick for you: Sign up for the card, then buy something cheap (anything on this page will qualify you), boom, you get $40 to use during the sale! You can sign up for the credit card here.

What to buy during the sale

As I mentioned before, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great time to buy clothes for fall and into winter. The sale always carries great boots and booties for under $100. I suggest stocking up on basics as well – sweaters, cardigans, t-shirts and jeans are pretty much all I wear during the fall and into the winter, so it’s always what I try to grab.

The sale also incorporates men’s clothing, kids stuff, makeup and accessories, and items for your home.

What to expect on Simple & Inspired

Not only will I be shopping the sale myself, but I’ll be doing my best to roundup some of the best items to grab and the best deals from the sale. Unfortunately, a combination of being pregnant and lack of being near a Nordstrom store will prevent any sort of try on for at least the first week, but I’m going to try to get to Richmond before the sale ends to get in a dressing room.

I hope this post helps and gets you excited for the sale! I’m counting down the days myself!

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