33 Week Bumpdate

33 week bumpdate

dress: asos maternity // cardigan: leith


How far along? 33 weeks!

What is Baby G up to? Baby G is getting big and still loves to move! Baby is the size of a bushel of celery (?) and weighs around 4 pounds. It’s crazy that Baby’s brother was double that weight at birth, so we are looking at another big baby.

How am I feeling? Definitely feeling the normal aches and pains, but contractions have kicked up a bit which is so bizarre. They tend to happen while sitting and my belly gets rock hard for about a minute or two. It’s not painful like a labor contraction, but it’s certainly uncomfortable. Sometimes it brings a side of indigestion or other fun discomforts. My energy is low, but I’m still feeling really good. My hormones have seemed to level off a bit which is a huge help.

What am I wearing? Why do I even include this category? I’m trying to make it to November 19 without buying any more maternity clothes!

What am I craving/eating? Anything that won’t give me heartburn, which is everything.

What’s on my mind lately? The baby’s nursery! I have all the elements picked out to buy, but I want to get Finn’s room finished before I start on Baby’s. And I just can’t decide on his! I literally need a rug and curtains, but I keep second guessing myself! I’m going to challenge myself and try to put together a mood board for his room on the blog this week which will hopefully inspire something.

What am I looking forward to? Completing my fall bucket list!

Best moment of the week? It happened this morning – poor Juneau cut his foot open, so we’ve been bandaging it every day. While I was doing that this morning, Finn brought Juneau his teddy bear and blanket and sat there and pet him so gently, making sure “Juneau okay!”. It was the sweetest thing in the world and made me look forward to seeing him as an older brother!

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