8 Things You Don’t Know About Us

two year wedding anniversary

It’s been three years since my favorite day ever and since then, there have been many more memorable days, and plenty of non-memorable ones, too. Year three of marriage for David and I was probably the easiest (maybe) so far. Our life with Finn has been in a good little groove. We bought a house, we traveled to Colorado and to the Bahamas, we spent another holiday with family, and we decided to grow our family. I’ve learned a lot about marriage, about myself and about David these past three years, and one thing keeps sticking – we were meant to be together. Meeting David Gregory was never a coincidence. He and I were meant to meet, meant to travel, meant to fall in love, meant to have beautiful children and meant to keep each other laughing along the way!

Instead of a sappy post for today, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things you may not know about us as a couple. David and I had fun coming up with these things, so I hope you enjoy!

1. We met while working at a pizza place. Yep, the beginning of our love story starts with food.

2. Finn was named long before we were even married. Yet we have literally, and I mean literally, no idea what we will be naming Baby G #2.

3. We’ve only been on two vacations together, but have lived in seven different places. When we go somewhere, we commit to it – as in pack up our car and just go!

4. Our first two children were unplanned. That goes for Juneau and Finn. We adopted Juneau after a casual stop at the ASPCA. We both had to work later that day so we just dropped our brand new puppy off with David’s mom and said ‘thanks!’. Finn was a welcome accident.

5. We shared one car until the summer Finn was born. It just never made sense before that to have two cars. Between college, graduate school and all the moving around, we made one car work. When we bought David’s truck two years ago, it was like it opened a door to a whole new world of possibilities. I kid… but seriously, it was amazing.

6. We are actually pretty much the opposites of one another. I’m very introverted, David is very extroverted. I love reading and writing, David loves the outdoors. I love team sports, David likes solo sports. I love a good drama, while David prefers comedy. I like mellow country music, David enjoys rap. David is a strict carnivore, only eating veggies when I force him. I was a vegetarian when we met and still prefer a veggie option over meat.

Despite all of these differences, we still fit quite well together. We take interest in the things the other enjoys, we compromise on movies and shows that we watch, I eat a lot of meat and he tries to force veggies. He gives me my alone time and I muster up the energy to get up and do stuff. We balance each other quite well if I do say so myself. And when it comes to the things that matter most in marriage – our beliefs and values, the way we want to raise our children, the way we manage our finances – we couldn’t be more on the same page.

7. We looked at upwards of forty houses in our house hunt. Partly because we have different tastes, but mostly because David is overly practical where I’m overly idealistic. Between his reality checks and my vision, the house we ended up in was well worth the wait.

8. Our first dance was to ‘Free’ by Zac Brown Band. Because it’s perfectly us. 

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  1. I so enjoyed reading your #8’s. See…opposites in some areas DO attract ! Hope you’re enjoying your day. See you soon! Love, Gram Rath

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