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Welcome to Simple and Inspired. I’m Erica! I’m a thirty-something creative type with a passion for writing. I started this blog to help people like me get inspired from their everyday life.

I find that it’s easy to be inspired when big things are happening: when you are getting married, when you travel to a new place, when you start a new job. But what happens in those in between days? How do you get inspired when things just aren’t that exciting? That’s what this blog is all about!

Where am I from?

I’m originally from a little town outside of Rochester, NY. I attended a small high school and graduated with less than 100 people in my class. My parents still live up there so I get back at least once or twice a year.

What is my degree in?

I earned a Bachelors Degree in Communication from SUNY Geneseo. After working in an unrelated field for a while, I met a guy and we decided to move out west. Since then we’ve lived in Albuquerque, Wilmington, Rochester, and Indianapolis before settling in Charlottesville again. In the meantime I earned a Masters in Journalism from Indiana University and got some killer experience interning for the Indiana Pacers.

Who is this guy I speak of?

I met David in the fall of 2010 and there was immediately a spark. Before I had even known him for a year, we were traveling the country together – taking risks and making memories. He followed me to Indiana for graduate school and once we were finally settled in his hometown of Charlottesville again, he popped the question. We got married July 11, 2015 in my parent’s backyard. Two months later we were shocked to find out we were expecting! We welcomed Finn Ryan in May 2016. We had our baby girl, Reese Catherine, in November of 2018.

And I have to mention…

It goes without saying that my dog, Juneau, is my absolute favorite. He is less of a pet and more of a child. David adopted Juneau for me for Christmas the first year we were together, so he has been on every adventure alongside of us. He truly is my best friend 🙂

What inspires me?

Blue skies. A beautiful piece of music. Other entrepreneurs. My parents. My sisters and their independence. A new set of running shoes. Hearing David’s stories from before we met. Long runs with Juneau. Rainy days. A glass of wine!