Our Belizean Honeymoon

belize honeymoon

David and I had been planning our trip to Belize long before our wedding in July. We initially thought we should go just after our wedding, but after some research we realized that our trip to paradise was better off in the wintertime. Why? Belize temperatures never dip below the high-70s and the water temperature is a cool 72 degrees year round. We knew that by the time winter rolled around, we’d be itching for some nice weather.

From the moment we touched down in Belize City, we were greeted with huge smiles and friendly faces wanting to help. Belize is a beautiful paradise, but not as popular for Americans to vacation to as say Cancun or Jamaica. Because of this, we felt the authenticity of the culture the entire time we were there.

We flew into Belize City early Friday morning and then hopped on a 10-seater plane to an island known as Ambergris Caye. We then took a boat to our lodge, El Pescador – or The Fisherman – and was met on the dock by a smiling Marlin, our host for the week. We stayed in a newly renovated lodge complete with three pools, a full bar and beach access. In total, about forty people stayed at the resort with us and we ate family-style each night so we got to know the other guests quite well.

David found El Pescador through his fly-fishing circle. At first I was hesitant that I was being dragged along on a fishing trip, but the truth is it was the perfect place to be. David would wake up early, long before me, and head to the lagoons just walking distance from the lodge. He would fish until he knew I was awake and then join me for breakfast. Then each day we planned an activity. One day we took a golf cart to The Secret Beach, just on the other side of the island. Another day we went snorkeling on the second largest barrier reef in the world. We went swimming with sharks and rays, too. It was absolutely breathtaking, and one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. We went paddleboarding and kayaking, and finally on the last day, I told David I need to just relax, so I sat by the pool why he scoured the lagoons for more fish.

We also took one day to go out with a guide fly fishing. Belize is known for the Big 3 Fish: tarpon, permit and bonefish. Anglers from all over the world go to Belize in search of those fish. We both were able to catch bonefish, although David caught many more and much bigger ones than I did, and David also fought with a tarpon until he landed it. It was so great to watch him smile so big after he caught the fish!

It’s been a while since I went on a vacation and felt at home the entire time. We weren’t even there for two days before we started planning our return trip! Who’s joining us next time?img_9460-1024x768








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