The Best Shows I’ve Watched on Netflix

Today is the perfect day for this post. It’s mid-January, the snow is falling in Central Virginia, and all I want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix until I can’t watch it any longer. Anyone feel me? Better question, anyone actually like the month of January? Didn’t think so.


In the past few years, David and I have had our fair share of time to become experts on the best shows on Netflix. I was pregnant, meaning I didn’t want to do anything. Then we had a newborn, meaning we couldn’t do anything. And now we have a toddler who goes to bed at 7pm and we still don’t do anything. Just kidding, we do things… sometimes.

Anyways, today I’ve rounded up some of the best shows I’ve watched on Netflix over the past few years. I’ll be up front with you, Stranger Things is not on this list. Neither is House of Cards. If that makes you question me as a critic, I understand. But I have included reasoning behind my choices in hopes that helps you give these shows a chance. PS. These are in no particular order. I can’t rank shows that have different plot lines. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, in my opinion.


By far and away, the best show I’ve ever watched. Ever. Wentworth is an Australian television drama. I’ve heard it be compared to Orange Is The New Black, which you won’t find on this list. The only similarity I see between OITNB and Wentworth is that they take place in a women’s prison. Other than that, they are like night and day – with Wentworth being the night. It’s dark – the way it’s shot, the storylines, even a little bloody at times. I typically shy away from these sorts of shows, but for some reason the way it’s done on Wentworth fits.

Wentworth currently has five seasons on Netflix, so it’s not something you’ll binge over the weekend. But trust me, once you get invested, you’ll never want it to end. The storylines are brilliant and continue through all five seasons. The character development is unbelievable.They are currently filming season six and I cannot wait for it to be released. Trust me – give this show a chance. It’s incredible.


David and I started watching Longmire after my parents suggested it. It’s about a Sheriff, named Longmire, and takes place in a small town in Wyoming. The town is close to an reservation, so there is a lot of interaction with the natives who live there. Longmire started on AMC and was bought by Netflix after a few seasons. Within each episode, there is usually a crime that needs to be solved. But over the series, the characters intertwine and you find out so much more.

I like this show because it’s entertaining television without over-doing it. There’s no blood and gore where it doesn’t have to be and the mystery-factor of each episode is really compelling. They just put out the sixth and final season, so there’s plenty to watch. Based on the Netflix description, I would have never given this one a chance but it’s long since become of our favorite shows of all time.

The Marvel Comics Series

This includes several shows, but since they all intertwine, it’s imperative to watch them altogether.

I fought David on these for a long time, but after he finished The Punisher (he watched it out of order so I guess he’ll have to watch it again when I do :)) and wouldn’t shut up about it, I decided to give the series a chance. I was expecting cheesy comic book stories but I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Daredevil – Matt Murdock and his friend, Foggy, open a law firm in New York City. Matt is blind, and has super human strength and senses. The show does a great job showcasing his struggle between following the law and becoming a vigilante. There are currently two seasons on Netflix, each with it’s own villain. You are also introduced to several other Marvel characters in Daredevil, so be sure to watch both of these seasons first.

Jessica Jones – I was a little unsure about this show because it starts off pretty dark. However, the storyline is super compelling and David and I ended up watching three to four episodes a night by the end of the season. Jessica Jones has super-human strength as well, but refuses to be a superhero. We’re also introduced to Luke Cage quite a bit in her show, so be sure to watch this one after Daredevil.

Luke Cage – Admittedly, we are right in the middle of this one, so I can’t speak to the storylines too much. However, the feel of this show is very different than both Daredevil and Jessica Jones. It picks up right where JJ ended, so watch this one third.

After we are done with Luke Cage, we will have to watch The Iron Fist, The Punisher and The Defenders, which includes all of the Marvel characters.

The Great British Baking Show

Taking a total left turn here, but I have to include The Great British Baking Show. There are currently four seasons on Netflix. The show is a baking competition set in Great Britain, so there is a lot of British humor and flavors that I’ve never heard of before. However, unlike American competition shows, this one is so friendly and sweet, it’s a nice distraction from all the other dark shows on this list!


I just finished season one of Riverdale on Netflix and have to watch season two on the CW app. Riverdale is based on the characters from the Archie comics. You’ve got Archie and Jughead, and Betty and Veronica. The show is not comedic in nature, however. It’s actually pretty dark (sensing a theme with the TV I watch?) and involves murder and mystery, but it’s shot like a typical teen drama, so there’s a lot of love storylines and teenage angst.

Narcos – David’s Pick

David still bugs me about watching Narcos since he went on to watch it by himself. I stopped because it was a little bloody and there was a lot of reading subtitles since many of the characters speak Spanish throughout the show. However, it’s in my queue to watch one of these days. David loves this show because” it’s well written with historical context to keep you interested. There’s plenty of action and it’s an extremely intelligent show.”

Have you watched any of the shows on my list? What do you think?

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