Your Complete Cyber Week Guide

cyber week guide


I’ve quickly rounded up some of the best deals going on right now – and there’s a TON of them. I simply don’t have the time in the day to round them all up. But if you run across something awesome, be sure to let me know. In the meantime, here is a pretty comprehensive list of all the retailers that I frequent. There’s some awesome deals happening right now, so be sure to check some people off of your list. Things are selling out FAST so grab them while you can.

Be sure to keep checking back as I will be updating this post through the weekend and into Cyber Monday.


50% off your entire purchase and free shipping

Ann Taylor

50% off everything with code THANKFUL

American Eagle

40% off your entire purchase and free shipping

Banana Republic

50% off your entire purchase


50% off your entire purchase and free shipping on orders of $50 or more


Extra 20% off all sale items


40% off your entire purchase with code THANKU

J.Crew Factory

50% off your entire purchase

L.L. Bean

20% off clothes and outerwear and free shipping with code THANKS20. Plus $10 gift card with any purchase over $50.


40% off your entire purchase with code GIFTITUP


Additional 20% off select sale items

I spend a ton of time on Nordstrom’s website and these are some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen. I’ve rounded up some deals on women’s clothing and shoes, baby gear and home stuff.


Kids and Baby Gear


Old Navy

50% off your entire purchase and free shipping on orders of $50 or more

Pottery Barn

30% off holiday decor and free shipping with code FREESHIP


Select toys are BOGO 50% off, select toys are 20% off and home items up to 30% off. PLUS free shipping on your entire order.

I placed a big order at Target including this luggage set and several toys for Finn! They are also having killer deals for women’s sweaters and boots, along with a ton of baby gear. Make sure to check out their carseat deals if you are in the market.

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Things I’m Loving, Vol. 7

things i'm loving

There are so many good sales going on right now I can’t even keep track. I’ve been doing a lot of holiday gift planning the last few days and have stumbled upon some great items. A lot of the picks for this volume of Things I’m Loving are on sale and most of them will work great for upcoming holiday parties or if you’re just feeling festive!

Things I’m Loving:

Abercrombie Sweater Dress


Abercrombie Sweater Dress

Love the length, the color, the long sleeves, the ribbed knit. This would look great with OTK boots or even ankle booties. Plus, it’s 30% off through the rest of today.







Abercrombie Henley Tee


Abercrombie Henley Tee

This basic comes in a variety of colors. I love the look and feel of henley tops. This one is 30% off thru the rest of the day today.






Abercrombie Zip Up Cable Knit


Abercrombie Zip Up Cable Knit Sweater

Grab this while you still can! It’s currently on sale for just $21 and comes in white as well. I’d size up for a cozier fit.







Sperry Rainboot


Sperry Saltwater Rainboot

I’ve been looking for a cute rain/snow boot, and I think I’ve settled on these Sperry ones. They are classic, great quality and under $100. They come in a bunch of colors and textures as well.





Velvet Cocktail Dress


Velvet Cocktail Dress

Obsessed. Just, obsessed. It’s selling out quickly, so grab it while you can!









Velvet Peplum Tank


Velvet Peplum Tank

To stay with the velvet theme, this peplum tank is absolutely gorgeous. The wine color is so beautiful, but it comes in other color options as well. This is a great top to get you through your upcoming holiday events. Pair it with black skinny jeans and heels.






Bow Neck Sweater


Bow Neck Sweater

So darling and perfect for the holidays. However, I think you could pull this off through March, too 🙂






Knit Tunic Sweater



Knit Tunic Sweater

I’m loving H&M for sweater options this season. This tunic length sweater is just perfect to pair with leggings and comes in under $25.






$38 Peacoat


Double Breasted Peacoat 

This looks like a million bucks, but rings up at $38! It comes in a variety of colors, too, but this camel is so classic and can be style through the spring!






Ruffled Hem Tee


Ruffled Hem Tee

Comes in three colors and is on major sale right now!







Happy Shopping!



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Gift Guide For Her!


Happy Gift Guide Season! I’m starting off the gift guide series with options for the women in your life. I have two wonderful sisters who have actually received items off of this list! Whether it’s your BFF, sister-in-law, or your co-worker, I’ve put together some great options for all the women in your life!

essential oil diffuser

if you’re not using essential oils, you’re missing out! i use oils for everything from soothing coughs, to relaxing in the tub, to reducing anxiety. giving a diffuser is a great gift idea for any woman in your life! it’s like having a great smelling candle in your home, but with added benefits for your mood and health.

cozy bathrobe

any woman would be happy to have a cozy bathrobe to cuddle up in. i’ve also heard this one is absolutely magical, but is a bit steeper in price.

coffee mug

so cute – perfect for the coffee lover!

cute beanie

pair the beanie and cute mittens and help her stay warm this winter!

warm mittens

chunky knit throw

i love the color of this throw blanket! it might be the time of year, but i could always use another throw blanket.

homesick candle

i love the idea of homesick candles! the company created a scent for each state or region that reminds you of being there. i loved that new york included scents that remind you of the adirondacks and fresh water. i gave these to my sisters last year since they both live in colorado and they were a hit! both of them said that the scent brought them back to our childhood in upstate new york 🙂

meditation guide

do you have a stressed out friend who is open-minded and willing to try meditation? this book is great for teaching beginners how and why to meditate and will keep you busy for the year!

crockpot/pressure cooker

i’ve got my eye on this one for sure! a crockpot AND pressure cooker combo for under $100. if you keep your eyes peeled, i can almost guarantee that this will be on major sale for black friday and cyber monday.

keurig machine

cannot. go. wrong.


i love the idea of giving a fitbit, not only because i’m obsessed with mine, but because it truly brings a community along with it. if the women in your life haven’t gotten on board with the wearable fitness trend, grab them a fitbit. they come in all shapes, sizes and prices and they keep you accountable for getting up and moving!

charcoal mask

give the gift of self-care with a charcoal mask. these are meant to revive and purify your skin, and especially during winter, you need all the help you can get. this one is 100% vegetarian and has awesome reviews.

fuzzy vest

i love this vest and i think it looks great on every body type!


Happy Shopping!

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Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

traveling with a toddler

David and I love to travel! We don’t get to do it nearly enough with jobs and PTO and lives here in Virginia. However, one thing that we refuse to let hold us back is Finn! In fact, he is the reason we want to travel more. I grew up traveling a bunch. I think by the time I was in high school I had visited every state on the East Coast. I want to give this same lifestyle to our kids. Adventure is always a good idea and there is so much to see in this world. Money, time, and certainly not kids, should hold you back!

However, I am going to admit that traveling these days is much more chaotic than it used to be. We’ve gone on a few trips with Finn and I thought I’d share some of our tips for successful traveling. Whether you are in a car or on an airplane, these are some rules we live by when traveling with a toddler.

1. Food is always a good idea.

One of the biggest things I’ve realized when traveling is that on-the-go-food (ie. sandwiches, subs, etc.) is not conducive to toddlers. For one thing, I try to feed Finn a well-balanced diet at every meal, and second I’ve yet to see an 18-month old hold and eat his or her own sandwich without throwing it everywhere. Instead, we like to bring our own food along. Cheerios, Goldfish crackers, sliced fruits and veggies, these yogurt pouches.

When Finn was bottle/breastfed, we always kept extra to-go formula packages and a bottle of water in the diaper bag. Those days seemed so hard at the time, but now looking back, everything was laid out for us. Finger foods and snacks are always in our bag these days. Along with a spare sippy cup!

2. Bring only what you need. 

The first time we traveled with Finn he was only 6 weeks old. I overpacked and ended up stressing out everyone around me. I realized after that trip that just because he sleeps in a certain bed at home doesn’t mean he won’t sleep elsewhere on the other end.

Ask the hotel you are staying in if they have a crib or pack-n-play option. You only need one sleepsack or blanket. You only need one or two bottles, max. If you are flying and don’t have a carseat, Uber has an option where you can pick cars with a carseat in it. And if you’re only going a short distance and you’re comfortable with it, most states don’t require a carseat in cars for hire.

I do suggest bringing a stroller everywhere. Unfortunately it’s the bulkiest thing we own for Finn, but not only does it give him a place to sit and potentially nap in, but it also acts as a carrier for all the other stuff you are bringing along. Another great tip, bring a baby carrier (we loved our Bjorn) for those occasions when a stroller isn’t going to work.

3. Forget the schedule. You’re on vacation!

The best thing we ever did for Finn was get him on a schedule. He goes to bed at 7pm every night, like clockwork. Now that he’s older he typically takes only one nap from 12-2pm. When we are home, we are pretty strict with the schedule because no one likes a grumpy baby. However, when we are traveling we tend to be a little more flexible. For instance, last weekend when we were in Boston, we didn’t want to head back to the hotel at noon to sit and wait for him to nap. Instead, we kept pushing through, and after fighting it for a few minutes, he collapsed in his stroller and got in a pretty decent nap. I’ve found that as long as he gets some kind of nap, he does pretty well.

That being said, we do make sure that he gets to bed early if he skimped on nap time. One great piece of advice I was given – as long as he naps the same amount in a 24-hour period it doesn’t exactly matter when those hours are!

4. Go hands free!

I recently invested in a backpack diaper bag and it’s a game changer with a toddler. I loved my shoulder diaper bag when Finn was a baby cause it was so big and easy to access. Now that’s he’s running everywhere I need both hands to wrangle the crazy kid in. I love having this backpack with me! It’s one less thing that needs to be jammed under the stroller and also counts as a personal item on an airplane!

Here are some great backpack diaper bag options:

Mamas, do you have any other tips or tricks?

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Life Lately, October 30, 2017

Oh, life. You make me laugh. It feels like I put my head down and worked through a bunch of stuff all month long and when I come up for air, it’s Halloween! What is happening?! This month has been pretty hectic, and the outcome wasn’t what we wanted. In the end, though, we always figure it out, and I’m confident we will do that this time, too.

House Hunting

We ended up pulling out of the contract on the house due to some things that were out of our control. I kind of saw it coming, but wanted to remain positive throughout the whole thing. It was an older home and with that comes problems that David and I are just not equipped to handle. So we are back in the hunt. Mainly I’m upset because I was hoping to be in our house by Christmas. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

The plus side? We know we are going to find a home and one that will be perfect for our family. We also did a lot of the work with the bank so moving forward we won’t have to worry about that stuff. We’ve got a good team of people around us, so I’m grateful for that as well. For now, we get to turn our focus back to our family and we will return to house hunting when it feels right.


Gosh, we have been on the go lately! David traveled to Las Vegas earlier this month for work. He was there for almost a full week and we definitely missed him back home. He leaves again next week for another work trip. I know he enjoys the hustle and I’m so thankful he found a job that makes him happy.

In the meantime, Finn and I are heading up to Boston for the weekend. We are meeting my mom (and hopefully my BFF Michelle) for my cousin’s wedding. I’m so excited to spend time with everyone and to visit Boston in the fall. It’ll be a fun girls trip – plus Finn. Thank goodness for direct flights!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I’m posting more and more fashion related posts. I’ve made it somewhat easier for you to shop my looks by creating a Shop My Instagram page on the blog. You can get to it through my Instagram bio, or you can find it here. I hope this is content that you are enjoying because I LOVE doing it.

Our Life in iPhone Photos

milk thief!




my boys <3
finn went a little crazy with his markers 🙂
my dude loves a good book. thanks grammy for a halloween one!
the happiest boy at the pumpkin patch
my bestie
someone is brave enough to conquer the slide by himself
the prettiest tree in all of charlottesville
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