The Best Gift I Ever Received

Jacket: Barbour International; Pants: Ann Taylor (I am obsessed with these pointe pants! You NEED them.); Heels: AldoScarf: Old (similar here and here)


A few years ago, David and I spent a summer apart while we ferociously applied to career jobs in Charlottesville. When I finally landed my current job, we were so excited. A few weeks after my start date, David came home with a huge smile on his face. He opened the closet door, and pulled out the most beautiful Barbour jacket I had ever seen. He told me he had bought it when I told him I was offered the job as a congratulations present.

I was so starstruck by the coat! Until then, I hadn’t really heard of Barbour jackets, but since receiving mine, I see them everywhere – and each type is it’s own kind of beautiful. David bought me the International because, in his words, it looks the most professional. Ironically though, the International is a motorcycle jacket, but I agree with David – I just feel so mature when I wear it. The look of the International is a little more sophisticated, so I can wear it to work or on a date night, but I can also layer it over a sweater and jeans and wear it casually as well.

The thing that makes Barbour jackets so unique is the waxed cotton outer layer. The idea of waxing cotton is an early 20th century form of waterproofing. The quality of the jacket is soooo good. It’s pretty heavy duty and very warm. The waxed cotton protects the jacket as well and after almost three years, I plan to send it off to Barbour this fall to have it re-waxed in order to keep the coat in great condition.

Anyways, not only was the jacket beautiful, but the sentiment behind it means so much. David is truly a thoughtful gift giver. He is very practical, but usually includes a story or meaning behind each of his gifts. Over the years, he’s given me beautiful items of clothing he said would look nice on me, a Kate Spade bag after giving birth to Finn, and this most recent Christmas, he gave me a gift card to my favorite spa because he knows I need a day to unwind and relax. Which reminds me, I need to book my massage 🙂

What’s the best gift you ever received?

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My First Outfit Post


Top: Topshop (comes in gray too); Jeans: Loft (on sale!); Purse: Kate Spade (mine is discontinued, but I linked something super similar – btw, this bag was a gift from David after I had Finn!); Loafers: Coach (love these & these, too!); Sunglasses: old –  Francesca’s! (love these ones, and these)

More adorable ruffle tees:

OMG! I never thought I’d see the day where I would be posing for photos, wearing outfits, and posting them for the world to see. However, for the past few years, I’ve been following other bloggers and getting green with envy as they make a living doing just that. I’ve always figured, why not me? But never really had the guts to do it. I still don’t have the guts, actually. In fact I’ve seriously considered deleting all of these pictures and writing a post about anything else in the world. But then I’d still be the girl scrolling through Instagram, wishing I could do something that I don’t have the guts to do. So, I guess I’ll press publish…

So, why fashion blogging? I have no idea. I don’t consider myself ultra-fashionable or edgy. I don’t even consider myself photogenic. But I love photography, and I love blogging, and after a pep talk from David, I realized the only thing that’s stopping me from being a fashion blogger is me.

David dragged me out to take these photos. He told me that he knew what he was doing since fishermen have a good eye for photography… I thought it was a joke, until I started editing. In fact, I don’t even think the photos in this post really show off his skills, so I decided to start with these and leave the better ones for later.

You see, around the first of the year, David and I both discussed our goals for 2017. For both of us, many of our goals revolved around our careers – where we would like them to go and what we would like to be doing. I’m so fortunate to have a career job. It provides stability, a sense of purpose, and even some creativity sprinkled in. This blog, though, is something I have huge ideas for, and I know I’m totally in control of turning those ideas into realities.

Moving forward, I hope to continue to grow a blog around the posts I enjoy writing. I will continue to blog about Finn and about being a mother. I will also be blogging about things that inspire me and get my creative juices flowing. And, as a new addition, I’ll be sprinkling in some fashion/outfit posts because these things inspire me!

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