Do What Makes You Happy

I’ve got to be honest. Adult life is hard. There’s so much to think about all the time. Did the bills get paid? When did I vacuum last? What’s for dinner tonight? David says I worry too much – and I think that’s probably true. Recently, I’ve been focusing on stressing less. I’ve been trying to figure out what really does make me happy – and not just happy for a few minutes, but truly fills my soul with joy.

There are a couple of things that have always been my go-to happy place. One of those things: soccer. Soccer has a way of encapsulating all of my mind. When I coached in Indiana, I was constantly thinking about the game and the strategy. There’s no better feeling than being under the lights on a cool fall evening watching a soccer game. We have moved so much in the last five years that I haven’t been able to consistently play or coach. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and was considering getting my license to coach a youth team in the area. I’ve always found joy in coaching, so I’m not sure why I haven’t continued to do it!

Another thing that truly makes me happy is reading old journals or love notes. There are times when I will search through my email for old notes between David and I. I love remembering the feelings of our new relationship, or realize how far we’ve come. Before our wedding, I wrote a journal to David full of all the reasons I was marrying him. The other night we read through the journal and I don’t think either of us stopped smiling the entire time. There was a lot of “I cannot wait to be a parent with you” and memories of simple times.

Lastly, I also truly find joy in writing this blog. I sometimes struggle with the purpose behind this blog. There have been times where I ask myself “why do I write?” but over the past few years I have gathered a modest following and the hopes and dreams I have for this blog keep me going. But beyond that, I blog because it makes me happy. This is my little corner of the internet – all mine.

What do you do to make your soul happy?

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