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I believe the year was 2014. I was in that ‘what the hell am I gonna do with my life?’ phase. I had a blog online journal called Life As I Know It. The content was lackluster, there was zero photography, and it wasn’t even self-hosted. I started doing research into making my blog better, and I fell into a world that would change the way I digested online content, change the way I shopped, and how I used my social media. It may seem trivial, but you know those hobbies I was wondering about the other day? Welp, reading blogs is one of my favorite things to do! I start every day on Bloglovin’ going through new content. (PS. Bloglovin’ is a great place to aggregate all the blogs you follow. It’s like a news site for blogs. You can follow me here.) I spend my lunch hour (and really every other hour) scrolling Instagram and watching Stories. I find so much daily inspiration for everything from motherhood to style to home decor to hair and beauty.

lifestyle bloggers to follow

So today’s post is a little different! I’m rounding up a list of bloggers that I think you all should follow! Go, spend some time on their sites! I’m sure you’ll all find something you love!

Lauren McBride at Lauren McBride Blog

lauren mcbride blog
photo via lauren mcbride blog

Lauren McBride is a Connecticut-based blogger who blogs about pretty much everything! She is a mom of two little ones (with one on the way) so she does talk about great baby products, kids toys, and being a mom. However, she has the best style – basics and neutrals that she styles to look so fabulous! And don’t get me started on her home decor. OMG it’s so beautiful. She just has great overall taste. Of everyone on this list, she is my favorite to follow on Instagram stories. She is so real, and makes me laugh daily! Plus she always shares the BEST sales and makes it so easy to shop.

Brighton Keller at Brighton The Day

brighton the day
photo via brighton the day

Admittedly I’m new to #TeamBTD, but Brighton at Brighton the Day has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers to follow! She is a former CPA, which I find so fascinating! Besides having impeccable style and a gorgeous home, Brighton spends a lot of time inspiring her followers. She reads great books and provides her insight on them. She is more than just a fashion blogger, she wants to provide insight and inspiration in your every day life! Her blog posts are great, but it’s over on Instagram Stories where you really get the most out of BTD. She shares great quotes, tips, real life stuff and does it in a sort-of stream of consciousness way that is totally relatable and makes you feel like she is just chatting with a good friend! I’m glad I stumbled upon her Instagram because she has some awesome life tips!

Blair Staky at The Fox And She

the fox and she
photo via the fox and she

Blair was one of the first bloggers I found and have been following her for almost four years! I’ve found so many other great bloggers through her site, too. She has great style, and her home decor is so spot-on. Blair blogs a lot about health and wellness and I find it so refreshing that she is pretty honest about all of it. She just had a baby in November, which has been fun to follow along with and relate to in a different way.

Kelly Larkin at Kelly In The City

photo via kelly in the city

Kelly in the City is one of the blogs I found through The Fox and She. Like Blair, Kelly and her family live in Chicago. I love her blog because it’s essentially it’s her family’s diary! She talks about what they’ve been up to each day or on the weekends, and does it in the most conversational way! Kelly’s daughter Emma is just a few months younger to Finn so I love reading about her experience as a mother. Kelly’s style is a little on the preppy side, but the pieces she chooses are still neutral enough that they can be styled in so many different ways. Her husband, Mitch, also cameo’s on the blog every now and then, plus he takes most of the photos that are shown, so it’s truly a family affair.

Jess Loftus at The Golden Girl Blog

photo via the golden girl blog

Jess is another Chicago blogger. She got married last fall, so her wedding planning content is super fresh and she was very transparent with everything she went through. Jess’ style is a little edgier, but I tend to gravitate towards everything she wears because she her outfits are so on point. In addition, she has great posts about capsule wardrobes (aka how to wear one piece of clothing in multiple ways) and has started a new series about style tips (like how to make your legs look longer.) On Instagram, she shares some great recipes and beauty products and she is so relatable (aka rarely has makeup on and wears pajamas all day – my kinda girl!)

Emily Ann Gemma at The Sweetest Thing

the sweetest thing blog
photo via the sweetest thing blog

If you follow any fashion bloggers I’m sure you’ve heard of Emily Ann Gemma. She is one of the more prominent people in the blogging industry, but still totally down to earth. She has a little baby boy named Luke and her husband just finished his residency and she talks a lot about both on her blog. Her style is a little flashy/high-end/designer, and some stuff she wears is just a little too expensive for me, but she also includes basics and makes them look so fancy! Ha! Plus, her photos are absolutely gorgeous (and actually are taken by her husband, too!)

These are just a few of my faves to follow! I hope you check them all out. Who are your favorite bloggers to follow?


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