Finn at 12 Months

finn 12 months

My little baby boy is ONE tomorrow! I know, I’m such a sap. This year has flown by and I can’t believe May 19th is here again. Looking back on all the memories of Finn’s first year has been so much fun for me. He has changed so much and I hardly remember him as a cuddly little newborn. He is so much fun these days.


I did a deep dive on this one in yesterday’s post, but let’s just say I’m happier now than I’ve been in a long time!

Physical Growth:

Finn is closing in on 30 lbs. Time for a new carseat! His official weigh in comes next week at the doctors, but he is one solid little boy. He moves so well, and he is days away from walking. I’m actually convinced that he has all the ability in the world to walk, but he thinks crawling is easier and faster so he gives up. However, when I hold one of his hands, he walks just fine. It’s coming… soon!

Mental Growth:

Finn has started to point and ask “ducckk?” to just about everything. He talks to his brother, Juneau, a lot. (He also feeds him his dinner from his highchair and then laughs about it.) He is very headstrong – he has found the dog food bowl and beelines for it whenever he gets a chance. When he notices me or David looking at him, he teases us as if he were going to grab it and then gives us his little grin. He’s too smart for his own good!

Finn loves to read. I mean, he’s obsessed with it. He brings us books over and over again for us to read to him. He also loves to read to himself, which is actually my favorite thing in the world.


Thank you Lord for blessing us with a good sleeper! Still going strong from 7pm to 7am with one or two naps throughout the day.


Finn is pretty much eating everything that we are. At the moment, he’s really into graham crackers and deli meat, not at the same time of course. We’ve officially switched to cows milk and he has taken to it just fine. He is also getting better with bigger pieces of food. I cut up some cantaloupe for him and he would bite off manageable sizes for himself. So adorable! I’m obsessed with everything this kid does, so apologies for the gushing.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget:

  • Finn has started bouncing on his bed. When we go to get him in the morning, he would rather stay in bed and bounce than get up!
  • Finn has the fake cry down. OMG, this kid. It’s absolutely hilarious and soooo fake it’s so obvious.
  • His cheesy grin. Is there anything better?

finn 12 months

finn 12 months

finn 12 months

finn 12 months

finn 12 months

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