Finn’s Preschool Experience – A Month In

Finn has been in preschool for a little over a month and we are so happy with where he is! We’ve seen such a positive change in him and it seems like overnight he has grown into a little man.

Our journey to Finn’s preschool was a little crazy! After I left my job in January, we kept Finn in daycare full time to ease his transition of having a new baby at home. After a few months, we decided to only send him to daycare three days a week, since afterall, my main motivation for quitting my job was to spend more time with my kids. I’m glad I allowed myself a few months to bond with just Reese, however, and Finn did exceptional as well.

Around July, I started to feel like daycare wasn’t the best fit for us anymore. We felt like we were sending him to a babysitter, and we felt like he could use more structure and consistency in a learning environment. I asked around to mom friends as to where they had sent their three year olds, and we did a little research.

I was very discouraged at first since many preschools in our area had started enrollment over a year prior! I emailed our top four choices, based on recommendations from people we trust. Out of the four we emailed, two had openings! We scheduled tours right away.

When we toured the first one, we felt good about it, but still felt a need to check out the other one. David was iffy about sending Finn to preschool, thinking that we were abruptly changing his routine again. I had some of the same hesitations, but I also thought there was no point in paying for fulltime daycare when I wanted to be home with the kids!

As we toured the preschool, all of our worries were put at ease. The director was so kind and patient. The classrooms were exactly how we imagined. And the curriculum – there was actually a curriculum!

When we walked out of the tour and immediately knew that’s where we were going to send our kids! We enrolled on the spot!

It truly was an overwhelming feeling of comfort and belonging that made the decision so easy for us. We loved that the parents are encouraged to bond and know each other. We loved that the teachers were actual teachers! We loved the routine and the location.

Finn attends his preschool Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9am-12pm. Since his school is affiliated with a church, he goes to chapel once a week to learn about God’s love – which is the sweetest thing ever! (He comes home and tells us that God lives upstairs!) Every other day, he has a ‘job’ to do at school – table wiper, line leader, weatherman, etc. They have a little snack each day and parents are encouraged to stop in whenever!

We’ve been so thrilled with our experience so far. The teachers are incredibly sweet and Finn has not fought us on going – not once! (This wasn’t the case with daycare!) We truly feel like he is where he belongs!

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