Five Things

In an effort to keep you all inspired, I’ve decided to launch a weekly series that includes a list of things that have been on my mind recently. Whether it be a quote, an adorable sweater, a movie or show that has me hooked, or a new toy for Finn, these monthly posts are meant to give you some insight to my world!


    1.  Cute sneaks. I used to find it so impractical to buy sneakers that were also adorable. I mean, aren’t they meant to be worn in the gym?! Gross. However, as I get older I realize that the very thing that gets me motivated to work out are cute clothes. I know, I’m such a girl. As a new mom, I find myself leaning towards my running shoes or loafers (these ones are the most worn shoe in my closet) most days, just for comfort alone. Why not have adorable running shoes to make yourself feel a little more confident? I’m seriously considering buying these beautiful pink babies as an early birthday present to myself.
    2. Better an oops, than a what if. For years I’ve been wanting to take this blog to the next level, and I always say I’m going to, but haven’t really put the work in. Well, this time feels different. I bought a planner and spent way too much time this weekend planning out posts. David and I made a plan around when and how we are going to make our schedules work, and we have a plan with action items, and I feel really good about it. This quote resonates with me. For too long I’ve been worried about what people think when they see this blog, but I have to stop worrying, stop making excuses and just do it. 
    3. Plan, plan, planner. I haven’t really had a planner since college, and even then, it was more of a cute accessory than a useful tool. However, while we were at Target this weekend, I picked up this gorgeous and simple BlueSky planner and immediately felt inspired. Like I said, I felt way too much time planning out my life this weekend, but with this adorable planner, it’s easy to do!
    4. All of the essentials. Thanks to my mom, I’m on an essential oils kick. I could literally smell lavender all day long. We’ve been known to add some drops to Finn’s bath when he has had a tough day, I use it on my skin (mixed with coconut oil) to help heal. And for my birthday, my mom bought me this diffuser! We’ve been using this in the evenings when things are calming down for the evening. There are so many wonderful benefits to essential oils!
    5. Behind Closed Doors. OMG, this book was seriously terrifying. But soo good. I’m not usually a scary book/movie lover, but this book was so well written and so smart! I couldn’t stop reading it, even before bed. (But then I’d have David put a comedy on to fall asleep to because nightmares.) Anyways, if you are in search of a new book, definitely check this one out. But read it earlier in the day so you don’t lose sleep 🙂

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