Fly Fishing with David

It’s become a mini tradition for me to take David on a guided day of fly fishing for his birthday. Last year, I fished alongside David and caught my first trout on a fly line. It’s tougher than you think! So this year, I decided to let him have all the fun and I told him I would film his day. Unfortunately, the weather had turned overnight – going from about 85 on Sunday to 70 on Monday, so the fishing wasn’t great. Despite that and the overcast sky and murky water, we still had a blast! Finn spent the day with his aunt, and David and I spent the day doing his favorite thing in the world.

David’s always been an avid fisherman, but he took up fly fishing about two years ago. He was a natural! I’ve never seen someone so passionate about something and there’s something to be said about doing what you love. Over the years I’ve watched countless YouTube videos of people fishing, so I decided to make David one of his own!

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