Four Years

two year wedding anniversary

Somehow, four years have come and gone, and here we are celebrating another anniversary. Marriage is a funny thing – it starts with all the anticipation and celebration of the biggest day of your life, but in reality, marriage is built on all those small moments, the mundane, the very average.

There have been plenty of big moments in the past four years – a positive pregnancy test, the birth of our son, the purchase of our first home, another positive pregnancy test, the birth of our daughter, the start of new businesses, vacations, trips, other’s celebrations.

But my favorite moments with you, David, are those that aren’t very memorable at all. The chaos of surviving witching hour, the silly, mindless shows we share, the long car rides, the lunch dates, the inside jokes.

I’ve never felt more content than I do right now and all of that is because of you. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, someone to learn and grow with. You are simply the best! Happy anniversary, my love.

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