My Hopes for S&I

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So, maybe this post is a little bit more for me than for you, but I thought I’d share my hopes for Simple & Inspired and it’s readers.

I’ve been blogging for several years now, but never really put 100% into it. My blog turned into an online diary – a place to keep all of my memories. I documented the summer I was laid off from my first job, my move back to Virginia, our engagement, our wedding, my pregnancy, and Finn’s birth story. I am so glad I made the decision to write these things down, because I’ve already re-read these passages countless times. Along the way, my blog has gathered a following, and I’ve always wondered who really cares about my daily life?

In the meantime, I have followed several blogs pretty religiously over the past two years. Although we’ve never met, I have watched these women get engaged, plan their own wedding, get pregnant, have babies, move into new houses – all the while making a living solely from blogging. Every time I open their blogs, I get green with envy because that’s what I want to do!

Somewhere along the way I asked myself, “why can’t I?” Many of my family members are business owners and entrepreneurs. I have the tools, the education, the know-how, and the drive to make blogging my full-time job, I just need to hunker down and do it.

I’m realistic that this venture may take some time, but there’s no time like right now to get started towards my goal. I have a wonderful career that I enjoy, and I’m fortunate for that. However, I want to have more babies, and I want to watch them grow up. I want to coach soccer teams and go on field trips and take long vacations. I want to be my own boss where I don’t have to worry about daycare and missing out on watching my babies grow up. I know I can do it, so I’m starting now.

Are you an entrepreneur or “girl boss”? What drives you every day? How long did it take you to get where you are going?

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