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hygge life



Have you heard of the Danish trend of hygge. I’m not really sure how to pronounce the word, and in realty there is no literal translation, but a simple Google search will provide you with endless photos of cozy fireplaces, furry blankets, cuddles with loved ones – you get the idea. Much like the ones I’ve curated today.

In fact, if you had to define hygge, it would refer to a feeling of enjoying the simple pleasures of life. A feeling of coziness, or calm contentment. But I think most importantly, it’s an awareness and openness to this feeling- an acceptance of enjoying the simple pleasures. I hate to speak for everyone, but I haven’t met a person in my lifetime that isn’t striving for this feeling. Even if they are consumed with the hustle and bustle of corporate life, isn’t that motivation complemented nicely by a quiet evening at home?

My hygge life can be described by simple nights at home with David, after we’ve put Finn to bed. It’s the feeling I get when Juneau cuddles up on my lap. It’s a long phone call with my mom. It’s watching my Dad fall in love with being a grandfather. It’s a delicious homemade dinner, a quiet commute into work, and learning that people I love are accomplishing their dreams.

So, I want to challenge you today. Find your hygge and really think about how you feel when you are divulging in one of your simple pleasures. Embrace that feeling! I truly believe that memories are made in these small moments.

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