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Happy 2018! I haven’t been this excited for a new year in a really long time. David and I have said it over and over to each other the last few weeks – 2018 is going to be our year! We have so much to be excited about and so much to work towards. It’s a new, fresh start, and for once the calendar actually lines up with what I’m feeling inside – rejuvinated, ambitious, and focused.

The last few weeks, even months, I’ve been giving a lot of thought about what I want out of life. Happiness came to mind, but the way of achieving happiness was really what I was after. So, after some prompting, I made a list. This took a lot for me. Making lists is something I not only don’t do, but I’m actively against. I’ve always associated lists with type-a personalities, regiment, schedule and order – things I’ve tried my entire life not to be. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always thought I’ve been best when I fly by the seat of my pants. Organization is not only boring to be, but overwhelming. I’d rather try and fail a hundred times than sit around waiting to try, just to get my ducks in order.

I think this thought process has been amplified by my day job. I tend to get frustrated watching things get planned out to the –enth degree and then fizzle out before anything ever happens. So, I dug my feet in and decided that planning is not what I’m about.

Until I realized it is. When I made my list of what makes me happy, I started another list of how to make those things more abundant in my life. And then I made a list of action items I could do to achieve regular happiness by achieving my goals and doing it in an organized way. And that’s when the word of the year came to me – intention.

The past year I have been letting life happen to me rather than having intention behind what I do. I was trying to figure out how to balance motherhood, marriage, me-time, my career, this blog and where I want it to go, friendships, family, etc. I was living day-to-day, rarely looking ahead. By 9pm, I was finally able to catch my breath after a long day, just in time for another one to start. It’s exhausting, and the small details get easily lost this way. So, what am I doing about it?

Lists have been made, goals have been set, and resolutions are going out the window this year. Instead, I’m changing little things about my days in order to live with intention. I’ve developed categories that encompass things in my life that make me happy, and have set reasonable monthly goals to ensure they happen.

Health – not only is my health a priority, but it’s a necessity. I’m just better when I’m eating right, exercising and staying active. But my physical health isn’t the only thing I am going to focus on. My mental health is even more important. I am going to meditate, do yoga, and turn off technology. David and I have started doing devotionals for couples which not only helps me connect with myself, but with him as well. I’ve set an alarm on my phone to get up and walk around every 90 minutes in order to get my juices flowing. I’ve started documenting quotes that I love and inspire me and will be sharing those more with you.

Balance – scheduling my days used to bore me, but the idea of having a set time to get everything done is actually freeing. I need to use my time wisely, but ensure that everything and everyone that is important to me gets the best version of me when that time comes.

Accountability –  one of the biggest things I’ve done this past month is setting smaller goals for shorter time frames to help keep me accountable. Long term goals often get lost in the shuffle and are harder for me to stay focused on. I’ve set standard goals and reach goals to keep me motivated and accountable. It actually brings my competitive side out!

Quality Time – along the same lines as balance, the things and people who are important to me need the best version of me. I need to learn to keep my mind focused on the present moment instead of the million other things I have to get done.

I have a lot planned for this month, and a lot more on living with intention.  So I hope you continue to check in and enjoy this content because I am super excited about what’s to come 🙂 Happy New Year!

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