Life Lately – February 5, 2018

Happy Monday! Coming at you today trying to battle a little cold that snuck up on me this weekend. Thinking I might pop out and grab a Medicine Ball from Starbucks. I’ve heard good things! Apparently it helps fight the sniffles and sore throat, which is exactly what I’m feeling today. Yikes! I better fight this quick, cause that’s no way to ring in my 30th year.

Turning 30

Yep, my 30th birthday is right around the corner. I’m already feeling pretty spoiled after this weekend. My girlfriends took me out to C&O Restaurant in Downtown Charlottesville. We had way too much wine, the best scallops in the world and just awesome, hilarious conversation. They certainly surprised me and I’m so grateful for their friendship!

In addition, David surprised me with an exciting trip! More on that coming this week, but let’s just say I am counting down the days until sunshine and warm weather.


I can’t accurately put into words my love for that little boy. Every week, I countdown until the weekend when I get to spend quality time with him, and then the weekend goes by too fast. I’m pretty anxious about leaving him for an extended period of time, but he will get some spoiling of his own with his grandparents.

Finn is learning more words by the day. This weekend we taught him the colors, and he does pretty well with them. I’m so impressed at how much little kids know! Despite his tantrums, I could spend every minute with that kid and never get sick of him.

We took Finn to get his first haircut a few weeks back and he did so good! He didn’t want to sit in the big chair by himself, so I sat with him, but once we figured that out, he was an old pro. Once he was all cleaned up he looked like such a little boy. All of his baby curls were gone! Being the sentimental type, I saved one curl for his baby book. I cannot believe he will be two in just a few short months.

Other Big News

In other news, David is doing fine. He hasn’t had to travel much lately, although once we get back from our trip, he will have to leave again for work. He is training for another jiu jitsu competition, and was recently promoted with two stripes on his belt!

Juneau is still my favorite fur baby. He doesn’t get as much attention on the blog as his brother does, but he is still the best friend I could ever ask for.

We’ve made some progress in the house hunting journey, but more on that to come. It’s been a long journey, but things are looking up. I can’t wait to be able to share all of the ins and outs from our house hunt, some tips I’ve learned as a first time home buyer, and just more decor posts. All in good time… patience is everything right now!

Our Life In iPhone Photos

a snap from my husband who is determined not to get sick before vacation
david’s white belt, now with two stripes
bath time!
snuggling with my main man
brave little boy getting his hair cut for the first time
these two <3

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