Life Lately – April 27, 2018

Well, hello, final days of April. Not sure where you came from, but boy, you came quick! This year has been quite the whirlwind for the Gregory family, and well I look back to our trip to the Bahamas in February, it both seems like yesterday and also seems like forever ago. A ton has happened between now and then, and I’ve been too busy holding my breath, hoping that everything with the house goes well that I’ve neglected this blog completely.

Here’s the deal: the last few months I’ve felt like I had this big secret that I wasn’t ready to share, and because I was bursting at the seams to tell the world, I was also terrified that if I put it down in writing that something bad would happen (only because this is what happened last fall.) So, instead I put my head down and powered through. I kept myself busy in other ways, and now that we are on the other side of things, I’m SO excited to share all the details of our home, our life and everything else that goes down on this site.

Moving, And All Of The Fun Things That Go With It

We have to go all the way back to January to when our “moving” story begins. We put an offer in and went under contract in mid-January. We knew the house would take time to build, and expected a mid-to-late March closing date. We told our apartment complex we would be out on March 31st.

I appreciated the lag time, to be honest. I didn’t want to move in the middle of winter and I know David and I need a little time to digest big changes. It was nice to dream about our home while living in the comforts of our apartment for a few months. I started shopping for furniture and designing the space in my head. We got all of the loan paperwork out of the way by early February, so it was just a waiting game.

Sometime in mid March we realized that closing wasn’t going to happen until late March. And as days went by, and weather slowed the builder’s timeline, we were notified that closing would happen until sometime in April. Fortunately, our parents stepped up in a big way. David’s mom and step-father welcomed us with open arms into their home for three weeks. My mom drove all the way down to Virginia to take Juneau back to New York with her for a month so we wouldn’t have to worry about him. We moved out of our apartment on March 31st. The builder’s were so wonderful and let us store our stuff in the basement of our new house for the few weeks in April prior to closing. Everyone was so wonderful, and in a time where I felt completely stressed out, I was constantly reminded of how lucky we were to have such supportive family and to be working with such an understanding builder.

We officially became homeowners on April 20, and since most of our stuff had already been brought to the new house, we moved right in and spent the first night in our house that same night.

Family Weekend

My parents were planning to come down to visit on the same weekend we closed on the house. Initially we figured we’d have about a month to settle in before we had visitors, but my parents didn’t care. They slept on an air mattress in our basement all weekend, and brought our Juneau back home, too!

The entire weekend was spent with extended family celebrating my Grandpa’s birthday. It’s become a tradition to gather in Central Virginia for his birthday, and I feel pretty lucky about that. It was wonderful seeing everyone and the weather was perfect.

Easter, Date Nights, and Other Fun Stuff

We celebrated Easter with David’s family and put together an egg hunt for Finn. David and I were able to escape for a couple date nights while we were staying with his parents. We saw Black Panther (so good!) and spent an evening buying way too much stuff at Target for the new house. Finn got his first school photos taken, we visited with our friends who helped us move, and work is crazy as always. Phew!

Here’s Our Life In iPhone Photos:

we signed our lives away! but we are homeowners!
such a big boy!
little miss nat enjoying a treat! miss this girl
sunny day at blue toad hard cider
snaps from my mom from juneau’s stay in upstate new york

happy weekend!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your big move!!! Building a home is such a big step and I bet you’re just so excited! I can’t wait to one day buy my first home! I absolutely adore your blog!

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