Life Lately – August 15, 2017


I had another post scheduled and ready to go for today, but I thought it was appropriate to touch on some of the events that happened in our hometown this weekend.



Many of you know that we live in Charlottesville and have proudly made it home. David and his family grew up here, and he is a proud Charlottesvillian. I moved here permanently three years ago and I fell in love with this town almost as much as I fell in love with the man I met here.

I won’t get political. I doubt that will solve any of the world’s problems. However, I will say that Charlottesville is a truly lovely place. The people here are kind and friendly, they are proud of their town and the culture that is deeply engrained in it. I am looking forward to buying a piece of land and raising my family here. This town has so much to offer to so many people.

If you’ve never been, you should consider visiting. We have so much history – the homes of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe are here. The University of Virginia is breathtakingly beautiful, the food scene is tremendous, and there is a new winery/brewery/cidery that pops up almost weekly.

It’s strange to see this little town at the center of the universe right now. I am still working through my feelings on all of this, and frankly, I’m grateful that Finn is still too young to question what is going on.

However, if he were to ask me one day about what happened here this weekend, I will tell him this – hate only spurs more hate. Be kind to people. Stand up for the underdog. Be smart in your decisions and do not let the actions of one determine your reaction. Smile more, hold the door open for strangers, and let the small things slide off of your shoulders. You will not like everyone that you cross paths with, but you must try to understand everyone. We all have a story and a history, so instead of hating someone for being or believing differently, try to listen to what they have to offer. We all have the ability to learn from one another.

Okay, onto other much more trivial things in our life 🙂

What I’m Watching

My friend, Morgan, introduced me to the show Wentworth. It takes place in an Australian women’s prison, but before you compare this to Orange is the New Black, think again. Wentworth is soooo good, dare I say the best show I’ve ever watched? I binged the entire series over the last month or two, and after gushing about it, David has started to watch it – and he is hooked! Even he thinks it’s one of the best shows he’s ever watched. You HAVE to check it out! It’s on Netflix, btw.


Finn is going to be 15 months old this Saturday! Can you believe it?! He is walking and talking and pointing. He is truly becoming a little toddler and it’s so fun to watch. Finn’s newest obsession are the geese that live at the pond behind our house. He points to them and calls them “mmm-birds”. (I’ve been Snapchatting/Instastorying these encounters regularly so be sure to follow!)

Other Stuff

David and I were traveling for work last week, separately and at different times, so it was a pretty hectic time. I traveled to Norfolk to film a story about a 17 month old who had a heart transplant shortly after birth. Talk about heartbreaking! Fortunately she is doing wonderfully and several of my co-workers and I made a day of it. We stayed at The Founders Inn and enjoyed a nice dinner and a lot of girl talk before going to bed early. I needed a night away!

David left for DC on Thursday and came back on Saturday. We dropped the babe off with my in-laws and headed to Veritas Winery for Starry Nights. It ended up downpouring so we left early, but we had a nice date night together!

David’s 30th birthday is this Saturday! Stayed tuned for some celebratory posts!

Our Life in iPhone Photos:

pre-rain shower fun at starry nights with some of the best friends ever. shop my dress (similar) and shoes.
saw this huge prehistoric creature on the side of the road. david and i had to stop and take a picture!
finn watching the “mmm-birds”
a casual work look from last week. jeans are on major sale! this sweater is so cozy! these loafers are my fave.
finn and i went to the fair a few weeks ago. he loved all the animals, but was especially into the cows.
i love this view!
a day at the playground with my dude.

Happy Tuesday! Spread some kindness today 🙂

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