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I would apologize for falling off the face of the planet, but I’ve been enjoying my free time with my little family a little¬†too much to feel bad ūüôā I thought I’d update you all with a little Life Lately post…

The holidays flew by, and with the new year, I expected to feel a jolt of energy, an excitement for what’s to come in 2017! I absolutely felt that, and instead of trying to channel that excitement into something productive, I actually allowed myself to savor the moment and¬†enjoy.¬†What a difference it is to take the pressure off and live in the moment, eh? What a concept, Erica. You should try it more often.

So what’s been going on?

  • We got back to Virginia on New Year’s Eve and pretty much crashed. We didn’t even try to stay up until midnight – after a week in New York and waking up at 4:30am to drive back, we were all exhausted. I jumped back into work head first and have been chugging through one of the busiest months of filming I’ve had yet!
  • A few weekends back, I spent a Sunday shopping all by myself. I had looked at David and told him I needed some “me” time, something I’m very hesitant to do these days. #momguilt He was more than happy to take Finn for the day and send me on my way to hit up Nordstrom where I bought, this shirt (in both black and white), these¬†amazing leggings (I got such a good deal!), and some other closet staples.
  • Since having a baby, my body has changed so much that I’m having to really reinvent my wardrobe. The first seven months postpartum, I was hanging onto about ten extra pounds, but in the last month or so, I’ve been losing weight¬†pretty regularly. I’m now at my wedding weight (yippee!!)!! I’ve been trying to eat healthier, which helps, but I am starting to think it has to do with my decision to stop breastfeeding, which has been a slow, slow process. (More to come on that).
  • We spent this past weekend reorganizing baby¬†stuff. Somewhere in the past few weeks, Finn grew up and grew out of the toys that he has been playing with since he was an infant. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration – maybe I kept those toys out for far longer than necessary because I just didn’t want to accept that my baby was growing up!!) Since getting back from New York, Finn has been sleeping in his own room, in his own crib. We have had a mini-changing station in our room since he was born, but we finally decided it was time to pack it up and move Finn into the nursery¬†for good. It’s been a much easier adjustment than I thought it would. He’s been sleeping soundly, and so have we!
  • How cute is Finn in these pictures? One of my goals for this blog is to take been photos, so a few weeks back, we¬†played around outside, on the cloudiest of days, with a grumpy baby, just to see how good David was with a DSLR. He’s actually better than I thought :), and although these aren’t the best photos in the world, I figured¬†why not share them?


Shop the post:

On me: My sweater (old, similar here, and love this one!), Jeans (Loft – I bought these about 5 months postpartum, so they are a little big on me now, which makes me so sad! They are so soft and I love the color!), Scarf, Hat, Boots (old, similar here)

On Finn: Vest (Old Navy), Jeans (they are fleece-lined! Perfect for cold days!), Blue onesie, Shoes

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