Life Lately – January 5, 2018

Here we are, the first Friday of the new year and things are full steam ahead for the Gregory family. The holidays are in the rearview and life lately has been all about adjusting back into our normal routine. This time of year is a little awkward, don’t you think. There’s little to look forward to because it seems like winter is going to drag on forever. Plus, the next real holiday isn’t until Memorial Day, so it’s a long stretch of cold before anything exciting happens.

We’ve tried to make it a point to give ourselves something to look forward to. My mom and dad are planning a visit, my birthday in mid-February is going to be memorable, and at some point this year, we hope to moving into a house! Little things that help to break up the gray days of January do wonders!

The Holiday

We had the most relaxing Christmas! We stayed in Charlottesville, which is sure to help reduce the stress. We spent Christmas Eve Eve with David’s dad and Christmas Day with his mom. Finn was still a little young to understand the magic of Christmas, but he did like to tear the wrapping paper off. However, he would then get sidetracked with whatever he just opened and forget that there was plenty more loot under the tree. It’s the best feeling watching Christmas through your children’s eyes!

David and I only took a few days off from work, and unfortunately Finn came down with an ear infection in the days after Christmas, so the rest of the week remained pretty low key. New Years was as anti-climatic as they come – we ordered in sushi and watched Netflix in bed. We were both asleep by 9:30! #toddlerparentproblems But I don’t regret it! It was nice to feel refreshed and well rested on the first day of 2018!


As of Friday morning, David is en route to Long Island for another work trip. As I’ve mentioned before, he absolutely loves his job, which makes these work trips easier to handle. This is the first one that falls over a weekend, so I’ll be riding solo with Finn and Juneau.


Speaking of that little boy of ours, Finn is still the cutest thing ever :). He surprises us every day with a new word or action that he’s picked up on. He loves to chat, especially about his ‘choo choo’ trains! He has reached the age of throwing tantrums, which is something we are still working through. Some days I feel like super mom and can handle the tantrums with ease. Other days, my patience fails me and I have to walk away from the situation before I lose it. I know every mom feels this way, but it’s definitely testing me recently.


Everyone send some good vibes to my sister, Emily this weekend. She has some important stuff happening in her professional life and she’s pretty nervous! I know she’ll do great! XOXO

Also, pretty jealous of my younger sister, Sarah, and her boyfriend, Ryan who spent their Christmas holiday skiing in Colorado. The photos and Snapchats we got were absolutely gorgeous and I’m wondering why I haven’t taken advantage of their proximity to some of the best skiing in the country. Also, the Snapchats I got of Ryan when the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs for the first time this century were just as amazing.

Lastly, shoutout to my mom and dad for simply being the best. Maybe I don’t give them the credit they deserve as often as I should, but the things that they do (like paying over $20 in postage so Finn can have his Christmas presents on time) for all three of us truly make us better people and make our lives easier. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to meet my mom and dad, you know what I mean. They would bend over backwards for just about anyone and I feel like I hit the jackpot when I got them as my parents! Love yas!

Our Life In iPhone Photos:

finn got sick the week before christmas and slept in our bed for the first time. he took advantage of all the space!
double duty with his new toys!
sometimes after i look through my photos, i find a million photos of toddler feet
new train! he’s obsessed!
christmas eve with my man
icymi, i wrote an entire post about this sweater and boots. check it out here.

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