Life Lately – July 26, 2017

Holy last week in July! Where has the time gone?! I just had a reminder on Facebook this week that a year ago I went back to work after maternity leave. I can’t believe it! They weren’t lying when they said that once you have kids life just flies by.

A lot has been going on in the Gregory household lately. We were on vacation last week and came home to a broken air conditioner – yikes! I don’t know why I forget each year, but summer in Virginia is no joke. It’s brutally hot and there is no escaping it. Poor Juneau can only last outside long enough for a bathroom break before he wants to escape to our apartment.

All this hot weather has me dreaming of fall. I can’t wait for crisp mornings and sweaters! Plus, in case you missed it (and I’m sure you haven’t) the fall clothing I ordered from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale makes me crave fall even more!


My little baby is growing right in front of my face. I love watching him learn new things. He constantly surprises me with what he does – for example, he brought me my sandals the other day and helped me put them on my feet. Such a small thing, but the fact that he knew the concept behind wearing shoes just blows my mind! Haha!

House Hunting

This is harder than anyone told me! Unfortunately our offer was denied on the last house I mentioned, but we are staying positive. It just wasn’t meant to be! We are keeping an eye out but we don’t want to let this process stress us out. Buying a house is a huge decision and there is no reason to rush it. We will find the perfect house for our family. Like David and I always say, things always work out!


Last week, my parents, both of my sisters, my niece, David, Finn and I traveled to Fairfield, Pennsylvania to watch my cousin get married to the sweetest girl. It was a beautiful wedding and it was wonderful catching up with family. We got to meet my other cousin’s son, Miles, too. It’s nice to have another baby boy in the family.

We stayed a few days after the wedding and we were able to visit nearby Gettysburg and the Baltimore Aquarium. We did the driving tour of Gettysburg, which was awesome. I highly recommend it, whether you’re a history buff or not. The Aquarium was a huge hit with the babies. Finn stood around looking at the fish with his mouth wide open. This boy is going to love the water just like his daddy!

Emily and Natalie headed back to Charlottesville with us on Wednesday and we spent the rest of the week relaxing around town. It was so nice to spend some quality time with them.

Our Life in iPhone Photos

Swinging with Finn at the rehearsal dinner. My dress is available here.
OMG, my heart! Look how grown up he looks!
Swimming with my dude. Thanks to Grammy for tracking down Finn’s life jacket.
My little family outside of the Baltimore Aquarium. My dress is still available and under $15!
A Gettysburg sunset.
Finn and Aunt Sarah at the beautiful wedding venue.
Phillips Seafood. Had the best meal here with my family!
My besties and our babes. PS. I did an entire post on this dress. Read it here.
Grammy and Finn playing Wiggles! (Aka when you say “Wiggles” Finn throws his hands in the air.)

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!


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  1. Loved your blog.. great pictures and especially liked the one of you , David and Finn…
    House hunting can be very stressful but worth every minute.. Have faith . You and David will find just the right home…

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