Life Lately, October 30, 2017

Oh, life. You make me laugh. It feels like I put my head down and worked through a bunch of stuff all month long and when I come up for air, it’s Halloween! What is happening?! This month has been pretty hectic, and the outcome wasn’t what we wanted. In the end, though, we always figure it out, and I’m confident we will do that this time, too.

House Hunting

We ended up pulling out of the contract on the house due to some things that were out of our control. I kind of saw it coming, but wanted to remain positive throughout the whole thing. It was an older home and with that comes problems that David and I are just not equipped to handle. So we are back in the hunt. Mainly I’m upset because I was hoping to be in our house by Christmas. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

The plus side? We know we are going to find a home and one that will be perfect for our family. We also did a lot of the work with the bank so moving forward we won’t have to worry about that stuff. We’ve got a good team of people around us, so I’m grateful for that as well. For now, we get to turn our focus back to our family and we will return to house hunting when it feels right.


Gosh, we have been on the go lately! David traveled to Las Vegas earlier this month for work. He was there for almost a full week and we definitely missed him back home. He leaves again next week for another work trip. I know he enjoys the hustle and I’m so thankful he found a job that makes him happy.

In the meantime, Finn and I are heading up to Boston for the weekend. We are meeting my mom (and hopefully my BFF Michelle) for my cousin’s wedding. I’m so excited to spend time with everyone and to visit Boston in the fall. It’ll be a fun girls trip – plus Finn. Thank goodness for direct flights!

Shop My Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I’m posting more and more fashion related posts. I’ve made it somewhat easier for you to shop my looks by creating a Shop My Instagram page on the blog. You can get to it through my Instagram bio, or you can find it here. I hope this is content that you are enjoying because I LOVE doing it.

Our Life in iPhone Photos

milk thief!




my boys <3
finn went a little crazy with his markers 🙂
my dude loves a good book. thanks grammy for a halloween one!
the happiest boy at the pumpkin patch
my bestie
someone is brave enough to conquer the slide by himself
the prettiest tree in all of charlottesville

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