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I follow a bunch of female bloggers who post wonderful posts that capture my attention daily. Some of them post about unique outfits, include decor inspiration, or share a new recipe they have tried. But some of my favorite posts from them include glimpses into their everyday lives. I think that’s what I love about blogging the most – on your site, you get to discuss the most honest parts of your life without interruption. It’s a wonderful reminder that even strangers you meet in the blogosphere have good days and bad days, just like you. So I’d like to include some of those genuinely honest posts as well, and here is the first.

Since having Finn on May 19th, I’ve been on maternity leave from work. Without diving too much into the dramatics of becoming a new mom, it has been quite the adjustment. Typically, I don’t plan out my days. David and I have always been the spontaneous type. We don’t tend to see much past the weekend. But with Finn here, we have started to at least plan out what we have for dinner each night, just to make life a little easier! I also don’t tend to be someone who sits around the house, but lack of sleep, recovering my body, and the random schedule of a newborn had me watching a ton of Netflix and cat napping when I have the chance.

Finn has been here for almost 3 months (crazy!) and I think we have gotten used to each other, more or less. He still has his fits, and I still get frustrated, but I think I’m getting the handle of this mommy thing.

One of my goals for my maternity leave was to launch this blog. I have been slowly writing posts and scheduling out new ones and I’m feeling more accomplished than I have in weeks. (Cleaning dishes and folding laundry can only fulfill someone so much!) Another goal was to start running again, and since being cleared by my doctor a few weeks back, Juneau and I are slowly getting back into a routine.

The next step was returning to work after 10 weeks off. After packing breast pumps, extra bottles, a diaper bag, my lunch, and my work stuff, I managed to make it out the door just a few minutes late. The first day sucked, by the way. I missed my man!

I’m sure life will start to feel “normal” again soon. And just when it does, I’m sure something else will throw us off again. Isn’t that the way it works? 🙂


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