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Is it just me, or are men difficult to shop for? The men in my life are very practical – they don’t overindulge, and when they need something throughout the year, they usually just buy it for themselves. I’ve created this men’s gift guide to help you make some difficult decisions this holiday. A lot of these items David has or wants, so you can thank him for many of these choices!


Go-Pros just keep getting smaller and shoot better and better. The Go-Pro HERO5 is waterproof up to 10 meters, has a touchscreen and voice activation. on top of that, it shoots in 4k, and for those of you who don’t know what that means – basically it’s awesome!

nano puff jacket

Patagonia’s NanoPuff jackets are pretty high tech for just being a jacket. They are super lightweight, but extremely warm. David is obsessed with these things. They can pack themselves up into their own pocket and are waterproof.

black-faced watch

So classic and at a great price!

yeti mug

Yeti anything is a great gift, but you can’t go wrong with a mug or tumbler.

sling pack

If you have a fisherman on your list this year, I can’t recommend a sling pack enough. David uses this instead of a tackle box, and it’s so much more practical. He can wear it while he fishes and can easily grab whatever he needs out of it.

fly box

Grab him a couple of these to throw inside his sling pack! Perfect for carrying flies!

cast-iron pan

My dad swears by his cast-iron pan. He uses it for everything and everything that is cooked on it tastes amazing!

copper bar set

This beauty speaks for itself.


Joggers are great because they are comfortable, practical, and can be worn in public – unlike other sweatpants 🙂

kan jam set

We recently played kan-jam at my sister’s house in Colorado, and I forgot how much fun it is!

dad’s playbook

This book is so cute! It’s a collection of quotes by prominent coaches throughout history that can be applied to fatherhood!

merrell boots

Another brand David swears by. He’s owned Merrell Boots since I’ve met him and every few years, he upgrades to a new pair. They are comfortable, waterproof and can be dressed up or dressed down.

eno camping hammock

Maybe my favorite item on this list! I wish I could buy David one of these every year because it’s the perfect gift for him. These hammocks fold up into a small baseball-sized pouch and can easily be brought with him wherever he goes. He brings these on his camping and fishing trips and sleeps in them! And they are under $30!


Happy Shopping!

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