Motherhood Series: Toddler Tantrums

We’ve hit the inevitable stage of tantrums. Finn’s a good kid, he’s always been pretty mild mannered and even a little shy. Like any baby, he has his fussy moments, mostly brought on by needing food or lack of sleep.

In the past few months, Finn’s tantrums have been brought on by the simplest things. Frankly, I knew this stage was coming, but like every other stage and milestone we’ve reached with Finn, I was completely caught off guard. Granted, these fits don’t happen regularly, and when they do, they usually end with a sweet smile or hug. But when we are in full blown tantrum mode, the world might as well end be
cause we are all hanging on for dear life.

Here are some things that set Finn off:

  • Washing his hands
  • Not washing his hands long enough
  • Wanting to blow bubbles, but not being able to figure out the contraption
  • Eating breakfast
  • Putting on a shirt
  • Taking off a shirt
  • Eating lunch
  • Getting in a carseat
  • Being picked up by Mom instead of Dad
  • Turning the television down
  • Reading the train book instead of the Elmo book
  • Being picked up by Dad instead of Mom
  • Juneau sniffing his head
  • Going inside after being outside
  • Putting on pants
  • Changing a diaper
  • Not putting a diaper on fast enough
  • Combing his hair
  • Setting him down when my arms are full
  • Being in a grocery cart too long
  • Not being able to get past the lock screen on a phone
  • Watching Moana instead of Thomas the Train
  • When no one wants to play choo-choo for the hundredth time
  • Eating dinner

You get the picture. Hey, at the end of the day, the majority of this just makes me laugh, which makes disciplining a whole other story. Mamas, what little things do your kids throw a fit over?

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