Who Will Finn Grow Up To Be?

Finn will be 20 months old next week! As he gets older, I find myself stopping to take it all in a little more often. There was something hectic and chaotic about the first year that didn’t allow much time for reflection. Now that he’s essentially a little boy, I am astonished at how much he changes each and every day. David was away last weekend, and after just four days away, he came home in complete denial at just how much he has changed! Can any other mamas relate?

Finn has long since grown out of his baby face and now I can start to picture what he will look like as he gets older. (Pretty much he’ll be David’s twin with a little mix of my dad… is that weird? HA! But I totally see my dad in his face 🙂 ) As I start to picture what he will look like, I can’t help but wonder what type of person he will be. Will he be athletic? I hope so! Will he be rebellious like his dad, or a goody-two-shoes like his mom? (At least in relation to David, I was definitely a goody-goody!) Will he want to follow in his dad’s footsteps and join the military or will he want to go to college? What will interest him? Will he like reading books or playing video games?

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It’s so fun to get lost in thought about all of these things. I imagine him being a pretty good mix of David and me. I mean, he kind of already is! HA! But in all honesty, I know that it’s up to us to help shape him and guide him to make good decisions. That’s a lot of pressure, if I’m being frank. Above all else, I hope Finn grows up to be kind and accepting of all different types of people. The most important thing I want to teach him is to be understanding, patient and open-minded about the differences that make this world go round. My parents instilled in us the importance of acceptance, to never ostracize people because of their beliefs or backgrounds, especially if they are different from our own. There is always something to learn from one another, and I hope to be able to pass this along to my children.

Secondly, I hope to teach him the importance of family. I’m so, so, so beyond grateful for the love and support of my family and David’s family and I feel so lucky to be able to raise Finn with the help of all of his grandparents. My sisters and I make it a priority to talk every single day and to see each other more than just a few times a year. Family is everything to David and me, and I hope Finn grows up to feel the same way. I hope he never has a second thought about where he belongs and never takes for granted the amazing people he is lucky enough to be related to!

I wonder if there are other parents out there who do this type of daydreaming, too? What do you picture your kids to be? Do you see yourself in them? Is there one lesson above all else that you hope to instill in them? Let me know!


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