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A few years back, I was working at a small magazine in Indianapolis. I was coined the “assistant editor”, but in reality, my job was pretty much just fact checking articles. Snore. If you know me, this job was just not a good fit. I am not a detail-oriented person. I also need to be passionately connected to the work I’m doing or my mind turns complacent. I was starving for some kind of creative outlet, so I started this blog.

Back then the name of it was “Life as I know it” and I wrote stream of consciousness posts about things that were on my mind that day. It was a nice outlet. But I wanted more. I wanted more out of life than this stupid, boring job. I remember talking to my sister one day and she told me about The Secret. I’m sure most of you have heard about it, but in short, The Secret talks about The Power of Attraction. Ultimately, if you put an idea out into the universe and you put enough positive energy towards it, the universe will give it to you. The trick, though, is to make sure there is no negative energy mixed in, because negative energy is more powerful.

My sister, Sarah, swore by it. Every day she would text me “Secret that shit” –  (secret being a verb here) aka think positively about changing your life, and it will happen. She told me that she would “secret parking spaces” and when she pulled up to work, a front row spot would be available for her. I figured it was worth a try, so I started envisioning things I wanted out of life. I went to test drive a navy blue Volkswagen Passat and meditated on thoughts of David, Juneau and I living in a specific apartment building back in Charlottesville. With the power of attraction, you don’t need to worry about how these things were going to happen, the universe would take care of the how, I just needed to focus on the what.

Then I lost my job. My boring, horrible, soul-sucking job was gone. In the moment I looked at it as the most heartbreaking thing to ever happen to me. But looking back, it was the universe’s way of giving me exactly what I wanted. A few months later, David and I were living in the very apartments I had meditated about. The weekend I moved to Charlottesville, my trusty Pontiac died and I was forced to buy a new car – a navy blue VW Passat. We were engaged a few months after that, married the next summer, and found out we were expecting Finn just a few weeks after our second month anniversary.

Life got busy, and “Secret-ing that shit” got put on hold. But as I’ve mentioned before, 2017 is the year that David and I have coined The Year the Gregory’s Take Our Careers to the Next Level. I’ve already made good on so many goals that I’ve set for myself. After posting my first outfit post on Monday, I received such wonderfully supportive feedback that I’m feeling invincible! It’s such a reassuring feeling knowing that all of my ideas and hard work is proving to be on the right track.

With all that in mind, I’ve put together my Virtual Vision Board. This is my way of being real and actionable about the things I hope to have happen in my life this year. It’s a daily reminder of the things I want most out of life. I’ve watched first-hand how the power of positive thinking can change your life for the better, so with this new chapter in life comes a new set of things I hope to accomplish!

1. dream house source

2. dream kitchen source

3. blog success

4. healthy, happy baby boy

5. a strong, adventure-filled marriage with my bestie

6. dslr dreams and adventure

  1. I have been daydreaming about buying a house for several years. I know David and I are getting closer to making this a reality every day. I love binge watching HGTV to gain more inspiration, but I found this picture on Pinterest and immediately felt at home. David and I have talked about different options in our home buying process – townhome, income property, fixer upper, building our own. (Okay, really I was naming HGTV shows there 🙂 jk jk). Researching these processes have become my new obsession. We do know one thing, the next time we move, we want it to be FOR GOOD! So we are taking our time making the right decision. No need to rush this, Erica.
  2. In the same vein, I think I need this kitchen. I think it’s actually meant for me. I can’t wait to make a kitchen all my own one day. In the meantime, anyone need an amateur designer? I’m dying to get my hands on a space and transform it into something beautiful.
  3. My blog, this space, it means so much to me. Every single pageview melts my heart a little. Every comment you guys leave, every ‘like’ on Facebook. I cherish it all. This is all mine and I’m so proud of it. I find so much joy in blogging, I can’t wait to make it even more successful. I’ve written my goals for each month of 2017, and I’m determined to meet them.
  4. Oh, my little Finn man. I want nothing but happiness for you. I so enjoy watching you grow. This year will so much fun – watching you run around at the pool, learning to talk, becoming a little boy. I want a life full of adventure and joy for you. I promise to do everything in my power to make that happen.
  5. And my David. This is our year! I can’t wait to watch you graduate with your degree and take your career to the next level. I want to continue our adventures together, travel to new places, catch bigger fish, and laugh the entire time.
  6. I’ve been shopping for a DSLR for a while now, and this is the year I make the investment. I can’t wait to take it with me on new adventures and share all of them with you here.

What’s on your vision board?

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