Reese at Nine Months Old

reese at nine months old

How in the world did we get here?! My little girl is already 9 months old and time is certainly not slowing down. I love this age so much! I loved it with Finn man and I love it just the same with Reese. She is just the sweetest thing.


I gotta say, I’m just so much more in the groove the second time around. I’m not worried about little things, I’m a little more flexible with her schedule and I let her eat things I probably shouldn’t. HA! But in all reality, I’m just feeling lucky and like I’m totally meant to be doing what I’m doing right now. I love my long days with the kiddos, and I love nap time just as much :). I’m sleeping very little and working very hard, but it’s everything I ever wanted. David and I are on the same page, too. Kids definitely change thing, but I stand by what I’ve said before – going from none to one is SO MUCH harder than going from one to two!

Physical Growth:

Reese is such a chunker, and is wearing mostly 9-12 month clothing. She wants to crawl so badly, and has been assuming the position for about a week now without being able to move. I know she can, but I don’t think she knows she can. Within a few weeks, though, she’ll be moving and grooving.

Reese also loves to stand. She has a walker that she is now able to pull herself up on and she will just stand there happily for the longest time. She wants to move and gets frustrated watching her brother move around, but like I said, once it happens, she’s not going to stop!

Right now, Reese has 8 teeth and is currently cutting more!

Brain Growth:

Reese knows her name, she knows her mommy and daddy and definitely her brother. She loves to clap when we say “yayyy!” and demands attention all the time. She also enjoys sitting back and watching, especially when Finn man is flicking around the room.


Reese goes down at around 6:30 each evening. I dream feed her around 9:30 and she will usually wake up once around 4am to feed again. Then she wakes up for good around 6:30am. She had dropped the middle of the night feeding for a while, but since starting solids more, she doesn’t nurse as much during the day, hence still waking up at night. She does nap twice a day for about two hours each which is magical. She loves her nap and rarely, if ever, makes a fuss.


Gosh, my girl is an eater! She loves everything we’ve given her thus far and just eats until we stop feeding her! Ha! She loves to double fist, too. We’ve been doing a lot of baby led weaning with her – basically just giving her small bites of food and letting her feed herself. I’ve done some purees as well, just to make sure she is getting a good variety of things, but she’s been a great eater since we started.

Reese still exclusively nurses, too. As I mentioned above, since eating more solids, she’s dropped her mid-morning feed. It’s good in that I can leave her for a longer period of time. It’s bad in that I have to wake up at 4am to feed her. Can’t have it all I guess!

She has started taking a sippy cup more and more. We basically just give her water in it at this point, but it does make me less nervous about weaning her from nursing completely!

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • Finn tickles Reese and she gets the biggest shit-eaten grin on her face whenever he plays with her. OMG I melt.
  • When I go to get her out of her crib when she wakes up, she is usually on her belly doing what appears to be the worm dance, just purely out of excitement!
  • Her little sticatto-like grunts are hilarious and clearly her way of communicating with us.

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