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It’s funny being a second-time mom. I appreciate the perspective of the things I was told I need versus the things I know I actually need.

There have been some differences between Finn and Reese. For one, Reese has yet to take a bottle. I blame this partially on her being great at nursing, but mostly on my unwillingness to ever want to pump. I pumped for nearly 8 months exclusively with Finn, and it ruined me. This situation has made the “stuff” that goes along with bottle feeding – bottles, pump, sterilizing stuff, etc. – not necessary this time around.

I’ve also realized that luxury items like wipe warmers and diaper pails are just that – luxuries. At two months old, these seven items are truly the must-haves for infants.

White noise machine – I swear by these things. Not only do white noise machines drown out any noise that is happening outside the baby’s room, but it also reminds baby of being in the womb. Finn still sleeps with his. We bought this white noise machine off Amazon for Finn and it’s wonderful. It’s extremely affordable and works great for their bedrooms. Highly recommend.

Sleep sack – Would it be weird if I admitted I wish they made sleep sacks for adults? How cozy do they sound? Not only do they keep baby warm, but they keep baby cozy and snug, just like they were in the womb. I have a ton of these on hand, and Reese will sleep with them until she is one, or beyond.

Rock and Play – Finn slept in the Rock and Play until he was about seven months old. I love the portability of this thing and the ability to rock and vibrate. Reese slept in this for a few weeks, but she does better in her crib – I’m not complaining! However, the Rock and Play is the perfect place to put her down when I need a free hand. She naps in it sometimes, too.

Carseat cover – Finn was a May baby, so the need for blankets and carseat covers was unnecessary. I bout this carseat cover on a whim a few weeks before Reese was born, just because I was nervous about the cold weather. It is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. I never have to worry about her getting cold, or snowed/rained on. She is always cozied up.

Play mat – We love the idea of letting our babies “play” even before we think they can. This Infantino play mat is very colorful and soft, plus it’s easy to clean up spit up or anything else off of it. Reese spends a ton of time on her play mat, both for tummy time and on her back.

Portable white noise machine – Like the white noise machine above, this portable one goes everywhere with us. Babies are funny. They tend to sleep better in the loudest room than in a quiet one. We put the white noise machine in Reese’s carseat, in her swing, and anywhere she may be sleeping. It keeps her asleep.

Backpack – This time around, I decided to go hands free and bought a backpack for our diaper bag. This particular backpack isn’t meant to be a diaper bag, but that’s fine with me. I like being “stylish” and functional.

Baby wrap – Like any baby, Reese’s witching hour is typically around dinner time – right when David and Finn are coming home and stuff needs to get done. I love wearing Reese with this wrap so I can have my hands free and nine times out of ten, she falls asleep in it. Definitely worth purchasing!

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