Reese at Nine Months Old

reese at nine months old

How in the world did we get here?! My little girl is already 9 months old and time is certainly not slowing down. I love this age so much! I loved it with Finn man and I love it just the same with Reese. She is just the sweetest thing.


I gotta say, I’m just so much more in the groove the second time around. I’m not worried about little things, I’m a little more flexible with her schedule and I let her eat things I probably shouldn’t. HA! But in all reality, I’m just feeling lucky and like I’m totally meant to be doing what I’m doing right now. I love my long days with the kiddos, and I love nap time just as much :). I’m sleeping very little and working very hard, but it’s everything I ever wanted. David and I are on the same page, too. Kids definitely change thing, but I stand by what I’ve said before – going from none to one is SO MUCH harder than going from one to two!

Physical Growth:

Reese is such a chunker, and is wearing mostly 9-12 month clothing. She wants to crawl so badly, and has been assuming the position for about a week now without being able to move. I know she can, but I don’t think she knows she can. Within a few weeks, though, she’ll be moving and grooving.

Reese also loves to stand. She has a walker that she is now able to pull herself up on and she will just stand there happily for the longest time. She wants to move and gets frustrated watching her brother move around, but like I said, once it happens, she’s not going to stop!

Right now, Reese has 8 teeth and is currently cutting more!

Brain Growth:

Reese knows her name, she knows her mommy and daddy and definitely her brother. She loves to clap when we say “yayyy!” and demands attention all the time. She also enjoys sitting back and watching, especially when Finn man is flicking around the room.


Reese goes down at around 6:30 each evening. I dream feed her around 9:30 and she will usually wake up once around 4am to feed again. Then she wakes up for good around 6:30am. She had dropped the middle of the night feeding for a while, but since starting solids more, she doesn’t nurse as much during the day, hence still waking up at night. She does nap twice a day for about two hours each which is magical. She loves her nap and rarely, if ever, makes a fuss.


Gosh, my girl is an eater! She loves everything we’ve given her thus far and just eats until we stop feeding her! Ha! She loves to double fist, too. We’ve been doing a lot of baby led weaning with her – basically just giving her small bites of food and letting her feed herself. I’ve done some purees as well, just to make sure she is getting a good variety of things, but she’s been a great eater since we started.

Reese still exclusively nurses, too. As I mentioned above, since eating more solids, she’s dropped her mid-morning feed. It’s good in that I can leave her for a longer period of time. It’s bad in that I have to wake up at 4am to feed her. Can’t have it all I guess!

She has started taking a sippy cup more and more. We basically just give her water in it at this point, but it does make me less nervous about weaning her from nursing completely!

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • Finn tickles Reese and she gets the biggest shit-eaten grin on her face whenever he plays with her. OMG I melt.
  • When I go to get her out of her crib when she wakes up, she is usually on her belly doing what appears to be the worm dance, just purely out of excitement!
  • Her little sticatto-like grunts are hilarious and clearly her way of communicating with us.
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How Motherhood Made Me a Risk Taker

photos by naomi johnson

As I type out the title of this post, I’m giggling a bit. I used to think I was a huge risk taker – I mean I moved to new states, gambled on some decisions. What I’ve learned is that was more spontaneity rather than risk taking. It was more, “sure! What the hell, I’m down for anything!”

Taking risks is different – taking risks mean that you do something, knowing full well that you may lose or fail, but you do it anyway.

Something changes in you when you become a mother. I still can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m just not the same person I was before. I enjoy the same things, but I enjoy them more deeply. I value time spent rather than money spent. I feel less shame about silly things. I feel calmer, more at peace and at the same time worried sick and fraught with anxiety about the unknown.

One thing that I can grasp is how little I care about outside opinions anymore. Mommy guilt is a real thing, but I read a book not long ago that put this into perspective for me, too. The book essentially said that there are women in the world who would give anything to be able to provide a good life for their child. So if you’re a working mom, or just a mom that needs a break from mommy-ing, just know that you are blessed to be able to do so! In addition, I truly believe that no matter the mom and no matter the situation, God made you your baby’s mom because He knew you would be the best mom for your baby. No one else will ever love Finn and Reese like I do, and that’s why I was blessed to have them be mine!

The biggest thing motherhood gave me was the freedom from other’s opinions. This alone let me feel comfortable in my new role as mom, but in my role as wife, my role as friend, sister, daughter… you get the idea. It also allowed me to see more clearly the direction I wanted to take my life. Without the worry of what others thought, I’ve been able to make decisisons based on what I want and what is best for my family.

Motherhood has given me a confidence in myself that I never knew I had. This confidence has allowed me to start a business, meet new people and try new things simply because my focus is on what really matters in life.

Quitting my job was the biggest risk I’ve taken in my entire life. I left a “sure thing”, a great income, healthcare, the respect of my colleagues to go out on my own. The motive behind this? To spend more time with my kids! Even on days when I question my move and wonder if entrepreneurship is really for me, I remember that I’ll never regret spending this time with my kids.

I wonder if other moms feel the same way. Did motherhood change you? Did you become more “yourself” in the role?

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Why We Are Getting Debt Free

debt free

David is probably rolling his eyes at the very title of this blog post! However, becoming debt free is by far the biggest change in our marriage this year, and to not talk about it seems weird.

When I left my job earlier this year, David and I took a long hard look at our situation to ensure that financially we could afford to take a hit for a few months while I build a business. It seemed possible and, therefore, I made the leap. But during our digging we started paying closer attention to where our money was going, and we weren’t happy about it.

When the comfort of a steady paycheck is taken away, it wakes you up a bit. Finances, like anything in life, can become passive. Everything is on autopilot nowadays – direct deposit into your account, paper-free auto-withdrawals to pay bills, you never actually see the money. It can be convenient, but it can also cause bad habits.

Around the same time, I was reading a book by Rachel Hollis. She wrote a bit about getting debt free and quoted this guy named Dave Ramsey. I honestly didn’t give it a second listen at first because being debt free wasn’t even an idea that I thought was possible let alone something we could achieve.

But as you start taking control of one part of your life, a funny thing happens – you start wanting to take control of all parts of your life. I started getting intentional about setting goals. One day, I sat down and wrote out where I saw our lives five and ten years from now. Among other things, I saw us being business owners, investing in real estate to flip, and eventually putting our children through college with money we’ve saved. I had always said that I didn’t want Finn and Reese to have the weight of student loans when they graduated, but I also joked that I’d still be paying off my college by the time they went to school.

It dawned on me that many of my five, ten, twenty year goals required financial freedom. So one day on my walk I turned on Dave Ramsey’s podcast and realized that within two years, David and I could be completely free from debt.

When I brought this idea back to my husband, he thought I was crazy – and he still does. However, when I told him why I wanted to get rid of our debt, he started to see the bigger picture. He listened to a few of the podcasts and started to realize that it was possible as long as we started to pay attention.

I called my mom later that day and asked her to buy us Financial Peace University as an early anniversary gift. Much to David’s chagrin, we sat down that night at watched the lesson on budgeting and then about getting debt free. Afterwards, David got up, grabbed our credit cards and cut them in half. That night we were able to pay off two of our smallest debts with money we had in savings. It was game on.

We’ve been working this plan for about three months now. The first two months we sucked at budgeting! This month, our primary focus is to stay on budget with the idea being that we know where every single dollar is going each month, and anything extra goes to pay off debt. As I mentioned earlier, with today’s calculations, we will be debt free in two years!

I don’t know if I’m comfortable talking about how much debt we have at this point, simply because there’s a lot of shame associated with it. I know when the day comes that we pay it all off, I will gladly share how much debt we no longer have. At this point, we are fairly “normal” – car payments, credit cards and student loans. We will have both cars paid off before the end of the year!

By focusing on our finances, David and I have had to have a lot of tough conversations. We also know there will be a lot of sacrifice in the coming years, but by the time Finn goes to kindergarten our lives will look dramatically different!

I will be sharing more of our #DebtFreeJourney over the coming months. I’ve learned so much about finances, investing, and budgeting. However the biggest thing for us is the why! When we see our future it’s full of fun vacations and great experiences! We are willing to sacrifice now for all of that down the road.

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Four Years

two year wedding anniversary

Somehow, four years have come and gone, and here we are celebrating another anniversary. Marriage is a funny thing – it starts with all the anticipation and celebration of the biggest day of your life, but in reality, marriage is built on all those small moments, the mundane, the very average.

There have been plenty of big moments in the past four years – a positive pregnancy test, the birth of our son, the purchase of our first home, another positive pregnancy test, the birth of our daughter, the start of new businesses, vacations, trips, other’s celebrations.

But my favorite moments with you, David, are those that aren’t very memorable at all. The chaos of surviving witching hour, the silly, mindless shows we share, the long car rides, the lunch dates, the inside jokes.

I’ve never felt more content than I do right now and all of that is because of you. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, someone to learn and grow with. You are simply the best! Happy anniversary, my love.

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How To Get Sh*t Done

productivity hacks
photos by naomi johnson

Motivation. Ambition. Avoiding procrastination. Feeling accomplished. Productivity.

Are these feelings as fleeting for you as they are for me?

As I enter my six month of self-employment, I’ve had to come up with some new ways to keep myself motivated and to continue to work towards my goals. A year ago, if I gave myself a slack day, I would still come home with the same paycheck as the previous week. Now, if I don’t get work done, I don’t make money at all. If that’s not a motivator in itself, I don’t know what is.

However, in the moments when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels or when you’d just rather take a nap, what keeps you going? It’s easy when you land the client or when you send your invoice out, but what about all of those other mundane moments?

productivity hacks

Goal Tracking

The idea of setting goals is not foreign to me. However, the idea of working towards them is. Goals for me were always somewhat attainable – graduate college, get a job, buy a house. These may have taken longer than expected, but they happened. The reason? I was intentional about them. And they probably would have happened faster had I tracked my progress along the way.

Goal tracking is now one of my favorite things to do.

Each month, I write down a list of things I want to accomplish in the next four weeks. I get really specific…and I include every single aspect of my life. Here’s an example of my goals for the month of July:

Scout Creative

  • Land two new clients
  • Be set up to earn $5,000 in August
  • Write one blog post each Wednesday
  • Grow my email list by 10%

Simple and Inspired

  • Grow pageviews by 10% of last month
  • Grow Instagram to over 3000 followers
  • Get one new partnership with a brand


  • Get Finn enrolled in preschool
  • Get Reese to take a bottle
  • Be patient and rational


  • Stick to marathon training
  • Drink water


  • Stay within budget
  • Pay off next debt
  • Be an excellent wife
  • Read new book

I have these goals written down in my monthly planner. Every morning I revisit them. I check in to see if I’ve made any progress or accomplished any. I then create a list for my day based on my monthly goals. This list is a to-do of sorts that will help get me closer to achieving the goals. Sometimes, the goal has an actionable item, other times, it causes me to pause and think first. Either way, I make sure that by month’s end, I’ve accomplished as much, if not all, of the items on my list.

productivity hacks

Staying Accountable

Being accountable for these goals is solely up to me. And truly, if I don’t feel like it, then I don’t need to do anything. But where’s the fun in that?

In addition to monthly goals, I have my yearly goals, five year goals and even ten year goals. When I first decided to become self-employed, I read a lot of professional development books that encouraged me to do this. I started “dreaming in HD” and writing down my future as specifically as I can think of it! It sounds corny, but it’s actually fun to do. I know each day, my small list of five items gets me closer to each of those bigger goals, and that’s pretty exciting, too.

productivity hacks

Set the Scene

When I’m not feeling motivated by my goals alone, I like to set the scene. This usually consists of a big cup of coffee, a snack, some familiar music, and a table and chair with a back on it. A simple change of scenery does my mind good.

I like to diffuse my essenital oils – usually motivation or a citrus blend – and set a timer for 20 minutes. I dive into work for that amount of time, and usually, when the timer is up, I’m so engulfed in what I’m doing I continue to be productive. It’s a little mind trick I play on myself! I do it when I go running, too. I tell myself that if I just get a little bit further, I can stop to run. But by the time I get further, I want to keep going to see how much more I can run!


This may seem counter intuitive, but nothing makes me more productive than a day of rest. Sometimes, I beat myself up so much just to get something accomplished, that I stress out and get absolutely nothing done instead. However, after a day of resting and not thinking about work, one of two things happen: either I feel guilty that I didn’t get work done and work harder to make up for it, or I feel refreshed and focused and ready to take on anything!

What are you tips for staying motivated?

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