The Best Products We Bought in August

Best Products We Bought In August


Admittedly, I benefited quite a bit from our purchases in August. I went on a small hunt for new beauty products, something I have the energy to do about once a year. (Beauty products just aren’t my thing… I much prefer clothes.) However, we did scoop up some worthy things to talk about. Though much more practical, our August list of best products stretches from entertaining to just plain necessary.

Essie Bare With Me – I’ve been looking for a great neutral pink nail color for a long time, and I think I found it. Bare With Me is the perfect shade of pink, in my opinion. Yes, Essie is a tad expensive for a nail polish, but after two coats, I’ve found this lasts about a week before a touch up is needed.

Blue Light Glasses – I’ve been suffering from dry eye and subtle headaches for a while, so when I heard about blue light glasses, I was intrigued. I found a pair for a decent price (around $30) and have been very pleased with them. I’ve been getting a lot of “since when do you where glasses?” comments thrown my way, but when I tell them they protect against blue light, people are usually as surprised as I was to hear that those exist.

NYX Eyeliner – I wear as little makeup as possible, but one thing I cannot live without is eyeliner. I found this NYX eyeliner for a really good price. It goes on like a marker – seriously, like a felt tip. And stays on all day. I’ve been impressed.

Living Proof Anti-Frizz Spray – Last beauty item, but a good one. I’ve heard only good things about the Living Proof line of hair products, but I’m pretty loyal to my dry shampoo. I do, however, live in the world’s muggiest state! So my hair suffers from frizz. This spray not only works wonders, but smells devine. 

Belly Band – I finally bit the bullet and got a belly band for support. My back has been awful since about 23 weeks, and this band is great, especially for the price. If you’re looking for a good band, or a great gift for your prego friend, this is a good one.

Playtex Sipsters – Dare I say we found the greatest sippy cups on the market?! We’ve tried more than our fair share and between leaking tops, having too many pieces, and impossible to clean, we’ve thrown most of them away. We bought these Playtex ones simply because they were Thomas the Train themed, but they turned out to be the best cups we’ve tried. They don’t leak, even when Finn beats them on the table. They have three simple, easy-to-clean pieces, and they are cute! I should’ve known since all of our bottles came from Playtex, too and we loved those just as much!

TeePee – Aww, the odd bird of the group. However, I’ve been wanting Finn to have a tent/teepee forever and I finally got this one for him. It is quite large, too big to put in his room (my fault for not measuring first), but it will still work in the basement. It comes with adorable LED lights and a little flap for “privacy”. He loves it!

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The Best Labor Day Sales

labor day weekend sales

Happy Labor Day Weekend! We are enjoying the incredibly hot weather and taking it easy at home. I’ve rounded up a bunch of the best Labor Day weekend sales, and even took some time to pick out my choices from several retailers. These sales are too good to miss, so spoil yourself and grab some things you’ll need for the new season ahead. Happy Shopping!

ABERCROMBIE – 40% off the entire store

AMERICAN EAGLE – 25-60% off, 30% off jeans and joggers and 40% off the entire Aerie collection

ANN TAYLOR – 40 % all styles with code LONGWEEKEND, 60% off all sale styles

GAP – 40% off everything with code YES and extra 10% off everything with code MORE

J.CREW – 40% off entire purchase with code BIGSALE

J.CREW FACTORY – 50% off and extra 20% off all sale items with code SALEAWAY

LOFT – 40% off with code LABORDAY

NORDSTROM – save up to 40% off

OLD NAVY – 20% off your entire order, 50% off all jeans, tees, sweatshirts and dresses

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28 Weeks!

28 weeks pregnant


How far along? 28 weeks! That means officially third trimester. This pregnancy is flying by!

What is Baby G up to? Baby G is as big as an eggplant and weighs almost two pounds. Some time in the past week Baby G shifted into a different position. They say in the third trimester is when your uterus fully pops out of your pelvis. Welp, I think I felt the very moment that happened and have been achey ever since.

How am I feeling? I feel hormonal. Irritable, moody, sleepy, weepy – and then feel super guilty for feeling this way. I’ve been much more hormonal this time around then I did with Finn. I’m also feeling achey earlier than I remember with Finn. That being said, in those moments that I have when I have time to reflect, I feel super grateful for experiencing pregnancy again. It’s hard, and any woman who says it isn’t is lying. But it’s also so cool!

What am I wearing? Still hot. Still living in dresses.

What am I craving/eating? I recently discovered Raisin Bran Crunch again and am living for it.

What’s on my mind lately? I’m trying really hard not to think too much. I have a tendency to overthink everything and get stuck in those thoughts instead of actually being proactive about anything. I’ve spent too much time reflecting on the past and stressing about the future. I am really ready to just be present. I realize that I only have about 12 more weeks with just Finn as my baby, and as excited as I am to see him become a big brother, I want to soak up every memory I can with him.

What am I looking forward to? Fall! We got a tease of chilly weather this past week and it was glorious. But I saw the first pumpkin spice flavors peeking out on the shelves this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.

Best moment of the week? David and I took Finn and Juneau to the river on Sunday evening to let Juneau swim a bit. Finn saw his brother in the water and stripped himself down to naked, squinted his cute eyes at David and asked “Dada go into the water with Finn?” David couldn’t say no. It was so adorable.

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25 Weeks!

25 weeks

How far along? 25 weeks! Yikes!

What is Baby G up to? Baby G is the size of a head of cauliflower and mama is feeling it. Baby G likes to sit very far forward, so much so it feels like I could topple over my own belly. This also cause my back to arch, so by the end of the day, I’m begging David for a back rub. Baby flutters quite a bit, which I love. I will miss those feelings come November.

How am I feeling? Besides the normal aches and pains, I’m feeling good. I definitely think the bump has grown dramatically in the last two weeks, but as we approach the third trimester, I’m just holding onto as much comfort as I can.

What am I wearing? Still hot. Still living in dresses.

What am I craving/eating? Eh, no real cravings at this point. I’m grateful to have been able to keep drinking coffee this pregnancy. I’m really trying to not worry about my weight and simply enjoy the perks of being pregnant. That doesn’t mean overdoing it, but simply not limiting myself. No need to stress over weight gain. I know come January 1st I’ll be back at my normal diet and workout routine.

What’s on my mind lately? I had an annoying summer cold that hit me hard over the weekend. David took Finn out with him so I could get some rest, which I was very grateful for. I realize our time with just the three of us is slowly coming to an end. I don’t let myself think about it too much given how emotional I was thinking about losing time with Juneau when I was pregnant with Finn. It’s definitely emotional, and I’m nervous about how to juggle it all, but truly I’m much more excited to welcome this baby than I was the first time around. At the very least, I know what to expect!

What am I looking forward to? A finished house! We are getting closer every week and I’m loving how it’s all coming together. Next project is the basement, where we hope to be spending most of our family time this winter. I also have fun ideas for the kids’ rooms, but those are less projects and more just finding the right decor.

Best moment of the week? Finn skipped his nap on Saturday, which was totally my fault. He did fine, and we even made it through dinner without a meltdown! But as soon as we got home, he could barely keep his eyes open. He wanted to lay with Mom and Dad in our bed, so we put on Kung Fu Panda and laid down together. Within ten minutes, Finn was snoring, but I couldn’t quite get myself to move him, so we kept watching the movie. It was wonderful 🙂

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The Best Things We Bought In July

the best products we bought in july


July was a good month for the Gregorys. We found out the gender of Baby G#2, we celebrated three years of marriage, and we took a very memorable and relaxing vacation to the Adriondacks. In the meantime, we also continued to add pieces to our home and started planning several projects we’d like to get done before Baby arrives in November.

In the midst of all of this, we bought some stuff to prep Finn for a long road trip. We also bought some things that we’ve been wanting to have, but never had the space in our tiny apartment. Having a house is truly the best!

Rug for living room – I had my eye on this rug for months and knew it would go perfectly with our couch and other decor in the living room area. When it went on sale on Prime Day, I snagged it. (I also got a duplicate of our carseat cause I was tired of switching back and forth. Long overdue!! Thanks, Prime Day!) Even the full price is stellar for the quality of rug. I highly recommend if you are looking for an area rug! Plus you can’t beat two-day shipping.

Instant pot – Can you believe David and I still had a gift card leftover from our engagement?! Apparently it took us three and a half years to decide what to do with it, and I couldn’t be happier to have added an Instant Pot to our kitchen. I have a really bad habit of forgetting to defrost any meat and when dinner time comes around, we are constantly having to come up with alternative plans. Not anymore! This thing is the bomb. I haven’t even gotten creative yet – literally just using it to cook our chicken for the week – and I’m not sure what I ever did without it.

Toddler air mattress – We bought Finn this air mattress for our trip to the Adirondacks. He slept on the floor of the hotel and in our cabin with us, and had zero issue. The bumpers on the side made it so he wouldn’t roll off, and the size is perfect for small spaces and small people. We will totally be getting our monies worth out of this.

Blackstone griddle and accessories – Perhaps the best purchase from July, our Blackstone Griddle. My parents wanted to get us a grill for the house for our anniversary present, but after my dad bought a griddle for himself, he convinced David a griddle was the way to go. I’ve got to say, I’m totally sold. A grill is a wonderful tool, but you can literally cook everything on this griddle. I’m talking eggs, bacon, pancakes, veggies, burgers, chicken, we’ve even done a low country boil. I highly, highly recommend if you are in the market for a grill. We purchased a cover for it as well.

Amazon Fire for Kids – Gahh, I hate to admit it, but I totally caved and got Finn a tablet. We bought it with every intention of using it only for long roadtrips, and we’ve stuck to that so far. He hasn’t even asked for it since we’ve been home. I knew that 9 hours in the car would be totally unfair for Finn, and we would all need a break from each other. So when he started getting crabby, I would pull out the tablet and it would keep him occupied. Heads up – I totally failed and forgot to download anything onto the tablet prior to actually leaving for the trip, so I had to have it connected to my phone as a hotspot the entire time, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Next time, I’ll have more experience!

Blow up swan pool toy– We bought this swan blow up toy for the pool on a whim, but it was such a hit on vacation! I just thought it was fun and for $15 you can’t really beat it. Sadly, we left it behind, but hopefully whoever rented after us found as much joy in it as we did 🙂

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