Why I Became a Fashion Blogger

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

leith circle cardigan

shop this look: 

blouse – comes in a bunch of colors and is currently on sale for under $30! i have it in two colors and i wear them all the time // sweater – just came back in stock! the coziest thing on the planet and probably the only cardigan you’ll need this winter // leggings – if you buy one thing, buy these! the best leggings i’ve ever owned // similar booties – also love these and these // sunglasses  

You know what my favorite thing about David is? Okay, maybe one of my favorite things? He drops everything on a Monday at lunch to come take photos of me for my blog. He helps me “pose”, guides me on what looks nice, is learning how to operate a DSLR camera, and makes me laugh out loud in order to get these genuine photos of me.

When I started talking about doing this whole fashion blogger thing I kept talking myself out of it. Who am I to influence other people’s style? I don’t have the best clothes. I hate makeup. I would rather wear leggings and a hoodie than actual clothes. But every time I started losing faith in myself, David would encourage me. He would help pick out outfits and brainstorm content with me. He keeps me on track and I’m so grateful for that.

I think this blog is ever evolving since I’m still really trying to figure out what Simple & Inspired is at its core. One thing is for certain, the style posts aren’t going anywhere. I love taking these photos because of the silly moments that happen while David and I take them. Plus, he makes me look good, doesn’t he? 😉

On a completely separate note, about this look. I have to say, I think I’ve already gotten my monies worth out of these leggings and I’ve only had them a few months. I thought I knew what quality leggings were before, but these have changed my mind for the good. They are high waisted and suck everything in and are the comfiest things in the world. In addition, you NEED this cardigan. It’s so warm, has pockets!!! and goes with everything. This blouse is currently on sale and comes in a zillion colors. I have it in black and white and wish I had it in more. It’s perfect for work and over jeans, too. I’d size down one unless you are looking for a tunic look.

Shop the look: 

Happy Tuesday!
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Life Lately, October 30, 2017

Oh, life. You make me laugh. It feels like I put my head down and worked through a bunch of stuff all month long and when I come up for air, it’s Halloween! What is happening?! This month has been pretty hectic, and the outcome wasn’t what we wanted. In the end, though, we always figure it out, and I’m confident we will do that this time, too.

House Hunting

We ended up pulling out of the contract on the house due to some things that were out of our control. I kind of saw it coming, but wanted to remain positive throughout the whole thing. It was an older home and with that comes problems that David and I are just not equipped to handle. So we are back in the hunt. Mainly I’m upset because I was hoping to be in our house by Christmas. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

The plus side? We know we are going to find a home and one that will be perfect for our family. We also did a lot of the work with the bank so moving forward we won’t have to worry about that stuff. We’ve got a good team of people around us, so I’m grateful for that as well. For now, we get to turn our focus back to our family and we will return to house hunting when it feels right.


Gosh, we have been on the go lately! David traveled to Las Vegas earlier this month for work. He was there for almost a full week and we definitely missed him back home. He leaves again next week for another work trip. I know he enjoys the hustle and I’m so thankful he found a job that makes him happy.

In the meantime, Finn and I are heading up to Boston for the weekend. We are meeting my mom (and hopefully my BFF Michelle) for my cousin’s wedding. I’m so excited to spend time with everyone and to visit Boston in the fall. It’ll be a fun girls trip – plus Finn. Thank goodness for direct flights!

Shop My Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I’m posting more and more fashion related posts. I’ve made it somewhat easier for you to shop my looks by creating a Shop My Instagram page on the blog. You can get to it through my Instagram bio, or you can find it here. I hope this is content that you are enjoying because I LOVE doing it.

Our Life in iPhone Photos

milk thief!




my boys <3
finn went a little crazy with his markers 🙂
my dude loves a good book. thanks grammy for a halloween one!
the happiest boy at the pumpkin patch
my bestie
someone is brave enough to conquer the slide by himself
the prettiest tree in all of charlottesville
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Things I’m Loving, Vol. 6

things i'm loving

Shopping this time of year is always so hard! There’s always so much great stuff out there, but you aren’t really supposed to buying for yourself, right, because of the holidays? Well, we might still have a few weeks until that rule truly applies. But to ensure you don’t feel too guilty, all of the items in this week’s Things I’m Loving are either on sale or super affordable to begin with. Grab something you like, you deserve it!

Things I’m Loving:


Wubby Vest 

Francesca’s is currently having a BOGO 60% off sale. This adorable and super cozy vest is only $44. With the sale, this vest and the loafers below come in under $70! Such a steal, and some great staples for your fall wardrobe. This jacket is another great fuzzy wubby option for the colder months.








Brown Classic Loafers

How adorable are these?! I love the color. They look super expensive but are under $50!







1.STATE Isak Bootie 

These are the most adorable booties I’ve seen in a long time. They look even cuter on your feet. They come in three colors and are usually, are you ready for this? $140 currently marked down to $55! GRAB THESE NOW!






Button Up Back Blouse

Can’t get more classic than a crisp white blouse, this one with a little twist. I love the length of this, too. It can be worn with leggings or jeans.








Fine Knit Sweater

Want a classic sweater but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg? This one is just $20! It comes in multiple colors. It is a bit oversized so grab your size or size down one.









Happy Shopping!

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

shop my look:
muscle tank (under $10) // jeans – on sale! // similar bomber jacket // slip-on sneakers (under $25)

I was talking with a co-worker the other day about something that I did in high school and they found it so crazy that I was into something like that. I don’t remember the details, but I do remember thinking that it’s strange how people know you in certain points in your life and have a perception of you based on that. For instance, my college friends would have some crazy stories for you, but a lot of them would be surprised to know that nowadays I am usually in bed before 9:30pm! My high school classmates would be surprised to know that I’m part of a book club, because I was the one who made my English teacher cry for admitting that I rarely finished a book for her class. (I wasn’t trying to make her cry! She was a great teacher, she just loved books so much she didn’t understand why I wouldn’t read.)

I thought it would be fun today to share some off-the-wall or lesser-known facts about me! I’ll start with 10, but maybe I’ll share more in other posts down the line. (PS. These photos were never meant for the blog, but I liked how they turned out so here they are!)

1. I played Marian the Librarian in my high school performance of The Music Man. My older sister was the lead of the musical the year before and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. So I took voice lessons to strengthen my singing voice in order to ensure I got the lead my senior year. It worked! I remember leaving soccer practice early for voice lessons and everyone was like huhh?!? But it paid off! I got the part.

2. I never wanted kids. For the longest time it was a joke between me and my bff Michelle that she would end up raising my kids if I ever had them. She ended up being an elementary school teacher, something she was clearly born to do. Somehow I wound up being the first of my friends to have a kid! Weird how life likes to punk you like that, ha!

3. I chose my college based on where I could play soccer. Not the best logic, but it’s the path I took and it ended up being pretty fun. I did play one year of Division III soccer at a small school in Southeastern Ohio. I met some really great people during that year and as much as I loved the school I ended up at, I really wish I had stuck it out at the first one for four years.

4. My biggest dream as of today is to be on Survivor. If you follow me on Instagram, then you might understand from the stories that I’ve been binge watching old Survivor seasons. By binge watching I mean straight binge-ing. I think I made it through one season in three days. (However, David was out of town those days and I would usually watch them after Finn went to bed). I struggle with being hangry, so I’m sure the whole survival aspect of the show would really bring out my snappy side, but I could totally win that million bucks.

5.I hate roller coasters. Loathe them. There is no fun in that. Don’t even bother bringing me to an amusement park.


6. I interned for an NBA team in grad school.  Yep, coolest job I’ve ever had. I worked in the web department for the Indiana Pacers during the season they took the Miami Heat (ya know, the team with Lebron and Dywane) to seven games in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. I was rubbing elbows in the locker room with some of the greatest sports journalists of this era. It was – and still is – surreal. One of my classmates ended up landing a job there after graduation and still works there today! (Shoutout to Wheat and Brittany. Love you guys!)

7. You could say my family is in the Death Industry. There’s no other way to put it. My grandpa owns a grave digging business and my dad owns a business in which he designs monuments. Growing up, my aunts and uncles would mow the lawns at local cemeteries for chores. It’s only weird for people who don’t know my family cause to us it was normal.

8. I don’t enjoy wearing makeup. And when I can get away with not wearing it, I will.

9. I was in a sorority. Shoutout to DPhiE.

10. Our dog’s name is Juneau but we call him Meep. Not sure of the evolution of this one, but it’s just something that happened over time. Even Finn knows him as Meep now. Juneau is his formal name and is meant for vet appointments or disciplining, so very seldom ever used.


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Loft Friends & Family Sale Try-on Session

So I’m trying something a little new on the blog today! My very first try-on session post. I gotta tell ya, it was so hard to walk out of the store without everything I tried on. So much goodness. And to add to the drama, I only had an hour at lunch, so I was limited as it was.

loft friends family sale

I chose Loft for my first try-on session post because they are having their big Friends & Family Sale right now where EVERYTHING is 40% off!! Make sure to use the code FRIENDS at checkout. I think Loft has some of the best workwear that can be easily transitioned to every-day-wear. Make sense? Like, all of these pieces can be worn at the office, or on a date night, or at the park with the baby.

I’ve been sure to include sizing tips in the descriptions below. Loft always makes me feel so good about myself because I usually have to size way down. Also, I’ve included some additional picks from the sale in the widget below. Happy shopping!


loft friends family sale

leggings – size down (i actually picked up one size down and one size up not knowing what i was gonna get, but these run big) // tee – true to size

David thinks I’m crazy, but I’ve been wanting to try leather leggings. You can’t exactly tell from my super-fantastic quality photo, but these leather leggings fit soo good. I would worry that on a warmer day that they may get a little hot, so I’d save them for the real winter weather. Also this tee is classic and a great option for layering.


loft friends family sale

loft friends family sale

leather leggings // sweater – true to size

I saw this sweater on the website and knew I had to try it. I love the length and it’s super soft. You can also wear it two ways – completely off the shoulder, or as a cowl neck, which is great for the office.


suede leggings – true to size (not as much stretch as the leather ones, so i’d buy your normal size) // tee shirt

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of suede leggings, and I really liked how these ones feel. So soft! They are a deep brown color, so something a little different than typical black, but you can wear all the same things you would with your black pants.


pants (obsessed with these) – size down, run a little big // top – true to size // cardigan – true to size

I love this outfit! This top isn’t something I’d typically pick up, but with the cardigan and the wine colored pants, it’s such a classic fall outfit. I can’t say enough things about these pants. I am OBSESSED. If there’s one thing you buy from this sale, it should be these. Full disclosure, I went into Loft looking for pants since my work pants from last year are a little big. These are the perfect color and super soft too.

The cardigan is so cozy and I don’t really own a lot of navy, which is weird cause I love it. I also like this cardigan because it hits higher than a lot of others I’ve been buying lately.

jeans – size down // top – true to size

I think Loft jeans are super flattering, and I was happy to realize that these ones were a little big at my regular size. I love the cuff detail on the bottom and the deep denim color. I would definitely size down on these, though. As for the top, I’m not usually a fan of the cold shoulder look on me, but the bell sleeves I can get behind. I think this would be great layering tee and it’s under $20!

jeans // sweater

loft friends family sale

dress – size down

This might be the most flattering dress in the entire world. Doesn’t hurt that it’s black and slimming, and runs a little big! I love the mock turtleneck, and it’s super soft. This would look adorable with heels or booties. It also comes in red.

Make sure to scroll through the widget below to check out some of the other things I picked out from the sale including these fur-lined sneakers and this striped top.

As always, happy shopping!

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