Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 weeks!

What is Baby G Up To?: Baby G is the size of an acorn squash. Still wiggly as ever and starting to move in ways that makes me jump and squirm.

How I’m Feeling: Overwhelmed? Stressed? Anxious? Excited? Bored? All of the above? I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and I’m starting to wonder what it feels like to have a flat belly again. I’ve started to think about maternity leave and the thought of missing work is scary yet enjoyable. The weeks leading up to my leave have been/will be full steam ahead as I try to finish up new projects and get as much prepared as I can. As much as I feel unprepared for maternity leave and taking so much time off work, I am absolutely ready to meet Baby G and start our lives as parents. It goes beyond the obvious – yes, I’m uncomfortable and I wake up to go to the bathroom three to four times a night, but I am also a person who learns as they go, so all of this anxiety leading up to being parents is actually far worse than it will be beingparents. David and I always look at each other when things get stressful and remind each other that we always make it work. It’s hard to say that to each other when there is so much unknown.

What I’m Wearing: I bought what I hope to be my last round of maternity clothes last week. I’m trying to make everything last for the next few months so I can save my money for post-pregnancy clothes instead. The end is near and I can’t wait to live in shorts and tank tops all summer.

What’s On My Mind Lately: To be honest, I’m a little bored with pregnancy at this point. It’s like we’ve gotten over the initial shock of knowing we are having a baby and are too far away from the excitement of Baby G’s arrival. I’m just trying to get through the days!

What I’m Craving: I’ll still eat just about anything!

What I’m Looking Forward To: It’s supposed to be in the mid to upper 70s in Virginia this week and I cannot wait. I’m looking forward to long walks with Juneau in the evenings after work. Last spring and summer, he and I spent a lot of time running outdoors and I don’t want to change our little routine.

Best Moment of the Week: Did I mention… I’m an aunt?? Yes, Emily and Shane had their little girl yesterday! I’ve only seen pictures and spent a few minutes Facetime-ing with them, but I am so excited for them! Sadly, we have to wait until July to meet her.

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Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

I’ve been pretty bad about updating the blog on my pregnancy. I can blame it on a lot of things, but honestly, I’ve just been exhausted.Between a crap-load of work, chilly weather, a whirlwind trip to Rochester, and the inevitability of the third trimester, my brain is a foggy mess by the time I get home at night. But, alas, here is the 28 week update – even this one is a few days late!

How Far Along: 28 weeks!

What is Baby G Up To?: Baby G is the size of an eggplant, and growing by the minute. Baby is super active and sitting very low, meaning I’m stopping by the restroom several times within in an hour. Apparently, if Baby G were born today, the lungs are already fully developed and Baby would be able to survive.

How I’m Feeling: I won’t bore you with anymore of this exhaustedtalk, but I’m beat. I’m waking up a lot at night both out of discomfort and having to go to the bathroom. I feel like I’ve grown so much in the last week. My belly is starting to get in the way. Sometimes my job requires a lot of walking and standing so my back has been acting up. Fortunately we invested in a heating pad early on so I carry that bad boy everywhere I can. David and I have been working out three days a week to ensure that I keep moving. I am obsessed with having a natural birth, so I’m doing everything I can to make that happen! Other than the physical aches and annoyances, I’m starting to feel anxious about how quickly our due date is approaching. January and February flew by, and before I know it, March will fly by too. I’m six weeks behind my sister, Emily, who is due in early April. It’s so surreal to talk to her now knowing she is literally in the final stretch of her pregnancy. For a while it seemed like we would both be pregnant forever, but now that I see the end in sight for her, it’s getting more real for me too!

What I’m Wearing: Anything that fits! Come on spring! I want dress season!

What’s On My Mind Lately: Strangely, I’m much calmer than I originally thought I’d be about actually having the baby at home. I’m looking forward to those days, even if it means a different level of exhaustion. What I’m absolutely terrified of is the unknown of labor and delivery. There’s so much to think about and so much to do ahead of time, I know I’m going to forget something! I’ve also started to think about really real things like being at home with Baby, and having to take Juneau out for a walk. Or packing a diaper bag. Or knowing what the number sizes on diapers mean. Or going into labor at work.

What I’m Craving: I saw a picture of pregnant woman’s internal anatomy as she heads into her third trimester. The stomach has been squeezed to a fraction of it’s original size. At this point, I eat what I can, feel full minutes later, and then wake up starving at night. I’m not craving anything specific, although the BBQ we had for dinner last night was ah-maze-ing.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Diving into our birthing classes. We took our first one last night and I’ve already learned more than I thought I could. I’m not the mom-to-be who has her shit together and reads up on everything I need to know. I know I need to know more, and so does David, so we spent two hours learning about how labor starts, when to head to the hospital and took a tour of the labor and delivery rooms. We will continue to go to classes for the next four weeks!

Best Moment of the Week: David and I traveled to New York two weeks ago to attend our baby shower. It was so good to see all the special women in my life and open gifts for Baby G. It made me feel more prepared for Baby’s arrival! We also got to spend time with my sister who moved out to Colorado last week. Plus, we were able to Skype Emily in and watch her open some gifts for Baby F. We are lucky girls!

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Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks!

What is Baby G Up To?: Baby G is the size of a head of cauliflower and still moving all the time. Fun fact: a pregnant woman’s belly grows a centimeter with each week she is pregnant. My doctor measured my belly last week and I am right on track – 25 cm. Baby G is beginning to hear things outside the womb, which is great – Baby will be used to Juneau’s barking long before they actually meet!

How I’m Feeling: I feel great! My hair is growing and my nails are the healthiest they’ve ever been. I’ve been working out, doing yoga and walking, to ensure I stay active throughout the last months of this pregnancy. I want to do everything possible to ensure a natural birth. My hormones have seemed to calm down this week as well. Last week I was a sappy, frustrated, irritable mess. This week I feel much, much better!

What I’m Wearing: Anything that will fit! I hate the idea of buying more maternity clothes knowing that I only have a few more weeks to wear them, so I’m getting use out of anything that I can get into!

What’s On My Mind Lately: I’ve been thinking a lot about the labor and delivery part of this whole thing. I’ve been reading as much as I can and soaking in as much advice as possible. I spoke with David (although I think we may have to have the conversation again as the weeks go by) about how I’d like the labor to go in an ideal world. He is taking the labor coach role fairly seriously, although I think he is more concerned with involving himself with the actual delivery than what I’ll be up to at that point. Yes, you read that correctly, David wants to deliver the baby.

What I’m Craving: My co-workers took me out to lunch for my birthday and I had a hankering for pizza. It totally hit the spot. I’ve been trying to eat healthier than I had been and it seems to improve my mood. It’s so easy to eat junk food, especially in the cold, wintery months so I’m trying hard to eat lots of protein and cut the carbs – doctor’s orders!

What I’m Looking Forward To: My birthday is in two days and Valentines Day is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to celebrating our final v-day as a child-less couple. We started a tradition a few years back to go out to brunch on Valentines Day. It was a nice way to get out and do something different without having to beat the dinner crowds. We will probably have a laid back weekend – just the way I would want it!

Best Moment of the Week: My mom sent us a Dr. Seuss book that is to be read to the baby while still in utero. David and I have been reading it to Baby G every so often. I love the way David interacts with Baby G! He is gonna be such a good Daddy!

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Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks!

What is Baby G Up To?: Moving and grooving. Keeping me up at night with all this bouncing around. Baby G is the size of a cantaloupe, which, for the first time, feels like an accurate fruit to compare to.

How I’m Feeling: I aggravated an older soccer injury in my tailbone that has been giving me some serious pain! I’ve also been letting these crazy hormones get the best of me. This weekend I spent a lot of time trying to distract myself from how overwhelmed I feel.

What I’m Wearing: Comfortable shoes!

What’s On My Mind Lately: A lot. Too much, really, and between this winter weather and raging hormones, all I want to do is go to bed and wake up in May when it’s time to meet Baby G. Work continues to be stressful and David’s school is back in full swing, which adds another layer of crazy. My birthday is next week, which seems insane to me! Wasn’t it just Christmas? And now we are looking at mid-February?!

What I’m Craving: I’m not craving anything specific, but when I see someone eating or drinking something, I immediately need it. The other day I found myself drooling over someone’s Vitamin Water, something I haven’t had in years! But I had to have one right away, so I drove to a gas station and picked one up. It’s safe to say my cravings are based off of what everyone else is eating and drinking.

What I’m Looking Forward To: My birthday! I was always scared that when I started really showing that most interactions with people would be based around questions regarding the baby. But my birthday will be one day where Pregnant Erica is just Erica, and I think that’s pretty awesome!

Best Moment of the Week: My boss had a baby last June and she brought in some extra diapers and pacifiers for us last week. Along with that she brought in a fetal heart monitor and a book for new moms. It was such a sweet gesture and we had a lot of fun playing with the monitor over the weekend.

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Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks!

What is Baby G Up To?: Baby G is the size of a grapefruit! And is growing by the day. (And so am I!)

How I’m Feeling: I finally got over a cold that had been lingering far too long. That, combined with the snow storm that hit us over the weekend gave me such a bad case of cabin fever I have been hitting the gym at night after work just to get out of the house a little. It feels good to be working out again, although most of the time while I’m jogging or lifting weights I feel stares from other people around me! It’s a baby, people.

What I’m Wearing: Fortunately today it’s warm enough to wear a dress and heels. I’ve been getting sick and tired of pants and boots the last few days. Despite the snow, I feel spring weather in the air which makes me excited for long dresses and flip flops in just a few short months.

What’s On My Mind Lately: David and I have been laying in bed at night feeling Baby G kick and move. The baby is active as ever, and we have been having conversations about what kind of person our baby will become. Although it’s such a normal thing, growing a child inside you is so bizarre. I know baby is in there, and I know baby will be here soon, but the concept of it is just a little bigger than I can grasp.

What I’m Craving: I needed a salad after days of eating leftover chili! Finally, some greens in my life!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Springtime! Over this snow!

Best Moment of the Week: We received a few gifts in the mail over the past few weeks. With our New York shower in just a little less than a month, our loved ones have been picking through the registry and shipping us gifts. It’s so fun to see all of Baby G’s stuff accumulate!

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