Baby on Board

baby announcement

Finally! The secrets out!

David and I found out we were expecting wayyy back in mid-September. He was on a fishing trip over the weekend, and when he came back on Sunday night, he brought with him some home pregnancy tests. We just had a feeling… and we were right. I took FOUR pregnancy tests that night, just to make sure. It’s a strange feeling realizing that you’re pregnant. I immediately thought of everything I was doing wrong. “Oh no! I had a beer last night with dinner!” “I haven’t been taking prenatal vitamins!”

The moment David and I realized we were going to have a baby was nothing like what you see in the movies. We weren’t jumping around, crying with joy. In fact, we stared at each other, terrified, and immediately drove to his parent’s house for some guidance.

We told our families that night. It just felt strange to have a secret from my sisters and my mom and dad. They were all thrilled, of course. I still felt terrified. We had just found out weeks before that my older sister was expecting as well. I remember her calling me and feeling relieved that the pressure was off! I could wait as long as we needed. But like they say, when you make plans, God laughs and makes his own.

I would be lying if I said my entire pregnancy was beautiful and exciting so far. It took me about three weeks to fully grasp onto the fact that there was a baby growing inside me. I still don’t think I can truly wrap my head around it. Mix those feelings with the yuckiness of the first trimester… ugh, those were some tough weeks.

Now, though, I’m feeling much more like myself. With the exception of my clothes fitting tighter and having a strong aversion to coffee (I miss it so much!), I’m feeling good. I’ve even kept up a semi-normal exercise routine, although much more limited since I get out of breath just walking up the stairs to our apartment.

I’m currently 15 weeks and 5 days. I’ve started to show a bit and people at work have been guessing that something is up! David and I talked long ago about announcing the pregnancy while in Belize, and it was the perfect place to do it! We had a prenatal checkup this morning and everything is going smoothly. As the doctor put it, we are on cruise control right now. I’m so excited to see my family in a few weeks and spend the holidays with them. I can’t believe that 2015 is nearly over. What a crazy year for the Gregorys!

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Wedding Photos: Bride and Groom

wedding photos bride groom

I think it goes without saying that some of my absolute favorite wedding photos from our wedding day are of just David and I. We laugh now because I keep saying I don’t think I looked anywhere but at him for the majority of the day. I wanted to soak up every little moment we shared together. It was strange waking up without him that morning, and going until 4:30pm without even a text message. We are usually always in contact so it took a lot of discipline to not talk to him.

It was worth the wait! I can’t imagine a more beautiful day, a more beautiful setting, and a more handsome groom. I think I’ve used up enough reasons to continue to post wedding photos on here, but I think I saved the best for last. I love the photos of just us. I think they capture our love perfectly!

Thanks again to our wonderful photographer, Rajaa of I Romanticize, for her beautiful pictures!znmudsvmdunnu_-qgxdzhn08jtg0_ikiyigg7hqsd4





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Wedding Photos: The Ceremony

Our wedding ceremony was such a blur. I hardly remember walking down the aisle and seeing David’s face for the first time. Afterwards, several of the groomsmen and bridesmaids told me they were crying throughout! I had no idea! I was looking straight at David the entire time! One of the best memories I have is walking down the aisle with my dad and having Fenway, our precious puppy, walk alongside of us. He spent the entire ceremony at my parent’s feet.

The officiant was Judge Hallock, a Rath Family friend. We had a civil ceremony since neither David nor I really align ourselves with any specific religion. We wanted the ceremony to be personal… and quick. We wrote our own vows, and everyone was wow-ed by just how romantic David’s were. (I see that side of him more often than everyone else!) Right after we were pronounced Mr. and Mrs., we took a private moment to ourselves in the backyard. Soon, Juneau caught up with us and we were off to take pictures!

The ceremony was set up the morning of the wedding. We stole some of Dad’s wood from the woodpile, place some flower pots on them, and it worked out perfectly. I had mentioned to my parents that I thought having hay bales for the guests to sit on was a great way to tie in the backyard feel to the ceremony. A few days before we arrived in New York I called my mom asking if my dad had found hay bales. She gave me a very diplomatic answer, but come to find out later, Dad had a pretty tough time nailing down them down! Fortunately, he and my mom came through.

Funny story: the night before we had everyone over for the rehearsal. We were all dressed up, ready to go to the rehearsal dinner when I decided the ceremony should take place elsewhere in the yard. The words were hardly out of my mouth when the men started picking up and moving the hay bales across the yard. Everyone laughed — what the bride wants, the bride gets!

Thanks again to our wonderful photographer, Rajaa of I Romanticize, for her beautiful pictures!img_1039-2-1024x683















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Wedding Photos: Our Wedding Party

How glamorous did our wedding party look?! Okay, maybe glamorous isn’t the right word to describe a backyard wedding, but I cannot imagine a better looking of people. David wanted a relaxed look for his guys, so he chose a white dress shirt, blue khakis, and a leather belt. For shoes? His favorite… flip flops! We got more than a few strange looks when we told people our groomsmen were wearing flip flops, but I went barefoot, so it was a good choice. David’s groomsmen included his brother, best friend, cousin, uncle, and a friend he served with.

When I picked my bridesmaids, I knew it would be difficult to get us all together to try on dresses before the wedding. My older sister lives out in Denver, I live in Virginia, and the other three all have pretty conflicting job schedules. So instead I asked them all to find a pink/cream/champagne dress, and they each found the most beautiful dress for each of them! My favorite moment was when I walked out from around the corner after putting my dress on. They saw me for the first time, and I saw them! It was so emotional. I had two of my lifelong friends and my two sisters in my wedding party. David and I figured with such an relaxed and personal ceremony, our wedding party didn’t have to match. Instead, Carrie just got to walk two guys down the aisle ;).

Another favorite thing we decided on was having a combined head table with each of our attendants’ dates sitting together. It’s always awkward to be the date of a guest who is in the wedding, so we thought it would be nice to give everyone a spot at the table with us!

Thank you to my wonderful photographer, Rajaa of I Romanticize for all of these wonderful memories!















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Wedding Day: Getting Ready

The morning of our wedding was so hectic! My bridesmaids and I spent the night at my parent’s house the night before and I woke up at 6am ready to start the day. I couldn’t sleep any longer; there was so much to do! The morning of the wedding we set everything up ourselves. Family came over to help, which was such a relief, but I didn’t sit down to relax until I had to get my hair done. You can see it on my face in the pictures: I was stresssssed!

Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have wanted my wedding morning any differently. I found out later that David and his guys simply hung out at the hotel, got lunch, and took their time getting ready. If I had time to sit and relax, I think I would’ve gone crazy! As I sat down to have a cup of coffee before all the madness began, I started to tear up at how anxious and excited I was. I walked inside and turned on ESPN to distract myself!

I invited the women in my life over for brunch in the morning. The pastries and other goodies came from A Bakery Creation, a local favorite. My mom and grandma also made some awesome food. I found my makeup artist and hairstylist through a website called Thumbtack. It could’ve gone completely wrong, but Shannon Lajuett of Colour Me Pretty and Krystal Means of Krystal salon Sei Bella were absolutely wonderful! They were professional, traveled to us, and were fun to be around as I was having a moment about getting married in just a few hours.

I will slowly share more photos over the next few weeks. Wedding photos are my favorite — even those of people I’ve never met. Thank you to my wonderful photographer, Rajaa of I Romanticize for all of these wonderful memories!














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