Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks!

What is Baby G Up To?: Moving and grooving. Keeping me up at night with all this bouncing around. Baby G is the size of a cantaloupe, which, for the first time, feels like an accurate fruit to compare to.

How I’m Feeling: I aggravated an older soccer injury in my tailbone that has been giving me some serious pain! I’ve also been letting these crazy hormones get the best of me. This weekend I spent a lot of time trying to distract myself from how overwhelmed I feel.

What I’m Wearing: Comfortable shoes!

What’s On My Mind Lately: A lot. Too much, really, and between this winter weather and raging hormones, all I want to do is go to bed and wake up in May when it’s time to meet Baby G. Work continues to be stressful and David’s school is back in full swing, which adds another layer of crazy. My birthday is next week, which seems insane to me! Wasn’t it just Christmas? And now we are looking at mid-February?!

What I’m Craving: I’m not craving anything specific, but when I see someone eating or drinking something, I immediately need it. The other day I found myself drooling over someone’s Vitamin Water, something I haven’t had in years! But I had to have one right away, so I drove to a gas station and picked one up. It’s safe to say my cravings are based off of what everyone else is eating and drinking.

What I’m Looking Forward To: My birthday! I was always scared that when I started really showing that most interactions with people would be based around questions regarding the baby. But my birthday will be one day where Pregnant Erica is just Erica, and I think that’s pretty awesome!

Best Moment of the Week: My boss had a baby last June and she brought in some extra diapers and pacifiers for us last week. Along with that she brought in a fetal heart monitor and a book for new moms. It was such a sweet gesture and we had a lot of fun playing with the monitor over the weekend.

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Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks!

What is Baby G Up To?: Baby G is the size of a grapefruit! And is growing by the day. (And so am I!)

How I’m Feeling: I finally got over a cold that had been lingering far too long. That, combined with the snow storm that hit us over the weekend gave me such a bad case of cabin fever I have been hitting the gym at night after work just to get out of the house a little. It feels good to be working out again, although most of the time while I’m jogging or lifting weights I feel stares from other people around me! It’s a baby, people.

What I’m Wearing: Fortunately today it’s warm enough to wear a dress and heels. I’ve been getting sick and tired of pants and boots the last few days. Despite the snow, I feel spring weather in the air which makes me excited for long dresses and flip flops in just a few short months.

What’s On My Mind Lately: David and I have been laying in bed at night feeling Baby G kick and move. The baby is active as ever, and we have been having conversations about what kind of person our baby will become. Although it’s such a normal thing, growing a child inside you is so bizarre. I know baby is in there, and I know baby will be here soon, but the concept of it is just a little bigger than I can grasp.

What I’m Craving: I needed a salad after days of eating leftover chili! Finally, some greens in my life!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Springtime! Over this snow!

Best Moment of the Week: We received a few gifts in the mail over the past few weeks. With our New York shower in just a little less than a month, our loved ones have been picking through the registry and shipping us gifts. It’s so fun to see all of Baby G’s stuff accumulate!

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Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks

How funny is it that Juneau is in every one of these photos? He is so interested in everything we do, and he is being extra cuddly lately. He is going to be a great big brother, but I worry that he may be a little too protective of Baby G! David and I laugh that it may be hard for people to come over and pick up the baby since Juneau will serve as the protector!

How Far Along: 21 weeks!

What is Baby G Up To?: Baby G is the size of a pomegranate. According to our 20 week ultrasound, Baby G is 15 ounces.

How I’m Feeling: I feel pregnant! I’m starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, especially at night. I have a body pillow that has become my best friend lately. I’m pretty exhausted all the time, too. It’s a strange thing though, because I don’t feel very big. I still have moments I have to remind myself that I’m pregnant. I am wanting to do everything I used to do – bend over, cuddle up with my feet under me, lay on my belly. I can still do most of those things, it’s just becoming a bit harder.

What I’m Wearing: I’m in full-blown pregnancy clothes. I’ve been able to find some non-maternity sweaters that fit my belly in a cute way. However, when I’m home it’s sweats and big t-shirts!

What’s On My Mind Lately: So much! I received my free breast pump in the mail over the weekend which made me start thinking about the days of being a working mom and how hectic that will be! (By the way, moms-to-be, check with your insurance and see if you qualify for a free breast pump. A friend of mine mentioned it to me, and I was able to get a $200 breast pump for nada. Such an awesome thing!) We started discussing my maternity leave and David’s time off from work in the first few weeks after the baby is born. We also started making a list of people to call when I go into labor. We’ve been starting a very preliminary search into buying a house as well. We’ve never been great “planners” so with the new year we decided that we put an emphasis on planning this year!

What I’m Craving: I didn’t think I was craving anything besides just food in general until I ate a piece of pineapple the other day. It was like I had been searching for something my entire life and I finally found it! I went to the store and bought a whole pineapple to cut up.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Getting out of January! Work has all of a sudden exploded and I have so much to do. I let my hormones get the best of me this weekend and spent a lot of time crying for no reason at all. I’m hoping that when work slows a bit, so will my emotions. Plus, February is just a better month… I turn 28 a month from today!

Best Moment of the Week: We found out the gender of our baby! Like I mentioned, we will be keeping it gender neutral on the blog since my dad doesn’t want to know. David and I went out to dinner with an envelope and our baby’s gender written on it. It was such an amazing moment! Either way we would’ve been thrilled, but knowing has made everything more real.

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Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted about this, but to be honest, being at home for the holidays is so darn relaxing, I just did not want to get out my computer and write. I think I finally “popped” over Christmas, although I’m still trying to convince myself it’s because of all the food I ate, and not because of the baby!

How Far Along: 20 weeks (and 3 days)

What is Baby G Up To?: Baby G is the size of a banana – well, I guess the length of a banana. He/she is moving a lot, and I feel movement all the time.

How I’m Feeling: I feel good! I’m getting bigger, which is a strange feeling, especially for someone like me who has always been very conscious of my size. I’m hungry ALL. THE. TIME. I just cannot curb my appetite. I try to trick myself by eating smaller meals throughout the day, but baby is smarter than that. I eat everything in sight. I’m back at work this week and despite the cold weather, I’m feeling refreshed. Sometimes you just need some down time to appreciate the busy days. In the next coming months I’m going to be working my butt off to get a bunch of projects finished before I go on maternity leave. As daunting as it can seem, I’m prepared for it. I just know I’m going to have to fight the exhaustion!

What I’m Wearing: My mom spoiled me a bit while I was visiting and bought me some great maternity clothes. Fortunately, we hit those after Christmas deals, and I was able to find some great dresses for work. The store we went to had a pillow in the dressing room that was supposed to put on “3 months” and I could hardly believe I was going to get that big!

What’s On My Mind Lately: I’ve been thinking more about parenting lately. For a while, I was just thinking about how the pregnancy was going to effect my life, but now I’m thinking even more into the future about our baby. What will he/she look like? Will they play sports? What does my career path look like so I can be around to watch him or her play sports? I’m also thinking a lot about my sister, who is about six and a half weeks ahead of me. She is due in early April, which seems so close!

What I’m Craving: I think I’m at the point where I am not craving much, just eating it all.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Our second trimester ultrasound on Thursday! I can’t believe it’s finally here. David and I are going to find out the gender, but we are going to have the tech put it in an envelope so we can open it over dinner that night. I’m not going to announce it here since my dad doesn’t want to know, but we are going to tell our friends and family – I don’t think I can keep it a secret!

Best Moment of the Week: David finally felt the baby move! For weeks he’s been holding his hand to my belly trying to feel the subtle movements I feel, and this week he finally felt them. It was so cute to see the smile of his face. I think he is starting to think about being a dad, too!

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Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks

What is Baby G Up To?: Baby G is the size of an onion. He or she is turning cartilage into bone and putting on some fat. It really is crazy when you think about all the growth that is happening, especially from the first few weeks. Baby G is now a proportional baby in that his or her arms and legs are in proportion to it’s head and body. From here, her or she will just grow!

How I’m Feeling: Tired. I make it through the work week okay, but when I hit the weekend, all I want to do is sleep. I’ll take exhausted over sick every time, but I’m just not used to having to take naps to make it through the day. I haven’t taken a sip of coffee since week 6, so my caffeine intake is non-existent. That may be good for the baby, but it’s not great for my productivity. I also haven’t been working out as much as I would like to, which is probably another reason I’m not feeling energized. Juneau and I did take a long walk yesterday though, and I felt great afterwards.

What I’m Wearing: Still fitting into my own clothes, but I did buy a pair of maternity jeans this weekend. The day is coming, and coming soon.

What’s On My Mind Lately: I can’t believe I’m 17 weeks! That’s nearly halfway! May always seemed sooo far away, but after the holidays we will be in the 20s! Time is flying.

What I’m Craving: Carbs – pasta, bread, bagels, potato chips. Don’t worry Mom, I eat my fruits and veggies, too! I just don’t crave them 🙂

What I’m Looking Forward To: Still looking forward to Christmas break. Eight more work days!

Best Moment of the Week: I announced my pregnancy at work on Friday at our holiday party. I thought everyone would have known since I think I look pregnant, but the majority of folks were surprised. It was pretty cute!

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