Reese at Ten Months Old

Ten months of Reese. I love our little girl so much! I have spent every single day of her life with her and I feel so blessed to be able to do that. Reese’s first ten months have gone by so much faster than I ever thought they would. It’s unbelieveable to me how quickly babies change. The day she was born I remember thinking how small she was, especially compared to Finn at the time! Now, she’s a hefty twenty pounds of constant movement. She’s got a little personality. I want time to slow down.


Listen, you’re never truly prepared to be a parent. On top of that, when you start hitting your groove with things, something changes – developmental leaps, teething, growth spurts. I’ve learned that I’ve got to take things day to day. Generally, Reese is a super easy baby, but like all of us, she has her moments. Sometimes these moments throw a curve ball, sometimes I learn to go with them. Each day is very different, and yet I feel like I do the same thing over and over again.

I’ve told everyone I come into contact with that becoming a mother has truly fulfilled my life. It’s given me confidence and made me take risks I never thought I would. The older my kids get, especially Reese, the more I get excited about the next chapters in our lives. I love being a mom, and I don’t want that feeling to change. I think the reason I feel so content right now is simply because I have a balance in my life that I craved so badly a year ago. I have my work. I have my kids. I have my husband. And I have my “me” time.

Physical Growth:

Reese is twenty pounds, and in the 80th percentile for both her height and head circumference. She is finally crawling and getting into everything. She’s pulling up on the couch, chairs, her walker, everything.

Reese is slowly growing hair, and it’s blonde with a red tint, just like her brothers was at her age.

Brain Growth:

Reese is finally over her stranger danger phase. She loves to babble all day long, and certainly likes to throw a fit. She’s quite the diva! She gets frustrated that she can’t move as quickly as she wants, but she is getting better every day. She loves watching and taking everything in!


Reese goes down between 6:30 and 7pm, and sleeps until 6:30-7am the next morning. I’m still dream feeding her around 10pm and she usually wakes up one more time in the night to nurse.

She also naps twice each day for about two hours each time.


Our chunky monkey loves to eat! Her nursing schedule is a little inconsistent based on the day, but she nurses when she wakes up and goes to bed, and then twice more throughout the day.

As for solids, Reese eats three meals a day. She loves purees and yogurt, but from the start we basically gave her little bits of solid food and she’s eaten anything we put in front of her. Some of her favorites are waffles, blueberries, and puffs!

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • The way Reese scoots around the floor trying to figure out what to do with her second foot when she crawls.
  • The way she puts her arms out for Daddy to grab her when he gets home.
  • The squeal she lets out when she gets excited!

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