Reflections on this Season of Life

The last few weeks I feel like I’ve really hit my groove. Somewhere amongst the busy mornings trying to get out the door and the late nights cuddled on the couch watching Big Brother with David, I realized that I’ve been feeling quite content lately. Throughout most of my twenties, I felt like there was always something more to reach for or work towards. For years I’ve felt like something was missing, and didn’t really know what that thing was.

I came to the realization that I’ll be 30 in just six months, and instead of dread, I feel quite accomplished. I have a strong marriage, a beautiful son, a loyal pup, a loving family, a steady job, and a growing blog and business.

The last few months I have prioritized this blog and the social media outlets that accompany it. The growth has been slow, but steady, and this outlet fills my soul with joy and pride. I often bump into people who mention my blog and how much they enjoy it – whether it be a peer who enjoys my style or a distant relative who just likes to keep up with us! It’s a simple thing, but it makes me so happy! I love being a “blogger”.

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Years ago, I would have thought that being a young working mom would’ve been boring! My Friday nights usually dragged into Saturday mornings and I was soaking up every ounce of the day. Nowadays, Friday nights in are my favorite, and quality time with my family is more fun than any party I’m invited to. This season of life suits me well. I enjoy the stability, the lack of drama, the consistency.

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I really think that Finn’s age has me feeling great as well. He is so much fun these days. He is learning, chatting, walking. I can’t believe how much he has grown and I am really enjoying this age. Everything he does makes me smile, and that’s no exaggeration. From playing in Juneau’s water dish, to pointing at all the “mmbuurrds” (birds) in the trees, he is the sweetest boy. Even his tantrums make me laugh because they are just so darn ridiculous!

I know the future holds more children, a new home, and no doubt some hard times, so before that stress sets in, I’m letting myself enjoy. It’s nice to reflect on your life in the moment and realize you ain’t doing too bad.

Just some random thoughts for ya!

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