Jacket: Old, and need an upgrade! (Thinking about buying this one, or this white one!) // Shirt: BP from Nordstrom (similar here and just bought this cutie from Old Navy) // Pants: Gap // Shoes: Coach (seriously the most worn shoe I own! So comfortable!)

The other day I was talking to someone I had just met. I mentioned having an almost-nine-month-old at home and their jaw about hit the floor. They were shocked I had a baby and told me I ‘looked wonderful for having a little one at home!’ (I also think that they thought I may have just graduated college, but I’ll take that assumption!) I thanked them, but immediately started thinking otherwise. “I still have about five pounds to lose” and “my skin looks like I haven’t slept in nine months” and “I should really stop eating carbs.” Why couldn’t I just take the compliment? Why do I become so self-depricating?

I, like most women, struggle with my self-image. But after consciously thinking about the conversation I had had with myself after the stranger gave me a compliment, I realized I needed to be more accepting of my flaws. A little less critical. I promised myself then and there to start practicing self-love.

This realization happened a matter of days ago, and since then, I’ve probably seen more than a dozen quotes and blog posts discussing self-love. I even found a book in the five dollar section of the grocery store talking about it (so I took it as a sign and bought it). Perhaps it’s because it’s the season of love, but I’d prefer to believe that all of these quotes, posts, and books are the universe’s way of reminding me of the promise I made with myself: to accept my flaws, my curves, my bad skin, and give myself a break when it comes to those five extra pounds.

I also believe that a lot of your confidence can come from what you wear. This outfit totally makes me feel totally me and comfortable. I’m not one that has to dress up to the nines to feel wonderful, although it’s fun to do every now and then. However, some loose pants, a jean jacket, and my staple stripe t-shirt is absolutely an “Erica” outfit, and makes me feel great!

So, in the spirit of self-love:

  • I’m totally in awe of how quickly my body bounced back after pregnancy! What an amazingly surreal feat!
  • Some women would kill for a booty like mine. Some women have plastic surgery to achieve it. I’m one of the lucky ones to be born with a booty and I’m going to own that!
  • I’m stronger than many and have a ton of self-motivation. Even in my worst shape, I’m able to get through a tough workout.

How do you practice self-love?

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