Do You Have A Song That Tells Your Story?

song tells our story

Are you a lyric person? I have and always will be one. I listen intently to the words of songs and see how they relate to my life. I think this is why I enjoy country music so much Рthe storytelling is so relatable and heartfelt. I can trace my lyric-obsession back to the days of AIM when you needed that perfect quote to describe how you were feeling in your profile and away messages. I used to look up song lyrics, print them out, study them, and make sure I had backups for the full spectrum of feelings.

I still do this, much to David’s dismay. He thinks it’s endearing, but I can admit that I may send him one too many songs each week asking him to “listen to the words.” Sometimes words just hit you, though.

I remember listening to “We Weren’t Crazy” by Josh Gracin back in 2010 when I met David. The song was released right around the time we started dating. The words were wonderful, but I couldn’t quite relate to them at that point in my life or our relationship. A year later, when we spontaneously moved across the country, the first verse started to make sense:

“We headed out to California.
Everybody tried to warn us –
said we wouldn’t make it any further
than that worn out Chevy would.
We broke down a time or two
Thought maybe we didn’t think it through
We were all we had to turn to
When it wasn’t lookin’ good
We’re looking back laughing
Cause they called us crazy
We were young, we were wild
We were restless
Had to go, had to fly
Had to get away
Took a chance on that feeling
We were loving blind
Borderline reckless
We were living for the minute
We were spinning in
Maybe we were a lot of things
But we weren’t crazy.”

Sure, we were headed to New Mexico in a Pontiac, but the sentiment stuck. We were met with a lot of questions about if that was the right move for us. We didn’t think much about finances or our future – we wanted an adventure, so we took it! Sure, it could’ve ended horribly wrong but instead, it made us stronger as a couple. I often think that if Finn tried to move across the country with a girlfriend of less than a year at that age, I would freak.¬†But I’m glad David and I were able to be young, wild and a little reckless.

The next verse became relevant just recently:

“Just a couple kids
a couple years ago
Now we’ve got a couple
kids of our own.
We turned out right
and proved them wrong.
Look at us going strong.”

It feels as if, in a instant, our relationship matured and – look at us now! It’s been quite a journey, not without hard times. Which makes the bridge so good:

“We could’ve set it down
When things got tough
we could’ve walked away from this love
but that’d been crazy.”

I’m so grateful for music for being a constant reminder of how our stories and relationships change over time, but give us something to bring us back to remember all the moments along the way. I wonder – do you have a song that makes you reminisce on your own life?

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