Finn at 10 Months

I can’t believe we are only two months from Finn being one year old. I know every parent says this but, I seriously don’t know where the time has gone. Thinking back to a year ago, remembering what it felt like to have two months to go in my pregnancy, it feels like yesterday. Finn is 10 months old now, and he is so fun, so curious, and so happy!


Talk to David and me separately about parenting, and you’ll probably get totally different answers. I LOVE the age Finn is at now. He is so interactive and curious. He is a ball of energy and wants to get into everything. It can certainly get to be a little much at times, but I would take care of 10 10-months old willingly over one newborn. Holy Cow… I am just not a newborn person. David, however, is missing the ease of our little baby just laying in his carrier. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy Finn these days, because my boys are two peas in a pod. They are the cutest together. It’s just a lot of work because Finn is a little human now! He’s demanding and mobile. It’s exhausting.

I think a lot of the difference in perspective comes from what my body was going through in those initials months postpartum. Once I stopped breastfeeding, I felt like my energy came back. I also didn’t have to stop what I was doing every three hours to pump milk for our little man. I feel like I can more thoroughly enjoy my days now and I’m taking advantage of it.

I do want to give a shout out to my man for being a wonderful Daddy. I think anyone who knows David and sees him with Finn will agree that he is so great in this new role. He is in it 100% and I love that about him. I went away for a long weekend and Finn ended up getting sick! David handled it all like a champ without a single complaint. I’m so lucky to have a partner in all of this!

Physical Growth:

Okay, back to Finn. We took him in for his 9-month appointment and he weighed just over 20lbs. Two weeks later, when David took him in for an ear infection, he had gained two pounds! We added a breakfast meal into his diet, so this obviously played a part, but this boy is solid! Finn is ready to walk. He gets stronger on his legs every single day. He pulls up on everything. He crawls really well now, but after a while, you can tell he gets frustrated and tries to stand. Still a little soon for that, bud! But soon!

Some other physical items – his hair is getting longer and is coming in a dirty blonde color. Both David and I sported blonde hair as babies, so no surprise there! Finn also has 8 teeth – four on top and four on the bottom. It was as if the top two front ones needed to break through for all the rest to do the same. He got them all in a matter of days!

Brain Growth:

Finn loves to talk. I mean LOVES it. He screams, screeches, grunts, da-das, ba-bas, ma-mas all day long. And he loves to have conversations with you. If he says something, he will look to you to say something back, and then he will mock it. It’s hilarious! We’ve also heard him say “duck”. He will repeat it to you, too, but almost in a whisper – like he’s thinking really hard about it. So cute!


Finn is still a good sleeper and Daylight Savings Time hasn’t changed much. He is still winding down by 6:30 each night.


We’ve introduced another meal into Finn’s rotation. He gets plenty of fruits and veggies, but now he is eating a grain every morning. He is still taking 6 oz of formula pretty much every 3 hours, but I can see him weaning himself a little bit. We’ve also introduced a sippy cup of water. We did this when we started feeding Finn solids, but he didn’t know what to do with it. Recently, though, he has been drinking from it! It’s a small win, but it’s also adorable.

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • Right now, Finn waves pretty well, but only with one hand. If someone waves to him while I’m carrying him, and that hand is behind me, he will still wave, but no one can see it.
  • Finn is very intent on learning new words. He watches our lips so intently, and then quietly whispers “da” no matter the sound we are making. He is thinking so hard about it that it can only come out as a whisper 🙂
  • Finn is slowly becoming more and more enamored with Juneau. The other day he was sitting near Juneau’s tail when he started wagging it and Finn let out the biggest belly laugh. He thought it was hilarious. Juneau, on the other hand, is still figuring out what exactly Finn is.

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  1. I absolutely cannot handle the cuteness of him in those overalls. Also, the idea of him waving back to people even if they can’t see it completely melts my heart. I need to meet this guy. Like yesterday.

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