The Quote That Changed My Mind

It was this quote that solidified my decision to take the plunge and start my own business. Maybe that seems silly to you, but for me, quotes have played a key role in my life for as long as I can remember. I have been storing away quotes since I learned to appreciate them in whatever way I can. I have a “note” dedicated to quotes on my iPhone. I have endless screen shots of them that I’ve found while browsing the web. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to quotes.

Words are powerful. And I might be corny enough to admit that.

I truly believe the universe gives you what you need. I promise I’m not nuts, but this is how I try to live my life. It’s all about a shift in perspective and allowing signs to play a role in your life. For instance, every time I see a cardinal, it makes me think of my grandma. Or if I’m stuck in traffic I try to think “Okay, I’m supposed to be late for a reason”. Perhaps I avoided an accident or something.

I try to be open to these messages because they, more often than not, they come at meaningful moments.

When I opened my Instagram about a month ago, the first photo that popped up was one with the quote “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” In that moment I was struggling with going back to work. I was seriously debating returning and trying to launch my business. But this quote struck me. I have been “trying” to do that exact thing for years and had nothing to show for it.

I sent the quote to David and he got it right away. I knew then that I wasn’t going back.

I’m fortunate to have a support system around me that is helping me in these first few months. I’ve had some great conversations in the past few weeks and afterwards, I’m more confident than ever that I made the right choice. Things are falling into place – things that I used as an excuse before are figuring themselves out.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. And since I’ve accepted this, everything has changed.

So if you’re in a similar situation, hoping and wishing for things to change, take the fact that you read this blog post as a sign. What needs to change for you to have everything you want out of life? DO IT!

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