The Story Behind My Engagement Ring

two year wedding anniversary

Little known secret – despite his tattoos and grizzly beard, my husband is a true romantic 🙂

That may be something he wants to keep on the down low, but I like to brag on him as much as I can.

My favorite story about David is the one behind my engagement ring.

It all started when we still lived in Indianapolis – broke as a joke. I was putting myself through grad school and David was working odd jobs to support the both of us. (It’s so funny looking back on this time in our life! We were praying for everything we have now, but looking back, those times were so much simpler!) We used to pass time by walking around malls where we never bought anything and plan a wedding we couldn’t afford.

On one of those random mall walking days, we ended up in a local jewelry store. I had never tried on engagement rings before, and was hesitant to do so since I didn’t see us getting married any time soon. However, for whatever reason, that day I tried on rings.

I had always thought I wanted a circle cut diamond, just because they are beautiful. But once I tried on an emerald cut, I fell in love. I tried on a ring with a very simple cut and band and stared it until the clerk brought me back to reality.

Unbeknownst to me, David had told the woman we were working with to put the ring aside. He started making payments that day. In the meantime, I graduated, left Indy, and we moved back east. David started to go back to school. A few months after we had settled back in Charlottesville, David had the ring paid off. It had been over a year, but David knew that one day he would ask me to marry him with the very ring I tried on that day in the store.

The jewelry store had the ring shipped to our new home just before Christmas. David had an elaborate plan to propose, but got so nervous he popped the question the same day it came in the mail!

To this day, my engagement ring is my most prized possession, and not because of the monetary value. The story behind my ring is priceless. It’s not only a testament to David’s love and dedication to us, but a great reminder of how we’ve come since those days in Indy!

Do you have a great story behind your engagement ring?

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