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sweater & booties came in my last Trunk // sweater – Madewell, also available here// booties – sole society

I’m sure you’ve all heard of meal subscription services – Blue Apron, Plated, etc. Those may the most convenient thing ever invented (unless, of course, you’re married to the pickiest eater in the entire world). The idea of having every ingredient already portioned out and placed on your doorstep is my kind of living. And props to those folks who figured out the logistics of shipping all of those… not for the faint of heart.

I’m sure if you’ve heard of those, you’ve also heard of clothing subscription boxes. There’s a ton of them out there, and since I do more than my fair share of online shopping, I see advertisements for them regularly. I had been tempted, but the styling fees were a little steep for me to justify and most of the clothing were brands I had never heard of, so sizing was always a fear.


poncho & tee came in Trunk // poncho – similar here //  tee – caslon (such a great basic!)

I heard of Trunk Club through my obsession with Nordstrom – and several other bloggers I follow, too. I couldn’t help but look into it and a few months ago, I finally pulled the trigger. What was different about Trunk Club than the other subscription services?

  • The styling fee was just $25, and serves as a credit to anything I purchase through my Trunk. So when I signed up for Trunk Club, I paid $25 for my first Trunk to arrive. I then used the $25 to purchase this sweater and a shirt from that Trunk, so I only came out of pocket for the difference.
  • I had a one-on-one, deep-dive styling session with my stylist. I’m talking almost an hour chat about my lifestyle, my needs, my size, what I usually lean towards and what I am too scared to try. We talked about being a mom, about my day job and that sometimes I’m on my feet for hours. At the end of the session, I felt like I had just made a new friend – a friend that was gonna pick out all my clothes for me! PS. This styling session took place over a chat/messenger system, not on the phone, which I prefer!
  • All of the clothes come from Nordstrom. Another perk! I can browse Nordstrom’s website and have my stylist send some items that I have been eyeing. I can read the reviews and see the price beforehand, which is incredibly helpful. My closest Nordstrom is about an hour away, so it’s not the most convenient place to get to. So instead of me driving there, Nordstrom comes to me!
  • My stylist sends bags, shoes, necklaces, scarves – you name it! This isn’t limited to just clothes!
  • Once each item in the Trunk is selected, Trunk Club provides styling options on their website that include other items from your Trunk. For example, I received a basic tee in my first Trunk and it gave me three or four different ways to wear it with other sweaters and cardigans within the same Trunk. So helpful!
  • You can cancel at any time! Yep, no need to continue if you don’t want to. Just let your stylist know that you won’t be needing a Trunk next month and they won’t send it – and you won’t be charged!

booties & poncho came in Trunk // poncho – similar (so great for pregnant or nursing mamas!) // booties – blondo (they are waterproof and incredibly comfortable!)

I’ve been so happy with the customer service I’ve received from Trunk Club as well. Last Trunk, they sent the wrong item and I was charged for it since I didn’t return it. I emailed my stylist about the mistake and without question, they refunded me the money for the missing item within a few hours!

I can’t say enough good things about Trunk Club. It’s really just an easy way to shop. You can customize your Trunk, or have your stylist pick the items for you. Either way, you get a say before the Trunk is shipped.

The best thing? If you sign up for Trunk Club, you get a referral code. You can then send this to anyone you know, and if they sign up for Trunk Club and spend $50, you get a $50 credit! Such a fun way to spread the love.


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