Two Years

two year wedding anniversary

July 11, 2015.

Was that really two years ago? It seems like just yesterday David and I said ‘I do.’ I love remembering that day. It was a beautiful summer day – all of the people we love were in one place – and the air was full of love.

Two years later and I’m more in love with David Gregory than I was that day. He’s one of a kind – a passionate, loving, hard-headed, hilarious human being. He drives me absolutely nuts and supports every crazy thing I decide to do – with some commentary along the way, of course!

Marriage isn’t always sunshines and butterflies, but David and I have had a mantra the last few years that have helped put everything in perspective. When things get hard or we are stressed out, we tell each other that somehow, some way, we’ve always made it work. We’ve always come out the other side a little stronger, a little wiser, and a little closer to one another.

I’m grateful for my tough tattooed teddy bear of a man! Happy Anniversary my love, let’s go get our 7/11 slurpees 😉

two year wedding anniversary

two year wedding anniversary

two year wedding anniversary

two year wedding anniversary

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And here are some candids that I had to include because I think these are the best kind of memories!

My best friends in the entire world!
The moment I opened David’s present to me. Beautiful earrings. I’ve only worn them a handful of times since because they are just too special.
Juneau was supposed to carry the rings, but he got spooked and ran back inside! He greeted us after the ceremony, though.
My mom’s beautiful veil from her wedding day. Somehow, years later, it matched my dress perfectly!
Love this photo of my dad giving me away!
One of my favorites – Sarah crying during my vows!
I love the look on David’s face here.
Post ceremony fun on the tractor ride to get photos taken! I love these people!
Everheart – our family band!
How funny is Juneau! He wouldn’t leave the dance floor during David’s dance with his mom.



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