Wedding Photos: The Ceremony

Our wedding ceremony was such a blur. I hardly remember walking down the aisle and seeing David’s face for the first time. Afterwards, several of the groomsmen and bridesmaids told me they were crying throughout! I had no idea! I was looking straight at David the entire time! One of the best memories I have is walking down the aisle with my dad and having Fenway, our precious puppy, walk alongside of us. He spent the entire ceremony at my parent’s feet.

The officiant was Judge Hallock, a Rath Family friend. We had a civil ceremony since neither David nor I really align ourselves with any specific religion. We wanted the ceremony to be personal… and quick. We wrote our own vows, and everyone was wow-ed by just how romantic David’s were. (I see that side of him more often than everyone else!) Right after we were pronounced Mr. and Mrs., we took a private moment to ourselves in the backyard. Soon, Juneau caught up with us and we were off to take pictures!

The ceremony was set up the morning of the wedding. We stole some of Dad’s wood from the woodpile, place some flower pots on them, and it worked out perfectly. I had mentioned to my parents that I thought having hay bales for the guests to sit on was a great way to tie in the backyard feel to the ceremony. A few days before we arrived in New York I called my mom asking if my dad had found hay bales. She gave me a very diplomatic answer, but come to find out later, Dad had a pretty tough time nailing down¬†them down! Fortunately, he and my mom came through.

Funny story: the night before we had everyone over for the rehearsal. We were all dressed up, ready to go to the rehearsal dinner when I decided the ceremony should take place elsewhere in the yard. The words were hardly out of my mouth when the men started picking up and moving the hay bales across the yard. Everyone laughed — what the bride wants, the bride gets!

Thanks again to our wonderful photographer, Rajaa of I Romanticize, for her beautiful pictures!img_1039-2-1024x683















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