Wedding Photos: Our Wedding Party

How glamorous did our wedding party look?! Okay, maybe glamorous isn’t the right word to describe a backyard wedding, but I cannot imagine a better looking of people. David wanted a relaxed look for his guys, so he chose a white dress shirt, blue khakis, and a leather belt. For shoes? His favorite… flip flops! We got more than a few strange looks when we told people our groomsmen were wearing flip flops, but I went barefoot, so it was a good choice. David’s groomsmen included his brother, best friend, cousin, uncle, and a friend he served with.

When I picked my bridesmaids, I knew it would be difficult to get us all together to try on dresses before the wedding. My older sister lives out in Denver, I live in Virginia, and the other three all have pretty conflicting job schedules. So instead I asked them all to find a pink/cream/champagne dress, and they each found the most beautiful dress for each of them! My favorite moment was when I walked out from around the corner after putting my dress on. They saw me for the first time, and I saw them! It was so emotional. I had two of my lifelong friends and my two sisters in my wedding party. David and I figured with such an relaxed and personal ceremony, our wedding party didn’t have to match. Instead, Carrie just got to walk two guys down the aisle ;).

Another favorite thing we decided on was having a combined head table with each of our attendants’ dates sitting together. It’s always awkward to be the date of a guest who is in the wedding, so we thought it would be nice to give everyone a spot at the table with us!

Thank you to my wonderful photographer, Rajaa of I Romanticize for all of these wonderful memories!















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