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Welcome to Simple & Inspired! I started this blog because I find myself going through the motions every day and I wanted to provide myself and others some inspiration that we can all act upon. Some days it takes a little more motivation than others to get my butt in gear, but some days, all it takes is a simple quote, a beautiful sunset or a glass of wine to make me feel excited about life!

So what am I trying to inspire you to do? Well, to put it simply, I want you to live this life with true intention. I want you to gain a new perspective and to look at things with a fresh eye. It’s easy to get lost in the drudgery of daily life, but the most memorable moments are those that make you realize that you are truly living life!

Now, I’m not a corny person. I am fairly down to earth and reasonable. However, I have always had a side of me that wants to create. It has only been recently that I believe that creative side needs a focus. I work in corporate marketing, so I am able to earn a paycheck doing something I enjoy. However, there is the monotony of the day job that I want to get away from, and this blog is my outlet for that. In the meantime, I hope to inspire you and help you find your passion.

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