When Love Isn’t Enough

Today is the ninth Valentine’s Day David and I have celebrated together. Being that it’s the same week as my birthday, Valentine’s Day has always taken a backseat to that. However, if nothing else, it’s a good reminder to stop and reflect on our love story and how far we’ve come.

It’s been over 12 weeks since David and I have had some quality time together. And before that, date nights were tough to plan around our busy schedule. Having kids have definitely changed things in our life. We don’t have the freedom we used to have, and that has taken some time to adjust to. In fact, we probably haven’t completely accepted it fully even now.

When we were younger, I think we took for granted all the things that came easy. The biggest of those being our love for one another. It was so easy to love David when it was just us. Everyone knows the feeling of easy love. The butterflies in your stomach, the giddiness when they text you. Those beginning-of-the-relationship-feelings seem so far away nowadays.

It’s a strange feeling when you realize that love isn’t enough. Love may start a relationship, but it’s not enough to keep it going.

Over the years, and throughout all of the changes, my love for David has transformed in a way that I never thought was possible. I am, of course, in love with him, but more than that, I’m proud to be his wife. I have deep respect for him. I understand him. I put him before me because I want to. His life and my life have become so deeply ingrained that not only do I not want to imagine my life without him, but I literally can’t!

David and I have grown up together. We’ve seen the very worst and very best in each other. We’ve supported one another. We’ve gone through some of the most life-changing moments together. It’s so much more than love, it’s everything.

The best part of all of this, is that I still get giddy when David texts me and feel butterflies when we do get to spend time together. Everyday life can certainly weigh on us, but this is the life we created together, and I am so grateful for that.

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